Koo Rocking Chair


A bassinet that folds into a rocker--that's clever. This beautifully designed piece is ideal for the modern nursery. Sleek and curvy this is the so appealing after seeing all the clunky rockers out there. Koo is a product of the Lunar company.

The bassinet can be folded down with one hand--even by a sleepy mom. But don't get too excited. The wait continues. I saw this nifty find last year at a trade show. Though it won the International Forum Design 2011 iF product design award in the Advanced Studies category, the Koo is still not in production. Here's a picture of what it looks like as a chair.


All I can report is that the company that dreamed it up is collected emails from interested parties. I think I'm done having babies, but if you want more, you might want to get on the list here. No price, no timeline. Just a lot of style.

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