Tax-Day Stress Relievers

Tax Day. It can be, well, “taxing”… on more than just your wallet. Getting those numbers crunched and that deadline met can leave you with a hefty headache and a serious dose of anxiety. (Not to mention the dent in your savings.) Alas, the day has come, and we hope you feel at least a little relief that it’s over and done with.

But if April 18, has you feeling less than relieved, we’ve got a few relaxing tips, tricks, and activities for this tedious Tax Tuesday. So sit back, relax, and sip your chamomile tea while perusing our most zen-inducing ideas.

Bubble Bath

Who says bubble baths have to be a pre-bedtime activity? Soak your troubles away morning, noon, and night. Grab a book, a cup of coffee (or wine, depending on the time!), and breathe in the smell of soap and candles.

Yoga Class

Stretch and breathe and sweat those taxing toxins out of your body in a yoga class. Or, just get out a mat and do some positions in the quiet of your own home.

Run It Out

Get your cardio on and clear your mind with a totally immersive cardio experience. Play your favorite tunes and get outside. The weather is begging for it!

Tea Time

Seriously, I wasn’t kidding. Brew yourself a pot of something warm and herbal and soul satisfying. Or, better yet, treat yourself to tea time somewhere away from home.

Plan a Vacay

Anticipating a big refund? Lucky you! Immerse yourself in tropical eye-candy research and plan yourself a little getaway. You deserve it. Conversely, if you’re budget is about to be negatively impacted, plan a fun and free day outing. Trips to local hiking trails, parks, and beaches will help you unwind without further taxing your bank account.

Buy a Nice Bottle of Wine

Celebrate or commiserate with a nice bottle of red at the end of this long, hard day. Wine-not?! It’s been a doozy. A glass (because, moderation) sipped slowly and whilst reading a book or having a chat or watching a guilty-pleasure TV show will do wonders for your heart and soul.

Get a Mani-Pedi

Pamper your digits and toesies (it’s almost flip-flop season, after all). A little massage and some pretty polish will brighten your spirits (and fingers). If you have a bit more time and wiggle room in the budget, indulge in a Dry-Bar blowout and you’ll feel like a million bucks… regardless of the what your tax docs actually say.

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#MTBookChat: Parenting & Meditations with Rebekah ‘Bex’ Borucki

You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life


Tuesday, February 21st

Hashtags: #MTBookChat #YH4M
Hosts: @momtrends @bexlife @JenniferVido

It’s time again for our monthly Momtrends Virtual Book Chat. On Tuesday, February 21st at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT, we will be talking with renowned meditation and yoga instructor Rebekah Borucki. Get your questions ready as we discuss her new release, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Simple 4-Minute Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation, and True Bliss. Whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, check in with us on Twitter where we’ll be giving away four copies of this motivational book plus one lucky reader will win a $50 Amazon gift card! And, don’t forget to RSVP below in order to be eligible to win!

Parenting & Meditation

Parenting & Meditations: You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life by Rebekah Borucki

Does your family need a break from life’s daily stressors? Better yet, are you in search of a simple path to bring peace to your household? Then come chat with us as we discuss Bex’s new book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Simple 4-Minute Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation, and True Bliss. If you are like most moms, the thought of penciling in time to meditate with your spouse and kids seems undoable! Author Bex Borucki felt the same exact way. That’s why she wrote this book. No more excuses! It’s time to cleanse your emotional and mental blocks and start living a healthier life. Sound like something that might interest you? Then, mark your calendar for Tuesday and tweet along with us using the hashtags #MTBookChat and #bexlife.

Parenting & Meditation

Coming soon

And, don’t forget to invite some friends to join along in our virtual book chat community for next month’s #MTBookChat on March 21st at 1 pm ET. We strive to bring you the hottest authors in the publishing biz today! Let us know if your must-read author has an upcoming book release. We’re always on the look-out for new writers to feature. Soon you will discover…reading and tweeting have never been so much fun!

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How to Relax on Election Day

No matter who you voted for, odds are you need to take a deep breath and relax this evening. It’s going to be a long night and once you’ve cast your vote, things are beyond your control. So why not take time to chill out and relax a little while you’re waiting for the election results? I, for one, plan to pour a stiff drink and settle in on the couch with my honey. I’m willing to bet that many of you are finding it tough to relax too this election day, so I rounded up a few ways you can try to keep your sanity today!

election day relaxation

Take a bath…Never underestimate the power of a hot bath, bubbles and candles. The combination screams relaxation. When I need to drown out the rest of the world, I escape to my bathroom and just take a beat to enjoy the quiet. That’s dependent on the fact that the hubs can actually keep the kids quiet of course. Haha!

apple cider mimosas

Pour yourself a drink…These apple cider mimosas from Take Time for Style are not only perfect for fall thanks to the apple cider, but they seem fitting for election day night no? I’m certainly never opposed to poppin’ corks. But then again, a good craft beer would hit the spot too. I’m not picky. Haha! And you can even enjoy your drink in the bath. Just sayin’.

at home yoga

Have a sweat sesh…If you don’t think either of those ideas will work, get a little exercise in first before you try them. I’ve always found working out to be the ultimate mood booster. Throw down your yoga mat and lose yourself in your practice. We shared some great at home yoga tips that can help you get going! THEN after you’re done you can try my election day bath/cocktail prescription for relaxation. Bwah!

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Happy International Yoga Day & a Giveaway

Soybu, activewear, workout wear, yoga clothing, performance clothing, Soybu clothing

Namaste…today is International Yoga Day. I began practicing Yoga a decade ago and have been a fan ever since. I do remember that before my first personal experience with yoga, my first thought was “yawn…” and I was concerned that afterwards I would feel that I hadn’t worked my body. Well, I was completely wrong on both accounts. Yoga has been  life changing for me. It not only helps to cope with stress and the daily struggles in one’s every day life, but it has fostered a kindness towards my self from myself, not to mention that it is one of my favorite ways in which to “workout”. If  you’re looking to become stronger, leaner and more flexible, it is time to give yoga a try. Regardless if you are a novice, or regarded as a yogi, we are celebrating International Yoga Day with some of our favorite trends and an exciting giveaway.

yoga must haves, yoga trends, soft science, clogs , soybu, yogitoes, manduka

Vega-My yoga class is early in the morning and although I am hungry the thought of a meal doesn’t work for me.  I can’t leave the house on an empty stomach either.  I have been loving the yummy, plant-based Vega Clean Protein powder (chocolate makes a yummy smoothie) and have been using it as a great first meal of the day.  and for a natural boost of energy, Yummy tasting Vega Clean Energy powder gives you the energy you need without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, GMOs, dairy, or soy ingredients.

vega, protein shake, vegan drink, natural energy drink

SoftScience-These clogs are perfect for heading to and from Yoga. They slip on with ease, and super comfy and fit the relaxed yoga vibe without appearing sloppy. The Daisy clog from Softscience is a new canvas clog that offers great foot comfort to mamas-to-be, yoga lovers, foot pain suffers, and gals on their feet all day. Using the comfort of Trileon, the Daisy clog was designed by footwear executives previously with Sperry, Reebok and Crocs. They feel like you are standing on millions of microscopic pillows which cushion every step.

softscience, clogs, yoga, international yoga day
Manduka: As I learned quickly, Yoga is all at once calming and physically demanding. Once your body gets heated up, it is hard to keep steady on a sweaty yoga mat. Yogitoes to the rescue! Yogitoes Towels have awesome grips on the bottom that prevent slipping and sliding during the rigors of class. It is lightweight, extra long and works perfectly paired with your favorite yoga mat.  Need more reason to feel zen-like during class? Yogitoes are made using recycled bottles requiring 66% less energy to produce and all dyes are free of AZO, lead, and heavy-metals.

yoga, yogitoes, grip mat, yoga mat

 Of course, having the right activewear lets you focus on your form and breathing without having to tug on uncomfortable clothes not ready for the performance challenge. Soybu has long been a favorite activewear brand of mine.
Soybu, activewear, workout wear, yoga clothing, performance clothing, Soybu clothing
Not only do the pieces have great movement, breathability and comfort, Soybu’s clothing is stylish. Soybu’s performance activewear pieces can handle any yoga pose in your routine. The fabrics breathe, the cut and fit moves with your body and the pieces stay put~no more tugging, shifting or yanking on your clothes while your trying to get through a workout. Soybu offers a wide variety of colors, unique pieces with fun cut outs, mesh underlays, bold prints and interesting straps.
Perfect to bring your personal style right into the yoga studio.
Soybu, activewear, workout wear, yoga clothing, performance clothing, Soybu clothing

Soybu (Soy-boo) is apparel for the everyday active woman, whether you’re working out or dressing up for a special night out. We promise exceptional performance, style and fit in every style.  Want to save 15% on your First Soybu purchase?  When you join Soybu’s email list, you save 15% off your first purchase!

Soybu, activewear, workout wear, yoga clothing, performance clothing, Soybu clothing

One Lucky winner will win a three piece set from Soybu including their new fabulous convertible bag. This bag is loaded with pockets, zipper compartments and can be worn as a cross body, backpack or carry-all.

Soybu, activewear, workout wear, yoga clothing, performance clothing, Soybu clothing

Enter via rafflecopter below to enter to win: We will giveaway the same outfit featured here in the post. Koa Tank ($49) + Toni Capri ($54) + Levity Bra ($44) + Moksha Bag ($69). Total retail value = $216!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Team Momtrends Monthly Workout: The Movement

Team Momtrends is known for our adventurous side which is why we all headed to downtown NYC for a class at The Movement. This boutique fitness studio features a hybrid of classes ranging from pilates to dance and our 1 hour butt kicking session tested our balance, coordination, and strength.

The studios are a tad inconspicuous, but unbelievably clean. There is a purified water cooler and amazing accessories in the bathrooms, but there are no showers. Believe me when I tell you that no matter which class you opt for here, you’re going to sweat. And I mean, really sweat. So be prepared for that.

best fitness classes nycThe best thing about the class was that it was split up into two sections. First we did a high impact dance cardio “routine” which, after one or two rounds, I felt like I knew the moves. (so don’t worry if you’re not a “dancer”) Then we slowed it down a bit and utilized our own body weight to perform pilates-like movements. This was super challenging. I felt like I needed to stop a few times, but maybe that’s because I was hiding a little something under my clothes…

I have to share a secret with you: I wore a Kim Kardashian waist trainer underneath my JCPenney Xersion clothes during my Movement class.  I was intrigued when I first saw them being used by super-fit celebrities like JLO and Jessica Alba. So, of course, I had to try it out for myself. Here’s what I learned:

kardashian waist trainerWaist trainers are not for the meek. To get the thing on, I think I expelled every expletive I know. Which, as a New Yorker, are quite a lot. (Sorry, mom.) If you can get help, the more the merrier.

Waist trainers make you look curvy. Not that I needed any extra curves, but I did feel a little more confidant while wearing it.

Waist trainers hurt. After about an hour, I realized all my guts were being squished. And I hadn’t even done the workout yet. Uh oh.

Waist trainers probably aren’t meant for dance classes. Or pilates. Or anything high cardio. They’re super restrictive, which is the point. Twists and turns are not your friend in this thing.

The skinny: I liked it. I don’t think I’ll ever wear one during a fitness class again. But I could understand people wanting to wear them while weight lifting or doing light stretching or yoga. I will say that I did enjoy the extra support for my back. Especially while pushing myself in the Movement class.

Check out our video to get the full details on The Movement:

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Back in the Swing of Things: The New Mom’s Guide to Fitness

new mom fitnessI had my second baby four months ago. And while I’d love to say my body has bounced back to its original pre-pregnancy state, the truth is: it hasn’t. Not that I’m stressing. Sure, I’d like to wear the too-tight pair of jeans hanging in my closet, but the fact that I can’t squeeze into them yet is NBD. I’ve got other priorities, and I feel good about that.

Nevertheless, if I ever want to get back to the front row of a SoulCycle class (okay, back row!), I really need to up the ante sooner rather than later. It’s just so hard to find the motivation—not to mention the time! (Yes, “squeezing in” a workout with a newborn and a toddler at home is almost as difficult as, well, squeezing in just about anything with a newborn and a toddler at home.)

I know that once I get into a regular fitness routine, I’ll like it and I’ll make time for it. But getting to that point hasn’t been a slice of cake (mmm, cake). It’ll happen though—and I’m working toward it one yoga stretch at a time.

To help inspire activity and promote health and exercise, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite postpartum fitness finds. From fashionable workout essentials to must-have gear, here’s what’s helping me get back into the swing of things.

Slow and steady wins the race, and my beloved skinny jeans are patiently waiting at the finish line.

new mom fitness guide 3

1. Athleta Twilly Tank, $39
These days, I like my tank tops loose and breathable. This one clings to all the right places. Casual and breezy, it also looks cute with jeans.

2. Camelbak Water Bottle, $20
I’m breastfeeding, so I really need to stay hydrated—especially whilst working out. I can refill this Camelbak bottle with tap water from the water fountain at the playground, thanks to a built-in plant-based filter.

3. Jawbone UP24, $130
This fitness tracker monitors activity and sleep—because a new mom wants to exercise and needs to rest.


bra3 copy4. Boob Fast Food Sports Bra, $89
This nursing sports bra offers ample support for my very ample assets (please pardon the excessive cleavage—I can’t help it… #nursingmomproblems). With padded shoulder straps and a racer-back design, the aptly named Fast Food Sports Bra is extremely comfortable and incredibly practical for my active lifestyle. The inner cup is made of a soft, fast-drying mesh and the cup un-clips easily with one hand. I wear it around the house and while out and about for a stroll (or a jog) with my little one. I love that I don’t have to sacrifice a good sports bra for the convenience of feeding my baby.

5. Lysse To-Go Wrap, $108
Great for a yoga class or errands, this wrap takes me from the gym to baby gymnastics class—and everywhere in between.

6. Summit X3 Double Stroller, $649
All-wheel suspension and all-terrain tires make for easy maneuvering and handling. And the kids love the ride—especially when Mom picks up the pace.

7. Apres Bebe Leggings, $69
Great for low-impact exercise, these maternity leggings are my best friend. They’re comfortable, slimming, and the no-roll control panel help me feel supported (and, okay, I admit it) skinny!

8. Nike Training Shoe, $95
Give me a stylish sneaker, and I’m a happy (and comfy) girl. This shoe provides a barefoot feel and the wraparound Flywire cables offer a stabilizing fit.

9. C9 by Champion Classic Grip Yoga Mat, $14.99
A standard yoga mat is all I need at home, at the park, and at the studio. (Bonus: My toddler also likes to practice his own moves on it!)

P.S. The wee one “works out” with me… Don’t you just love her Under Armour exercise pants? She does some serious infant calisthenics in them! (Kick kick kick.)

bra6 copy

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Yoga Break for Moms

Yoga Break for Moms

I love the idea of a yoga break for moms. I’ve got a very dedicated team at Momtrends Media. We work weird, wacky hours dreaming up ways to delight and inspire our community of moms. No one ever said trendspotting was easy, but it can be rewarding.

The word of the year for 2015 is gratitude. We’re trying to show our gratitude for our readers by making the site prettier than ever. I’m asking my team to work really hard this year to make our site indispensable. The ladies doing the magic deserve a treat too. That’s where the idea for the Momtrends Yoga Break came from.

The lovely folks at YogaWorks reached out to me to see if they could host a class for us. I thought “swell!” And I arranged for an afternoon of yoga at the swank new Brooklyn Heights location and invited our team plus a few of our Big Apple blogging friends to join the fun. Plus we had a very special celebrity co-host–Andrea Fellman, the Founder of SavvySassyMoms.

LyseeFit Leggings

To thank Andrea for coming into NYC for this event, I wanted to spoil her with something. I was able to score these chic workout fashions for the event. Andrea and I loved our fashions from Lyssé. We were yoga power twins in our Cropped Fit Pant. After contorting in all sorts of directions, I give these leggings full handstand approval. They offer beautiful support and breathability. I also say, the To Go Wrap is a mom must-have on the days where workout clothes have to go more place than just the gym.

fiji water bottles

We set the peaceful room up with flattering lighting and gave everyone a refreshing FIJI water. We felt a little special. FIJI just debuted a new bottle and we were one of the first NYC events to get them! This is the first time in 10 years FIJI Water is changing the look of its iconic bottle. Don’t worry. They haven’t change what’s inside–it’s still natural artesian water from the Fiji Islands!

As our group dug in deep to the poses, it was great to come together around something so positive. We had MANY new moms in the group and I was thrilled to offer them a way to nurture themselves.

Let this be the year you try yoga. It’s such a perfect balance to blogging. It clears the mind and refreshes the body. You don’t need to be a jock or super-flexible. Yoga is all about accepting your limits and finding balance. Show me a blogger who can’t use more of that.

The hour-long class helped us all step away from the laptops to find some bliss. It’s amazing how refreshed one can become after a dozen or so downward dogs. After the workout, all the yogis cooled down (literally) with a new Innocent Pops treats. The Kale Daddy pop flavor was a hit!

brooklyn yoga event

Oh, and that wasn’t all. Everyone got an amazing goody bag full of health & wellness treats. Since we worked hard, we tucked in a full-sized bottle of ACURE Argan Oil Castile Soaps for freshening up post-workout. The soaps smell divine–peppermint please!

Yoga Goodie Bag

The gratitude didn’t stop there. Lysee gave us totes to fill and we took our mission seriously. Our friends will be enjoying SIGG water bottles (aka “The World’s Toughest Water Bottle”), Bombas incredibly cushy socks, Goodie Girl Gluten-Free Cookies (say yes to Mint Slims), Good Habit Box subscription snack boxes designed to get you through the day, and our new co-branded hair ties from Glamsquad an on-demand, in-home beauty service in NYC.

A huge thank you to all the bloggers who joined us for #MTYogaBreak and the brands that provided the amazing gifts.

Yoga Invite FINAL

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Yoga Workouts for Moms


Yoga can fix your mommy posture. Has motherhood caused you to develop the horrid shoulder slump? You know, the rounded shoulders and turned in chest that makes you look tired. Fix it with a few simple yoga poses. The slump can be caused by breastfeeding, kid hauling or stroller pushing. No matter the cause, we’ve got two ideas to get you back in action. Yoga pro, Stephanie Creaturo from Mala Yoga NYC shares her solutions.

Who needs it?

Moms that have worn out poor posture.
Anyone who hunches over a computer.
Breastfeeding moms.

And runners! I swear adding yoga to my life has helped prevent injures and made me stronger and more flexible. I know finding a studio and an hour to get there can be tough. So why not use videos and set up your own studio (but do try to get a live instructor a few times a month–it will be essential to getting good form).

at home yoga studio

What you need? These are the pieces I recommend for setting up your at-home yoga studio.

Pilates & Yoga Mat 4mm look for one that is non-slip and well cushioned.
Cotton Yoga Bolster perfect for your restorative poses and working against a wall.
6 Foot D-Ring Buckle Yoga Strap can’t touch your toes yet? Don’t worry, this strap will help.
Yoga Blocks–this will help you with balance and give you confidence to try more challenging poses
Yoga blanket–this is a great way to add comfort to seated postures and a must for the final rest pose.

You’ll also need some great clothes. Start with a pair of yoga pants and a top that will keep your boobs in place while you are inverting. A few brands that I recommend are:–these fashions are for moms that want to move in style. 

LuluLemon–pretty sure they’ve fixed the issue of the see-thru pants and I love the bright colors.

Athleta–Lots of this gear can do double duty at the gym.

Get in A Yoga Mindset

As we gear up for National Yoga Month, celebrity yoga instructor Kristin Mc Gee and are sharing their tips on how to get the most out of your rejuvenating yoga workout:

Strike a pose: Learn each yoga pose in Kristin’s ‘technical module’ pose gallery before actually putting it into practice to ensure proper form and to avoid injury. The gallery can be accessed by joining, where membership is free until mid-September.

Concentrate: A proper yoga session practiced with the right attitude and breathing techniques can help you not only tone your body, but develop your mental focus, release negative energy and reduce stress.

Build your yoga prowess: Start with basic yoga poses and build on those to ensure understanding of more advanced postures and yoga terminology for safe transition from pose to pose.

Get your space ready: Create a comfortable environment to practice this activity that can help you strengthen the mind, body and spirit, as well as achieve a feeling of well-being.

Focus on the inside: Be childlike and joyful when approaching your yoga practice. Yoga is not a competitive sport; it is about finding a sense of balance, strength and power from within.
In celebration of National Yoga Month, Kristin’s online yoga sessions are free to access on, so visit to get started on your yoga-fueled journey to health!

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Yoga Trends for National Yoga Month

Celebrating National Yoga Month

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month? While we love to soak in any zen moments that we can, we also love this activity for kids, especially after reading the TIME article “Exercise Makes Kids’ Brains More Efficient,” showing that there is evidence to support that exercise increases white matter in children’s’ brains, the area known for focus and memory. A relaxing and fun exercise for kids of all ages, here are some of our favorite yoga essentials for you and your kids.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga Items for KidsFor the ultimate yoga products for kids, we are loving the collection of books, CDs and DVDs from mompreneur Lisa Flynn, founder of the international programs ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms. With a mission for our kids to be “healthy, happy, and resilient,” the yoga collection includes the fantastic book, Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children where you will learn the tools to teach kids about yoga through 200 yoga poses, meditations, and activities! We also love the fun I Grow With YogaYoga Songs for Children that features a collection of songs while following the movement cues for a fun and effective way to utilize the breath, while building self-awareness through yoga-based activities. We also love the Yoga 4 Classrooms® Activity Card Deck, a box of 67 cards that can go beyond the classroom. This includes illustrated instructions, discussion points, sub-activities, and educational tie-ins, for a total of more than 200 beneficial classroom practices. All activities can be done standing beside or sitting at desks and address the whole child – physical, social and emotional.

Yoga for Belly, Butt, and Thighs

Yoga at Home: While we love getting our ‘zen on’ at a yoga studio, it can be challenging as a mom. To help us out we have been using Yoga for Belly, Butt, and Thighs, an all-in-one yoga system that targets a women’s troubled spots. Developed by Chrissy Carter, a senior yoga instructor, teacher trainer, mentor, and anatomy teacher at Yoga Works in New York City, the fun video showcases four practices that target the belly, butt, thighs and total body. We love how this is a calming and all-in-one workout that uses your time effectively to burn fat, sculpt, strengthen and tone the body.

Yoga Mat for Kids

Yoga Mats for Kids: We love the yoga brand, Manduka and they recently created the fun LiveON Kids mat. These vivid and sustainable yoga mats feature printed animals patterns that are made from 100% reclaimable & recyclable PLUSfoam. This allows kids to be able to use them for years to come with its supportive cushion to protect bones and joints as well as a sticky surface with a great grip.

YOga Trends

Yoga Travel: If you happen to be traveling this month, be sure to visit Kimpton Florida who is helping guests channel their inner warrior pose to inspire a healthier lifestyle through complimentary yoga-inspired wellness offerings. Kimpton’s EPIC Hotel, centrally located in downtown Miami at the edge of the Miami River and Biscayne Bay, offers guest unparalleled, transformational mind body programs within an inspiring yet relaxing sanctuary through Exhale, the acclaimed “mind body spa” brand. Guests have the option to choose from a variety of yoga classes including Exhale Chill YogaFlowYoga and Power Yoga. Kimpton’s Surfcomber Miami, South Beach, located on the Atlantic Ocean’s edge along 200 feet of oceanfront property in the heart of the Art Deco District in South Beach on historic Collins Avenue, offers complimentary beachfront yoga classes everySaturday at 9:30 a.m. to guests looking to achieve the ultimate holistic wellness experience on the sands of Miami’s South Beach.

PRIV app

Yoga App: For access to yoga via your phone, we love the new PRIV app. Through this service you can connect with vetted personal trainers, yoga instructors, hairstylists, and more that come straight to your door, in under an hour. Perfect for busy mothers who can’t get to a yoga studio, the PRIV app is perfect for the modern mom who wants to stay connected to their zen.


Another yoga app that we love is YogaDownload. Through this app, you can enjoy online classes led by the legendary yoga instructor! The sessions focuses on deep breathing, heart-opening asanas and bring inspiration and healing into your practice. This allows you to de-stress, relax and refresh right in the comfort of your own home.


Yoga Gear: We love Yogasphere, a series of slim, colorful, comfortable yoga circles (narrows straps) that will assist and enhance yoga practice at every level. Created by yogis for those who truly enjoy their yoga time. Mama Kuka Yogasphere (the strap series) comes in a muslin bag making it easy to travel with and already “gift wrapped.”  The Yoga lovers in your life will love you for bringing them Mama Kuka’s new bag of straps! And you will love how even the most difficult pose is now within reach.  A natural gift for the grounded, spiritual and fit individual in your life, you can choose from the Soul Shine palate (Pink, Gold, Turquoise and Kelly Green) or the Earth Child palate (Olive, Black, Hunter, and Maroon). Available online from

Zupers (3 of 28)

Yoga Pants: For yoga pants for girls, we love the bright and colorful collection from Zupers. These high-quality leggings, shorts and other activewear feature removable knee pads, UPF 50+ and quick-dry yoga fabric that is ultra hip modern. Available in sizes 2T-14 years old, we love the cool Charlotte Leggings and Sadie Leggings for the ultimate in protection and style for your girl.

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Kids Fitness Roundup

These days we all know how important it is to lead, healthy active lives right? And it’s just as important to make sure we’re setting a good example for our kiddos. If they see us living healthy lifestyles, they’re more likely to carry those good habits we help them develop on into adulthood. As parents, it’s our job to lead by example. So, we try to eat whole, nutritious foods, get enough sleep and move our bodies.

I safely exercised with both of my pregnancies and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both my kids are active little energizer bunnies now. Of course, I have no scientific evidence to back that up, but maybe watching their parents exercise (even in utero, haha) makes them want to get up and MOVE! My former pro ball playin’ hubs continues to compete, but now it’s with himself. He’s currently training for the Chicago marathon and our little dude loves to run with him! And my lil’ lady bean never misses an opportunity to get down on the floor and do yoga with her mama!


Old Navy Active Girls 1/4 Zip-Top / Old Navy Active Color-Block Tank / Old Navy Girls Active Performance Fleece Jacket / Old Navy Girls Ruched Yoga Capris / Gap Boys Performance Tee  / Gap Boys Logo Track Pants / Gap Boys Slouchy Sweats / Gap Boys Performance Tee / LiveON Kids Yoga Mat / Old Navy Boys Active Tricot-Fleece Hoodie

I bet your kids fitness too and, as such, they’re in need of a nice fitness wardrobe! Whether they’re yoga nuts or runners, I’ve rounded up some kid ready fitness clothing…and even a piece of gear. Did you know they make yoga mats specifically for kids? Clearly my daughter needs one! Is there anything cuter than a two-year-old yogi? And I think she needs a little yoga outfit to do her downward dog in.

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