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We're testing out the new Toshiba Automatic Backup System. I have a confession to make: I never understood the importance of backing up by files, photos or writing. As a result, I lost a huge chuck of my pictures and writing that I will never get back. It is easy to rely on computers as they end all be all for your belongings but losing that information, and memories was difficult. I've learned better since then and have recently been using the innovative and user-friendly Toshiba Automatic Backup System.

Available exclusively at Walmart in a 500 GB model (available now), and a 1 TB model, the product has an incredible plug and play concept where you can literally use it right after you open it. There is no software or additional wiring. This includes an easy interface where you can either back up or restore your files.

There is also an auto-configuration where you can select the categories like music, movies, email, office, videos etc that you want to back up. A status bar then appears where new or changed files are automatically backed up every time you plug in the drive via a Pop-up window notification. After the first use, your really don't have to do much or think about what will happen to your files, since they will be backed up and updated every time! With two models, consumers can choose their backup device based on their needs and budget with the 500 GB model for $59.99 for the and the 1 TB model for $84.99.

I also loved how sleek and fashionable the line is - with vibrant red and blue - as well as how it is really portable and lightweight thanks to its anti-slip finish. Additionally, the device has a two-year limited warranty and has bilingual copy and documentation for Spanish-speaking consumers.

I may have lost my old files (tear), but thankfully I learned about the power of backup and how easy and effortless it can be with the new Toshiba Automatic Backup System.

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