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Shopping Made Easier with the Shelf Scouter App

Making it Easier to Shop

As a busy mama of three I am always looking for ways to make my shopping trip easier. But sometimes choosing the easiest route does not necessarily yield the best savings and deals. 

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How many times have a needed to run to the grocery store last minute as I am preparing a meal because I ran out of the exact ingredient I need? or worse, having returned from the store only to realize I forgot to purchase the very items that sent me to the store in the first place? Well, I am loving the new easy to use app, Shelf Scouter. At risk of seeing behind the times...I will disclose I am not a tech savvy mama. BUT with that being said, I am in love with the Shelf Scouter app. It will revolutionize the way you shop, save you money, reduce your stress and even make shopping a lot more fun.

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What is Shelf Scouter?

Shelf Scouter is a digital pantry to track what you have and what you need to stock your home through versatile web and mobile apps. Customizable shopping lists, streamlined shopping, shared lists across all of your devices and our unique 'Ship or Shop' to conveniently discover online the products you usually buy in your local store—all add up to a smarter way to shop. 

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ShelfScouter is a combined web and mobile app—free to download, free to use and available for iOS and Android.

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Why We Love Shelf Scouter!

If you shop, you need it! Before you begin your shopping you can add, delete and take stock of the items you need to purchase. Not only does it keep track of items you wish to purchase, you can conveniently add items at any time-great for last-minute add-ons, create customizable shopping lists (perfect when hubby and I are splitting the shopping) and choose to purchase in store or online. I love the bar code scanner option, makes shopping that much more fun. Another bonus of Shelf Scouter? It lets you see the items that you want to purchase in various locations that way you can choose the best deals, grab it at the nearest location or decide to ship it right to your front door.

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How do you get Shelf Scouter?

Download it here. Use it right away to make stocking your pantry more manageable, less time consuming and..dare I say, a lot more exciting?!

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