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Blackberry PRIV Works for a Busy Life

blackberry priv testing

How does the Blackberry PRIV work for a modern mom and her busy life? Perfectly. My phone is an extension of my life. As a blogger, I am connected to my community and my family through my phone. Having access to all my contacts and all my blogging tools on a mobile device has allowed me to create this vibrant, exciting business. And even more importantly, I've created the business on my own terms.

When I left the corporate world more than a decade ago, I wanted flexibility. I carved out a little freelance writing career that was terrific when the kids were little. The ambitious side of me wanted more. As the girls grew up, so did my business.

For a while, I was chained to the laptop. A great deal of the work of Momtrends happened at a desk. Powerful, capable smartphones like the PRIV have given me the freedom to step out.

never settle

I'm by no means done. In fact, I'm still very much a work in progress. One of my goals for 2016 is to dive deeper into the things I love. I picked the word FOCUS as my word for the year. My life is very full (I hate the word busy!) and I can get distracted. Family time needs to become more sacred. I don't want them remembering me as the mommy who were always looking at her phone. Time to find center.

meditation apps

Today I jump started my meditation practice. PRIV is on the Android platform, I downloaded my Headspace App from Google Play. Then I found a sunny spot and tried to settle my mind. It's definitely a work in progress, but having access to meditation when I travel and wherever I go is key to keeping up the practice.

Aside from meditation, my mornings are spent getting the family up and running and then fitting in a workout. You never know what to expect from a social media workday. If I don't workout in the morning, it just doesn't happen. Fortunately, I can do a quick check in from my phone before I head off on a run or to yoga. I'm able to access all my social media apps and my email while I'm on the go. The gorgeous screen on the Blackberry PRIV from AT&T means photos and videos really come alive.

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work tools

I'm trying to kick off my work day with creation each day. A big part of who I am is my creative energy. These days, expressing myself through photos and videos is feeling like a genuine way to share and inspire. Today, I was eager to share the slim lines of the PRIV in an instagram and talk about how writing still holds meaning in today's highly visual world. I added one of my ubiquitous notebooks, a pretty pen, and my love sign. PRIV makes it just as easy to type as it is to swipe (OMG, I think i just though of their new tagline!). I tend to save my long emails for my laptop. With the PRIV keyboard, I've got the freedom to write REAL notes without fear of the dreaded autocorrect. AT&T's PRIV is the first BlackBerry Secure Smartphone that has an on screen keyboard and an additional one that slides out. Creators like options; PRIV give me options.

office views

Last year we moved our offices out of my house and to a great building in Brooklyn. It's a short commute and I love having a creative space to focus on writing and brand building. And the office came with a view. Take a look at the photo I snapped with my PRIV. This camera is a blogger's best friend.

When I'm working with my team at Momtrends, I want to give them my best brain power and when I get time to myself, I want that to fuel me to give back to others. One of my missions with my work is to solve problems for busy women. More and more, our phones are the answers to our needs.

cauliflower steaks

Need a great recipe for dinner? There's an app for that. Since I cook five nights a week, I'm always keen to find new recipes. Tonight I'm trying these cauliflower steaks I found on the CookPad App. It's a new app to me--PRIV recommended it from the Google Play store. I'm always up for a new recipe. Cooking with kids is one of my opportunities to interact with them and share my love of food. They don't know it's bonding. They just think it's fun. With a few swipes, they can read me the recipe and help with dinner. I don't have time to pour over cookbooks and recipe sites. Having a go-to app helps me break out of dinnertime ruts and try something new. Who knows. This recipe might just get featured on Momtrends soon.

From blogging to personal life, the PRIV sees my through my days. Get more details here:

This is a sponsored post. I was given a phone to test and create with for a month before writing this post to truly experience the device. Nothing is scripted in this review. All photos are owned by Momtrends and cannot be reproduced without consent.

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