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Tips to Organize Your Inbox this Spring

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At Momtrends we get a lot of emails and we are excited to share some tips from Google on how to make checking emails even more productive. Check out these 15 tips from Google pros for decluttering and organizing your Gmail inbox, plus a few cool tips that will save time and make your day a little easier.

#1 NEVER SEND AN ACCIDENTAL EMAIL AGAIN: “Even the best of us sometimes types someone’s name wrong or forgets to include an important detail in an email. Undo Send is basically an email mulligan. I set mine to 30 seconds to make sure I have plenty of time to change my mind!” --Alex Gawley, Product Manager on Gmail

#2 MUTE GROUP EMAILS: We’ve all been on an email thread that just keeps popping up (for example your coworker just shared photos of her new baby and now everyone keeps hitting ‘Reply All’ to say “congrats!”). You can mute the thread by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top of the email thread and selecting “Mute.” And don’t worry -- muting doesn’t delete, it simply automatically archives the message for you.

#3 STOP EMAILING YOURSELF TO-DO LISTS: Be honest: a lot of the emails cluttering your inbox are from yourself, with subject lines like “Remember to turn on dishwasher” and “Buy birthday card for Jackie.” Instead of adding to your unread count, create a task list that appears as a minimizable window in your inbox. Simply click on “Mail” (right above the Compose button) and select “Tasks” to get started. And once you’ve created a list, you can email it by clicking the “Actions” button.

#4 SKIP YOUR INBOX: Keep your Gmail spic and span by setting certain emails to automatically skip your inbox and/or go directly to an appropriate folder. For example, if your grandmother just discovered what a gif is and wants you to get in on the fun, set any emails from Grandma to automatically hit your “Grandma Gifs” folder without doing any work, then laugh it up when you have a sec. Go to “settings,” “filters,” “create new filter.” After filling in your filter details, hit “create filter with this search” and mark “skip the inbox.

#5 MOVE YOUR CHAT BOX: Did you know you can move your chat box to the right side of your inbox? To enable right side chat, go to “settings,” “Labs,” “Right Side Chat” and hit “enable."

#6 CREATE A CALENDAR EVENT RIGHT FROM AN EMAIL: The next time someone emails you about meeting up for coffee, you may notice that the day or date in the email is lightly underlined. Click it to create an event in Google Calendar with the relevant event details pre-filled. It will even link back to the original email in case you need it for context later.

#7 CHECK INTO YOUR FLIGHT FROM GMAIL: Instead of opening emails and digging through them for the important information, use Gmail’s quick action buttons to check-in for your flight, rate a restaurant, go straight to a Doc, and more. You’ll notice an “RSVP” or “WATCH VIDEO” or “OPEN FILE” when appropriate - just click.

#8 DON’T STRESS IF YOU FORGET TO SIGN OUT While you should always sign out of your Gmail account when accessing it on a public computer, if you ever forget, Gmail has got you covered. You can click "sign out all other sessions” to sign out anywhere else you are logged in to your account.

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#9 DECLUTTER WITHOUT DELETING: “It seems like a simple thing, but a lot of people never fully embrace the power of the Archive button. I never file away or delete anything: I just hit Archive. If I need to look something up, Search in Gmail always gets me what I need.” -- Phil Sharp, Product Manager on Gmail.

#10 UNSUBSCRIBE TO UNWANTED EMAILS: “Every time you report spam, Gmail’s spam filter adapts to your definition of unwanted mail and does a better job of catching similar types of messages in the future for you. Plus Gmail will ask you if you want it to unsubscribe you at the same time. Two birds, one stone! So put that Report Spam button to good use!” -- Vijay Eranti, Engineer on Gmail’s Spam Team

#11 LOOK AT CUTENESS ALL DAY: “I use Custom Themes to set my Gmail background to a photo of my teammate’s newborn Cavalier. Every day, I get to enjoy reading, writing, and checking emails while staring into adorable puppy eyes.” - Anissa Mak, Product Marketing for Gmail

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#12 DON’T GET HUNG UP ON DOTS: Did you know the dots in your username don’t matter? So don’t worry if you get an email address to instead of It’s all the same account!

#13 FIND MISSING EMAILS IN SECONDS: “Who has time to dig through old threads in order to find a specific message? I can quickly find the exact message I’m looking for using Gmail’s advanced search options. Just click the dropdown arrow in the search box to search by sender, size, whether the message has an attachment, and more.” - Sara Goetz, Product Support Manager for Gmail

#14 DRAFT MESSAGES SIDE BY SIDE: “I’m a big fan of the new compose experience in Gmail because it lets me draft messages in a smaller pop-up window in the lower right of the screen. It’s particularly useful when I’m trying to reference information in other emails because I don’t have to leave my current draft. And for the times when I do need to write a longer message, the full-screen compose mode is just a click away!” -- Jason Cornwell, Lead Designer on Gmail

#15 ALWAYS REPLY ALL: “By default, when you hit reply in almost any email client, you’ll end up replying only to the person who wrote the last message. This can break up the flow of the conversation and leave people out in the cold. But in Gmail, you can set your default reply behavior to be reply-all, making it a snap to keep everyone in the loop.” -- Phil Sharp, Product Manager on Gmail.

# 16 SIMPLIFY YOUR SMARTPHONE: Many of our phones are overloaded with too many apps to keep track of, or those we rarely use. Google has a single app, Google Now, that helps you streamline the daily information that’s important to you by organizing it in one place, and presents it at the time of day or night you most need it: weather, traffic, transit, appointments, flight and hotel details, package shipment information, news articles, TV show reminders and more.

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