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"Smart Life” Trend

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Sunrun has found that a majority of U.S. consumers are actually ok with what some may perceive as oversharing: 55% of Americans are already using connected technology to track their daily habits, and nearly three quarters (74%) are interested in collecting and tracking their personal and lifestyle data.


And surprisingly, consumers are doing much more than just turning to their Fitbit to gather this insight. The data shows an emerging trend, what we’re calling the “Smart Life.” Ultimately, it’s the intersection of the “quantified self” and the Smarthome: consumers are using data and connected technology throughout their lives to help make more intelligent day-to-day decisions to save time, money and have fun.

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Some more trends they have been seeing:

    • 73 percent of Americans who are unaware of devices that can be used for home energy monitoring would be at least somewhat interested in using these devices, and 70 percent of adults who are unaware of devices for home management would be at least somewhat interested in using them. What’s more, 61 percent of U.S. adults overall want to know more about connected devices they can use to live smarter lives. The same number reported they would like to have the ability to better control things in their home with connected devices.
    • Consumers are fine with “over sharing” for a smarter home. Despite recent media coverage of data privacy concerns, 55% of U.S. consumers are already using various devices (i.e. smartphone, tablet, wearable technology, etc.) in their homes and lives to gather and track their personal data.
    • People are welcoming the Smarthome of tomorrow. While we may all hear about the growing trend of tracking personal health data, the vast majority of consumers also express interest in using / already do use connected technology specifically in their home to collect and track personal data (74%). It’s like the Fitbit home!
    • It’s a family thing. Families with children are amongst the biggest participants in the Smart Life movement – people with children use more connected devices (74%) than people without children (48%).
    • There’s an especially large opportunity for home energy and management technology. Only 42 percent who currently use devices to track personal data are aware of tools to monitor home energy use, while only 39 percent are aware of devices for home management. Companies like Sunrun help consumers make more informed decisions for their families in these areas, and Sunrun aims to be a voice and place for consumers to learn more about these important trends.
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