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Will 3D television sweep the nation? I'm guessing no. Today I stopped by the big Samsung press event at NYC's Time Warner Center to catch the latest news from Samsung. They are putting major dollars behind the 3D movement (perhaps capitalizing on the Avatar craze?).

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No I'm not giving it a negative just because I looked goofy in the glasses. It is an expensive proposition to replace a tv with new unproven technology. You know I am a tv skeptic to begin with--I'd love to see families investing in reading, music and outdoor sports before plunking any more time and cash into passive activities. Then there was this problem--the first THREE SETS of 3D glasses I tried on at the Samsung flagship store didn't work. How frustrating would that be for your family? You all sit down to watch How To Train a Dragon and two of the four people in your family don't have working glasses--expensive and irksome. So Momtrends says--wait it out. This trend will either get better technology or die off.

While I cannot give the tv's a thumbs up, I was impressed with the new Samsung ereader that will be out in April. What I did love was the new ereader? Barnes & Noble will be rolling out these little beauties in a month or so to compete with Kindle. I can't wait to get my hands on a tester. You can take notes in the margins of this reader and it's got the capacity to share materials with others. What do you think about the 3D and ereader technology?

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