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Computers are an essential tool for college students. This week, Microsoft launched “Chip In” to help students get a new PC with the latest and most complete set of Office applications including Word, Excel, etc, for school.

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To apply, students need is a valid .edu email address to sign up for the PC of their choice at www.WindowsChipin.com. Then, they can crowd-source funds from friends and family to help them purchase a qualified Windows 8 PC of their choosing from MicrosoftStore.com. Even better, Microsoft will “chip in” 10% of the purchase price and for the first 10,000 students to fully fund their PC, Microsoft will also “chip in” a four-year subscription of Office 365 University at no additional charge!


  • According to a recent survey conducted by Lab 42, 94% of students feel that they need a computer before graduation.
  • 82% plan to head to college with a new computer.
  • A PC is the number one thing students buy with graduation money.


  • A four-year subscription (US$79.99) includes the latest Office applications on up to 2 devices (PC or Mac), plus an additional 20GB of storage in SkyDrive, and 60 anywhere minutes with Skype.
  • You can also access your Office documents anywhere with Web Apps, Office on Demand and the cloud on SkyDrive.
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The program began May 28, and runs through September 1, 2013.

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