Launch of Bing in the Classroom

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Our kids are incredibly tech savvy where smart boards and tablets are becoming the norm in many schools. During a press event yesterday, I learned about the latest incentive in school with the launch of Bing in the Classroom (

Bing in the Classroom

As of now public and private schools can register for this free resource as a way to connect students to the internet. This includes a service that is safe, ad-free or without any detailed installation. Schools simply have to visit to and register for this free service.

Bing in the Classroom
Bing in the Classroom
Bing in the Classroom

At the event the Creator of Bing in the Classroom was on-hand to discuss the importance of digital literacy and how kids need a connected device as well as the skills to these systems properly. They also need a safe and protective environment to search.

The new Bing in the Classroom offers all of these features as well as an interesting new option with Lesson Plans where teachers can use them in their classroom as well as a service that parents can use at home. This includes content for K through high school. To date this has been implemented in 4.5 million classrooms where you can discover lesson plans in categories such as science, spelling, art, history and more whose content was developed with the department of education as well as based on the common core.

Bing in the Classroom
Bing in the Classroom

At the event, we also saw a lesson in action where mom and TODAY show correspondent, Jenna Bush Hagar taught a class about Talk Like Shakespeare Day. This included a lesson where she was guided via the instructions on Bing in the Classroom to ask the kids 5 questions. These questions weren't simple search terms, but rather had the students thinking critically as well as had them focused. It was great to see how excited they were to learn about Shakespeare as well as how Jenna Bush Hagar had a clear and detailed lesson to go off of.

Another unique feature of the program is Bing Rewards where you can earn points every time you search via Bing. These points can be used towards surface tablets as well as credits towards online retailers like Amazon, Fandango or your favorite charity.

With technology moving fast, Bing in the Classroom is a great way to allow our digitally savvy kids to have the programs to search and learn through a safe and ad-free environment.

Check out this video to learn more about Bing in the Classroom:

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