Digital Storage of Family Photos


Family memories are everything. It's what we work so hard for to create a loving environment and figure out a way to bottle some of that goodness. In a way, our photos make time stand still. Photos bring us back in touch with those who are no longer with us.

For many families precious photos aren't doing their work. They are sitting in boxes in dusty closets. They aren't evoking memories and telling stories. Epson hopes to fix this with their latest high-speed scanner called FastFoto. It's a way to preserve photos at a high speed with care and crispness.

I tested out the scanner and I absolutely loved it. I was able to work through dozens of photos in seconds (Epson says " you can thousands of photos as fast as 1 photo per second* at 300 dpi"). The resolution is excellent as was the color quality.

Check out this video of my tech test:

Digital Storage of Family Photos

Here's how it works. You know by now that I am not a huge techie, I need things to be fairly intuitive. But I am the family's CTO (Chief Technology Officer). So while I don't get things quickly, I do take on these projects to make life better. To get started you need a laptop or computer. First you download the software (that was pretty easy). There are mac and PC options. It takes a few minutes and clicks and you're done.

Digital Storage of Family Photos

Then you need to sort you photos in piles. When you upload you will want to sort and "bucket" by year or occasion. When you scan you will want a way to file the photos. This is the fun part, you'll want to enlist your parents help here--they know best which photos go into which year.

Before you scan you enter some data about the year and location of the photos onto your computer. You'll also pick the resolution.


From there, it's really easy. Load the photos into the scanner and hit scan. Boom! They slide through like shuffling cards. Bonus: The photos will be scanned on both the front and the back so all the precious hand-written notes will be preserved forever.

Once all the photos are scanned they are incredibly easy to share with FastFoto custom software, which features unique file/folder naming, as well as date and subject tagging. From there you can also share to Facebook and Dropbox. I added mine to my iPhotos so I could easily share them with my family members.

Digital Storage of Family Photos

In addition to a being fast, the photos can also be color corrected automatically with Smart Photo Fix (SPF) technology. With the Epson software, faded photos can be restored with a click. You can also fix red‑eye issues. This means my photos look better than ever, like this one of my dad circa 1969.


Epson calls it the worlds "fastest photo scanner"--I can only say it works like a gem. It's also a regular scanner too. That means you can scan artwork and school projects in a flash too. I know my mom was never going to let me send her photos out to a scanning service, for $650 we can scan at home fast and efficiently. It's a great family gift!

Get FastFoto on Amazon here 

This is not a sponsored post. I was given a scanner for testing purposes which was returned after testing.

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