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Apps You Need to Get Through Jonas

Are you ready for Jonas? We of course are talking about the big winter storm set to hit the northeast - not these Jonases. Officials are recommending you get prepared for the big storm, so in addition to the essentials you've hopefully already picked up (diapers, wipes, wine, coffee), we've rounded up a list of the most important apps you need to get through the sleet, snow and endless hours inside. Stay safe everyone and we'll see you on the other side!


1. Netflix


First things first: If you somehow don't yet have Netflix, now is the time to get your free one-month trial started. If you do already have Netflix, then your queue is likely full of movies and shows you've been meaning to watch, but just haven't had the time yet. Storm Jonas has offered you an amazing opportunity to make a serious dent in your Netflix "to-watch" list. Try binge-watching the latest hits like Making A Murderer or Masters of None. Or get the kids hooked on one of their movie-based series like Dawn of the Croods or King Julian. I'm also a big fan of Refinery29's list of what is new to Netflix in January (Pride & Prejudice, Meet the Parents) and what is leaving at the end of January (Almost Famous, Bourne Identity) for ideas on what to watch now. And did you know about these Netflix secret genre codes? After the kids are down, have fun typing in random codes and seeing what movies pop up!

2. Storm app

Storm app

Want to know when the weather is headed your way and when you might get some relief? You need a great storm-tracking app like the aptly named Storm from Weather Underground. This is a must-have app for its amazing weather tracking, but we love that it also happens to have a nearly five-star rating and be free! The Storm Tracks feature uses the most advanced severe weather algorithms to provide a detailed analysis of coming storms including storm strength, detailed components of the storm like hail or wind, the speed and direction of the storm, cities in its path, and more. Plus there are a dozen+ overlays that you can turn on simultaneously to track everything from snow coverage and flooding, to driving conditions, white-outs, and power outages.

3. Heads Up!

Heads Up1

Sure, there are lots of game apps you can download, but here's why you must have Heads Up! First, it's versatile. Kids can play with kids. Adults can play with kids. Adults can play with adults. Fun for all. Second, it's fun - and funny! It's a great way to get the giggles and the wiggles out when you're stuck inside all day. For adult-only games, add a bottle of wine and choose trickier categories like "Accents & Impressions" or "Hey Mr. DJ".

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4. Skype


Phone lines down? Never fear. You can keep in touch with relatives, have virtual playdates with your favorite preschool fam, and complain about the cold with your bestie over Skype! Whether you use it on your desktop, tablet or your phone, Skype lets you keep in touch with the people who matter most to you.

5. Snow plow app

plow apps

Hate digging out your own car? Worried about elderly relatives being able to get safely out their front door? There's an app for that. Winter storm season has seen a rise in popularity of snow plow apps like Plowz & Mowz which lets you schedule a driveway plowing with a few taps on your phone or the Boston-based Yeti, an Uber like service that matches willing shovelers to your snowed-in car.

6. SuperCook


I know, I're totally all stocked up on your essentials, but come Sunday or Monday some things may start to get a bit slim. That's when you need to turn to With Supercook, you input the ingredients you have in your fridge and pantry and it searches through thousands of recipes from popular cooking websites to find you recipes you can actual make - without braving a face-to-face with Jonas. Out of eggs? No problem. No more milk? Why worry? With Supercook, you can get creative with your cooking while using what you have on hand.

And if these aren't enough to keep you busy, you can always binge watch Momtrends beauty videos on YouTube. ;)

Stay safe!

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