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Idapt i4: A Sleek Multiple Charger

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Why do I need a sleek multiple charger? Because I'm always on the go. When I go over to a certain friend's house, I can't charge my iPhone because she has a droid. And when I go to my parents' house, I can't charge my phone because they have some 150-year-old cell phone that I'm pretty sure is 15 lbs., the size of my face and has a rotary dial. So clearly not compatible.

So when my failing iPhone and I get back to our home, I still can't charge it. Why? Because husband's phone and daughter's MP3 player are both in the kitchen wall outlet. I go into my office and my iPad is blocking the only unused outlet in there. OK, maybe we have too many plug-in things. Do I seriously have to sit in the car and charge it?

Idapt i4: A Sleek Multiple Charger

No, it's time to adapt with Idapt. To ease the stress level of those of us who own more than two devices (which is everyone, except my parents), Idapt has created the i4. This sleek multiple charger (yes, it's actually sleek--although it comes in fun colors, in black its stunning and quite futuristic) is capable of saving time and space.

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Instead of wrestling with a never-ending array of cords and tips, this charger allows us to juice up to four gadgets simultaneously. The most amazing part is the pop-in tips that mean you can customize your charger for whatever you have in your home (or whatever is visiting at 2pm for a play date). Its compatible with over 4,500 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth products.

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So now when my droid friend comes over with her daughter to play Strawberry Shortcake, I can cradle it nicely next to my iPhone and hope the two play well together as they both charge (my smartphone can beat up your smartphone). Then when my Samsung friend comes over, well, same deal. Just unclick one tip and pop in the other one.

In addition to the three charging points, it has a high efficient USB charging point, so you can charge tablets, ebooks, multimedia players and other portable devices off to the side of the device. A power-off switch allows you to disconnect the charger when you're not using it.

The one complaint I had was that we needed two iPhone charger tips because we are an iPhone/iPad/iAnything obsessed family. Then I realized you can order a four-tip customized pack so you can mix and match with your needs instead of the six-tip one that comes with it when you order the charger. Now we can have all juice up our iPhones without someone sitting in the car. A heavenly addition for parents is the AA/AAA battery charger. If you decide that you need even more, you can order more tips for $9.99 each.

So I guess now I have no complaints. Except for how it's taking too long for the iPhone 5 to come out. Other than that, everything is juiced and I'm impressed. #justsaying

Available at for $59.99. For more tech trends, check out our favorite apps for moms.

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