5 Tech Items Moms Can't Live Without


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One of my resolutions was to not use my phone when I am around my kids. Easier said than done, but I have been *getting* and more aware of when I use it - especially around them. In fact I'm not alone in my love for my phone where new research from Kensington, the creator of the Proximo Bluetooth Tracker and Alarm appcessory to easily find your smartphone and valuables, the #1 item more than two thirds (73%) of mobile moms in America say is most important to get through an average day is a purse or wallet.

A smartphone (70%) came in second, followed by a car (69%), keys (68%), and child’s homework or backpack (51%).

Most (81%) mobile moms are even willing to turn their car around and go back for their purse/wallet if they forget it at home—something that, surprisingly, only a little more than half (64%) of mobile moms are willing to do for a child!

The national survey, commissioned via TNS on behalf of Kensington on the topic of essentials and technology mobile moms rely on, also discovered 1 in 10 (11%) mobile moms confess that cigarettes are the most important thing to help them get through an average day, while nearly 2 in 10 (19%) consider paper coupons a must-have.

Check out even more about these findings about top gadgets moms rank as most important to simplify their life (iPhone beats Samsung Galaxy for her) and where the riskiest places she goes are to potentially lose her smartphone (hint: it’s not the gym).

Gadgets Moms Must Have

Most (88%) mobile moms in America have a smartphone, but the #1 electronic device almost half (46%) rank as most important to simplify their life is a laptop. An iPhone (40%) ranked second among mobile moms, beating out Samsung Galaxy smartphone that only about 2 in 10 (18%) moms named as most important. Additional top choices of gadgets include the following:

Top Electronic Devices to Simplify Life for Mobile Mom

Percent of Mobile Moms Who Said This

1. Laptop


2. iPhone


3. Television


4. iPad


5. Samsung Galaxy smartphone


When it comes to technology’s role in parenting, Kensington’s survey also indicates a budding shift from traditional communication methods between parent and child toward digital methods. While the #1 way almost all (90%) mobile moms in America think is best to communicate with children today is still talking in person, more than a third believe texting (37%) or a phone call (35%) is also best. Nearly 2 in 10 (17%) moms named Facebook, 1 in 10 said email (13%), 8% said a video call (8%), and a small segment (2%) named Twitter.

Danger Zones for Mobile Mom

Any busy mobile mom frequents many locations throughout her day-- from home and office to the kid’s school and grandparent’s house. When asked where a smartphone went missing, the #1 place mobile moms in America say a smartphone has been forgotten, lost or stolen is at a family member or friend’s home (32%). Other top locations range between social settings and places you would expect a mobile mom to frequent, including:

    •  A car (24%)
    • A child’s bedroom (17%)
    • A store/retail outlet (16%)
    • A school (16%)
    •  A bar (8%)
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