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Samsung’s POWERbot Robotic Vacuum

samsung powerbot

Robot vacuums are genius. I can think of 1,564 things I'd rather do than clean BUT I'm also really picky about how my home looks. I'm forever tidying things up and wiping down the counters and battling clutter. We have a cleaning lady come in for the heavy duty cleaning (bathrooms are my nemesis). In spite of all these efforts, our floors still don't meet my standards.

I'm not alone. In fact, a recent survey found that almost one-third of consumers said they stress about cleaning the floors and rugs when they think about holiday entertaining .

Between cleaning lady visits, I'm likely to whip out the vacuum to tackle high traffic areas--such as under the kitchen table (my kids are messy eaters) and the main hallway. It's a pain, but we love to entertain and as I said in the beginning, I freely admit that I'm fussy about my floors.

The POWERbot Essential has taken one big item off my chore this. The POWERbot Essential works on two settings. It can roam and it can do spot cleaning. It's been an excellent way to keep the house clean without adding more work. You might have seen other robot vacs on the market, Samsung has made an effort to improve theirs with 10 times more powerful suction than the leading robot vacuum brand.

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It's easy to set up. Just plug in the wall charing unit and give it a good overnight charge. From there, you just tap the remote and set the robot loose. The POWERbot uses a digital camera to see what to clean. Samsung is outfitted with 10 individual sensors on the camera that create a mapping system that allows POWERbot to find it's way around. As it figured out the layout of my apartment, it barely bumped into anything. Slowly and methodically, it rolled between carpet and hardwood floors with ease. I observed the POWERbot "learning" where the sofa was and figuring its way around our kitchen counter.

Don't worry about cords--it rolls right over them with the "EasyPass™ wheels" the motion was thoroughly impressive AND the noise is lower than a standard vacuum.

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powerbot remote

There's also a spot-clean feature. I performed the smushed cereal test. I ground in some "O's" and then used the remote to have the POWERbot spot clean. Samsung calls it the "Cyclone Force system" – engineered to use centrifugal forces to pick up and separate dirt and debris into an outer chamber. The vacuum is easy to lift--it weighs just under 10 pounds. And dumbing the outer chamber is really easy once the vacuum is full of dirt (and cereal).


When you're finished you can tap a button on the remote to send the POWERbot home. Or if you're running errands or at work, the POWERbot Essential will find its way back to the docking station when it needs to be recharged.

Thianks to the quick and easy set-up, my holidays are a lot cleaner and brighter wiht the POWERbot. My life is busy enough, being able to take vacuuming off my chore list is a huge help!

The Samsung POWERbot Essential robotic vacuum (VR2AJ9020) is available now for an MSRP of $699.00.

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