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New Tech Gifts to Give

Still look for some fun tech gifts and gadgets to give this holiday season? Here are some favorite, fun picks for all those special someones you still need to buy for.


Whether you are shopping for your new-to-tech in-laws or your tech-savvy siblings, we've rounded up some of our favorite tech gifts to give (or maybe receive!) this holiday season.


For your forgetful friend: TrackR

Always losing keys. Can never find their wallet. You know the person....or maybe you ARE that person! Meet TrackR. Clip this quarter-sized device onto your most valuable items and never worry again about not being able to find your keys, wallet or backpack. With the free iPhone and Android app, you can easily track where your items are. I love that the app shows you the distance between you and your item - truly helping you to find those keys under the couch instead of just telling you that you're in the same room with them. The app also lets you ring your TrackR helping figure out exactly which coat pocket you left your wallet in. Plus, TrackR works in reverse to help you find your phone. Simply press the device's button to ring your phone - even if your phone is on silent! Check out their Buy 3, Get 2 Free holiday special! Buy:


For your favorite tech family: Amazon Echo

If you've never played around with the Amazon Echo, it's hard to describe it. It's like having Siri sit on your kitchen counter - but better. It's Alexa. Call Alexa's name and then choose from hundreds of commands and instructions. She'll play your music from Pandora, iHeartRadio or Prime Music. She'll tell you the weather, the latest news stories, traffic reports, sports scores or even a joke (seriously, kids love this so much). She'll convert cups to liters, give you a definition of natatorial or read you an audiobook. With Amazon Echo, you can check your Google calendar, get restaurant reviews on Yelp, look up movie times, set alarms, make to-do lists and even control outlets and switches with compatible products. Plus there are new features being added all the time. While it may freak out those suspicious of technology, fully tech-ified families will love all the features. Buy: Amazon

For your tech-minded niece: JewelBots

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Friendship bracelet just got a lot more interesting! With JewelBots, kids can program their friendship bracelets to do all sorts of cool things. Starting with basic if/then statements, kids can learn the basics of coding to make their JewelBot light up, vibrate or flash when they get a message, are in the area of another JewelBot-er or as reminders for when practice starts or it's time to catch the bus. Once they get a hang of it, they can use the app to write their own mods and take their skills further. Friendship bracelets 2.0! Buy:


To help your in-laws use their new smart phones this winter : Nanotips

Sure your in-laws have finally gotten smart phones and are even getting savvy with texting and (heaven help us) emojis, but they aren't about to give up their favorite leather driving gloves. Make their cold, wintery day with Nanotips - a unique "conductive polyamide nano solutions" that transforms your favorite gloves into touchscreen ones! Simply shake the bottle, apply to the tips of your favorite gloves and let dry. Voila! Nanotips lasts for up 2-4 weeks and can be applied to a wide variety of gloves materials including fleece, cashmere, leather, rubber, Gortex, rubber and more. (There are two formulas for different materials.)Buy: Amazon

iwerkz keyboard

For your tablet-loving kid: iwerkz Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

If your kids are like mine, they are well-versed on the tablet. But over time, I've noticed how the tablet has moved from just being a place to play games to a place to code and create, write up assignments and work on school projects. All that makes the on-screen keyboard get a little cumbersome. This iwerkz keyboard is the perfect solution! It folds in half making it super portable, it's Bluetooth-enabled so there are no cords, and it's waterproof because - well, kids. The keyboard pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled tablets & smartphones and the case even smartly doubles as a stand! Genius! Buy: Amazon

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