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Innovative New Apps for Parents

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Favorite New Apps

We use our apps to make our lives easier. From helping us with our kids' clothes to making online shopping easier, we uncovered a few of our new favorites:

1.Moonfrye App: We are so excited about that new app that was created by Kara Nortman and Soleil Moon Frye. Through this app, you and your kids take pictures and place yourselves in various themes like the circus thanks to their cut-and-paste technology. This also means that you can add fun and colorful stickers or you can get really creative in their crafted section where you can enjoy fun DIY ideas for hours of fun.

2. Giada: A Digital Weekly: We are big fans of Giada De Laurentiis and now we can all learn more entertaining and recipe ideas from her in her newly launched app. This includes new recipes, lifestyle tips, and entertainment content that is perfect for busy moms on-the-go. Available for the iPhone and the iPad, the app is updated weekly with content written and curated by Giada herself.

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3.Slice: We just discovered a new app that can make our lives easier. As a way to keep track of your online purchases, Slice has helped users to track and organize more than 90 million purchases to date with a total purchase value of $3 billion. How it works is the app pulls information from the electronic receipts in your inbox and finding purchase information for everything you’ve bought online or for which you have an e-receipt, so recall notifications happen without any extra work or thought. They also have a shipping notification feature that lets you know when a package is about to be delivered and Price Drop Alerts notify's you of opportunities to claim partial refunds. They also have a new tool for Recall Alerts that automatically notifies you when an item you've purchased has been recalled by the manufacturer. Slice also automatically match recall information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission with your purchases and alert you when there's a match via a timely push notification. To make it even more effortless, Slice also links the alert directly to the recall page to provide you with more details on the hazards and what steps you can take. The redesigned Slice apps for Android and iPhone feature a more visual user interface with improved navigation, along with a dedicated tracking section that monitors potential recalls and price adjustments.

4.DailyBurn: We are so excited about the new prenatal app, Beautiful Belly. Specifically designed for each of your trimesters, the app provides a practice calendar, instruction from Briohny and a free newsletter with tricks, tips, and advice throughout your pregnancy of DailyBurn’s 14 workout series. Beautiful Belly is one of DailyBurn’s 14 workout series, which include a variety of cardio, strength, stretching, and mobility programs, all available 24/7 for $10 per month. For more information on DailyBurn please visit

5. Sesame Street Family Play: From the producers behind Sesame Street and game developer Hide& Seek comes Sesame Street Family Play, a brand new app and clever family resource that gives you and your children a game to play in any situation. Just tell the app where you are and how many people are playing. With over 150 games, tagged by character, curriculum, location, and mood, Sesame Street Family Play is great for travel as it adapts to any situation and location. You can enjoy easy-to-follow rules where you can play games like “Sock Skee Ball,” where you throw rolled up socks into circles made of belts, and “Bathesketball,” a game for the tub involving washcloths and a bowl. Another game, “SuperLetterMarket,” suggests that you shop alphabetically. It also allows for physical play and games for every situation from bedtime to bathtime - making this a great app for those cold winter months.

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