Heading Back to School with Cool Sneakers

Heading Back to School with Cool Sneakers from Rack Room Shoes

There are two things you need to know about the girls in our family. We are incredibly active and we love shoes. For us Rack Room Shoes is a one-stop-shop for Back To School season. This year we are heading back to school with cool sneakers.

Going the Distance

Each day my girls walk 3/4 mile each way to school. On top of that, they’ve got gym and after school activities. They play a lot of sports and just love to move. We need shoes that can keep up with them. Of course to the girls, style matters a ton. They will be in 4th and 7th grade this year. They care about brands and how their shoes look.

Staying on Trend

What’s cool this year? Athletic shoes. For the girls, Nike and Adidas are all the kids are wearing. They both dress in a sporty, urban way for school and I love how each girl is developing a style all of her own.

sporty nike for girls

My 4th grader is keen on blue sneakers. She picked the Tanjun GS girls’ running shoe by Nike. Last year she joined her school’s running club and completed (and won her age group) in her first 5K. The training continues. I love this featherweight show that looks good and has enough support for my little athlete.

Sporty adidas

My 7th grader opted for the track inspired, Adidas CF Lite Racer. Middle schoolers are all over Adidas right now. I’m thrilled to be able to get her the brand she wants for under $60. This has the iconic 3-Stripe design (just like mom’s) and she adores the color.

Price and assortment are important to me. The girls will likely outgrow these before the year is out. Rack Room Shoes will be there when we need to update these shoes, and I know they will always have great stock on hand. They do middle school and grade school shoes better than any one else.

new sneakers for the family

I’m in on this trend too! I love my new Adidas sneakers, the Neo Cloudfoam Advantage. The sneaker trend is all over the streets of NYC. They even have a soft Cloudfoam Memory Foam insole for me, so I can attempt to keep up with these girls and not wear myself out.

Heading Back to School with Cool Sneakers

When I shop Rack Room Shoes I get to pick from all the brands we love at great prices. Rack Room Shoes is the go-to destination for everything related to Back To School season – to include on trend athletic brands for school-age children, as well as backpacks and lunch boxes.

Great prices, awesome selection, and the brands we love…Rack Room Shoes makes mom life easier!

Heading Back to School with Cool Sneakers

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Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

Transitioning to Fall with White Jeans

Don’t put those white jeans away! They can carry you through the fall in style. I’m styling them with some new flats I got from Taryn Rose. Do you know the brand? Taryn Rose Shoes are made with style and support for women. I just love them.

taryn rose slip on shoes

Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

Don’t you love a good Mom Boss story! In 1998, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Taryn Rose, brought comfort to the world of luxury shoes. Using her intimate knowledge of the human body, she partnered with design experts and tech innovators to create a collection of shoes that looked beautiful and felt incredibly comfortable. Her signature is the rose…and it works its way into all the designs including my new Blythe suede slide.

Dr. Rose sold the company in 2008, though the owners have changed, the brand is still passionate about making our feet look good and feel better. The brand is going through a bit of a renaissance with Global Brands Group. They brought Dr. Rose back as a consultant and I absolutely love what they’ve come up with.

Global Brands Group will launch a full assortment including the addition of The Taryn Rose Collection, an elevated line made in Italy coming to market for Fall/Winter 2017-2018. I was lucky enough to pop into a showroom to see all the goodies this summer, and let me tell you, I was drooling. The lovely PR team sent over this pair and I will definitely be ordering some boots from the line too.

The collection will range from $150-$795, keep checking in at www.tarynrose.com.

Copenhagen blouse

The Rest of the Outfit

The shoes are a perfect neutral color for fall and they will do double duty as I travel the next few weeks. The top I found at a cool boutique in Mont Tremblant. I was on vacation covering the Blues Festival and I came across a great boutique called boutiquelaraffinerie.com/ (I shared another outfit from the boutique here).

I paired the top with crisp white jeans, my new flats and a great bracelet I got from the Zulily sale I did for Mother’s Day.

Momtrends in Los AngelesWe shot the outfit in downtown Los Angeles. You might have caught the shoot I did on the rooftop of the Ace Hotel…well, we found some more inspiring spots like the streets that were MIGHTY empty at 9am on a Saturday.

Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

You can see more of the new Taryn Rose shoes at Neiman Marcus this fall.

Do you have a favorite shoe brand that makes your feet feel great? Let me know…I’m always looking out for shoe trends.

Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

This is not a sponsored post. I did receive the shoes as a gift.

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What To Pack For a 3 Day Trip

I’ve been doing tons of travel lately. In case you haven’t heard, Nicole wrote this book called Mom Boss and it’s kind of a big deal. We’re even on a tour! That means taking mini trips all over the country and having to be prepared for all sorts of events, meetings, talks, and networking. How do you pack for a 3 day trip when you have to manage all those different things?? Since I’ve been doing it so much, I’ve become a little bit of an expert. Here are some tips to help you out of if you’re planning a long weekend.

You don’t need EVERYTHING:

what-to-pack-for-a-trip-easy-guideI’m so guilty of always wanting to bring 4 pairs of shoes everywhere I go. But for a 3 day business trip, you really only need two: flats and a great pair of heels. These flats are perfect for the airplane, car, or getting around whatever town you’re in. They come with multiple straps so you can dress them up if need be. Then when you’re ready to change into your heels, you can flip them inside out so they don’t dirty up your bag. It also makes them the perfect travel companion.


I don’t wear a lot of high heels in my day-to-day life, but I think they’re essential for looking professional and putting together a clean look. These high heels from Ilene Berg aren’t just your run of the mill shoe…Their patented technology makes them so comfortable you might not even need the flats! They are cut to accommodate the natural fit of women’s feet preventing many potential foot issues associated with years of wearing designer shoes that favor style over comfort. Beauty no longer has to mean pain! I sometimes add a fringy anklet to give them a boho feel. So fun and I can wear them for hours.



A little goes a long way:

Did you know that people can be attracted to you or un-attracted to you even before they meet you? And it has nothing to do with your physical appearance? The way a person smells can sometimes tell you more about them than the way they talk. Yeah, it’s science! The new Cocktail Collection by Commodity is sold exclusively at Sephora and you can customize the way you smell with a few basic “flavors”. The “Book” spray is perfect for the tour! I can layer it with a little bit of “Mimosa” and I’m left with a light, feminine scent. Some have said it reminds them of a tea shop in London, their grandmother’s study, and a sunny afternoon outside. (Please note, all of these were positive!). Whatever you’re trying to emulate, this set helps you personalize it. Wear them alone or layer them like I did to create your own unique scent. They’re also unisex so it makes a great stocking stuffer!


Don’t forget your tech:

Forgetting a charger is THE WORST! I always bring this handy cord roller or cord tacos so that I know I have all the cords and plugs I need to survive. I’m a huge fan of these wireless headphones by Jabra. Not only do they have a vibrant color (also available in black and blue), the sound quality is amazing and makes traveling a breeze. Plus, no cords to keep track of or get in the way.


Have a great trip and remember to pack only the essentials. Your back will thank you.

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Perfect Sneakers for Back to School

Sneakers for Back to School

Remember when the just-right pair of sneakers was the key to your school success? I know the power of the perfect back to school sneakers. This year my girls will be heading off in the hottest trend for back to school—high tops with loads of personality. Our top picks were the Gold Skechers Shuffles and the Adidas Raleigh Mid from Rack Room.

puppy love sheepadoodle

Where to Get the Perfect Sneakers for Back to School

Rack Room gives kids the styles and brands they want to wear at great prices. Our kids have it so good they don’t even know it. Before I tell you about the trends these girls put together (and the puppy), let me tell you why I think shoes = confidence.

As a kid, my family had enough money, but not loads of it. My parents were pretty frugal with clothes and weren’t buying into status symbols. They were more concerned about paying for my parochial school education.

At St. John the Evangelist, we wore a uniform. The only place to show your personality was with your shoes. Nikes were HUGE back then and all I wanted was the latest pair. Each year my parents would buy me some no-name pair and tell me they were more than adequate for four-square and tag. They were right of course, but I’ll never forget the summer my fancy-ish Grammy bought me the newest bright yellow Nikes before my 6th grade school year. When I changed into the shoes on my first gym class I felt like queen of the school. I can still picture those beauties now and what they meant to me.

This back to school season Rack Room will be putting those same kinds of smiles on school kids across the nation AND making it possible for parents to buy the best brands without having to blow the whole wardrobe budget for the year.

I’ve told my daughters the story of the yellow Nikes. They listen earnestly, they are aware we are blessed with abundance and have managed to stay pretty grounded. I’m glad Rack Room is the great fashion equalizer.

glitter shoes for back to school

Trend Metallic Sneakers

Though they didn’t pick yellow Nikes (which Rack Room DOES carry), they did select some sweet styles. For the 3rd grader, it’s all about the metallic sneaker trend. This shoe from Skechers couldn’t have more going on. It’s got bling, lights and comfort. She’s in superstar heaven.


Trend Hi Tops

For my middle school daughter (6th grade), light-up shoes are no longer cool. She picked these gray and pick Adidas high tops. The splash of pink makes them just girlie enough, the gray makes the trendy.

cute sneakers for girls

I love the outfit she put together and the arm candy she wears. The girl has her style! She’s also CRAZY about dogs. Since we are lucky enough to have a new member of Team Momtrends, the sheepadoodle, Mia, my girls insisted she get into the back to school action.

cutest sheepadoodle

Isn’t she the cutest sheepadoodle ever! She’s so calm and sweet. The girls had the best time styling themselves (I had zero input–I love how they dress!). One last trend to report–camp bracelets are so cool to bring back to school.

arm candy

To recap. Now you know why I love shoes (because I can finally afford the ones I want), and you know I want to give my kids a great start to the year WITHOUT spending a ridiculous amount of money.

The girls are wearing the Skechers Shuffles in gold or the heart pattern ($49.99) and the Adidas Raleigh Mid (54.99).

To shop all the best back to school trends head to RackRoom.com

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Monday Mingle: Off The Shoulder Tops

styling shorts for summer

I’m taking on two of the hottest summer trends: the off the shoulder top and shorts. While shorts are nothing new, we’re now seeing them getting more and more dressed up. You don’t have to just be Beyonce to pull off heels and shorts, I’m here to bear witness that just about anyone can pull this off without looking trashy or like you are trying too hard.

Black Cuff | Black Shoes | Off The Shoulder Blouse (H&M) | Eyelet Shorts

To keep it classy, you’ve got to keep it simple. Black and white is a good place to start. Colors that we can all pull off, colors that you likely already own. I got both pieces at H&M (woohoo not too expensive). I paired them with a pair of Dolce Vita heels from last year and a black cuff from ShinyMix.

summer fashion

The shoes are incredibly comfortable and work with these eyelet shorts. The heel isn’t too high so I can walk in them. This look is great to wear for a daytime look or a outfit for travel.

off the shoulder look

Playing with Off the Shoulder Tops

As for the off the shoulder look, I wasn’t sure about this trend. I thought it might be too young for me. But I went for it. This top is easy and breezy. I thought the bows on the shoulders make it playful. H&M is a perfect place to shop for these trends. Chances are this top won’t be “in” next year. Spending more than $50 on it doesn’t make sense.

Summer is all about showing a little skin, but this outfit doesn’t look inappropriate or like I’m ready for a nightclub.

summmer shorts

And may I mention one more fun thing about shorts? They are so much better than mini shirts. What a pain, all that maneuvering to keep yourself covered. Shorts keep you cool without all the wardrobe maintenance.

Summer Shorts Styling Tips:

  • Look for shorts that hug curves but aren’t too tight–especially if you are showing skin on top.
  • Opt for a heel that ins’t too high.
  • Keep the accessories simple. I added a simple drop earring and a cuff.
  • Hair and makeup should be relatively simple. Ponytails look great too!

What do you think? Are you keen on either of these trends for summer? Let me know what you’ve been wearing (andy off the shoulder tops?) and I hope you’ll join the Monday Mingle fun.

Monday Mingle is the stylish collaboration between Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls and Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse and Momtrends.  Each week we post about our personal style and then invite our friends to join in the fun. You can add your own link over at BonBon Rose Girls this week!


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Monday Mingle: Pretty Summer Sundress

boden summer dress

What’s easier than a summer sundress? Nothing! It’s the ultimate “one and done” dressing. There’s a style for every figure and a a color for every complexion. Last week I was in a t-shirt dress, this week I’ve got something more flow-y and romantic in mind.

Dress | Necklace | Sandals


I found this Jersey Maxi dress on the BodenUSA site. I’m lucky that I can wear this sunny print to work or on weekends. I love the color–it’s cheerful. The style works on most figures. It’s got a v-neck that isn’t too deep and an A-line skirt. It was pretty long, after the photos I had it hemmed a few inches to make it more “walkable.”

simple summer necklace

As for accessories, I kept it golden. I’ve been taking a break from heavy necklaces. Instead, I’m opting for more girly picks like this Fleur Necklace from Boden. Summer necklaces don’t need to be big and clunky. I’ve also worn it with t-shirts and shorts.

boden golden sandals

Gladiator sandals seem like a good idea. And then I try them on and think, “nope, not so much,” They just look silly on me. But this Gladys gladiator sandal is different–it’s lighter and simpler. I think gladiator sandals can make your ankles look really thick. Not this pair. They seem lighter–they don’t make you look like you’re trying to hard to be trendy.

brooklyn waterfront

Easy, breezy and ready for a workday or a play day. That’s why I love summer dresses, I hope your summer is off to a great start!

Monday Mingle is the stylish collaboration between Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls and Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse and Momtrends.  Each week we post about our personal style and then invite our friends to join in the fun. You can add your own link over at BonBon Rose Girls this week!


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Monday Mingle: Travel in Style This Summer

travel style tips

Are you ready to travel with style? I’m sure eager to say “Hello Summer!”

Summer means it’s time for day trips and adventures in the city. I want clothes that can come along with me with ease. I want to focus on the adventures, not how my feet feel or being too cold or too hot. This look is devoted to looking great without fuss! I put it together in a few minutes and shopped my closet for the outfit. This is all about easy accessories and pieces that can be extremely versatile.

Travel in Style Tips:

  • Don’t wear new shoes for a day of travel–make sure you’ve broken them in!
  • Always apply sunscreen
  • Add a layer in case the weather changes. A light jean jacket is perfect
  • Keep the accessories simple. Just pick one piece of jewelry. You don’t want to look fussy.
  • Add a great bag. You can stock it with all the supplies for the day, and have room for a bit of shopping!

great bags for summer

I’m wearing a cotton t-shirt dress from H&M ($49.99). As usual, I made a trip to the mid-town shop to find some summer things and I was thrilled with what I found. I got a few pairs of shorts, a top and this dress and everything was incredibly well-priced.

Ame & Lulu bags

Since I’m on the go so much, I like tote bags. For the bag, I’m using this Juton Tote from Ame & Lulu. The bag is made of cotton and jute. It’s really light and extremely roomy.  The price is great–just $64! Stripes add a trendy nautical touch to the outfit and the bag could definitely fit all my mom-supplies for the day.

TJ maxx accessories

The rest of the accessories are equally simple. A denim jacket (also H&M) that’s now two years old, a necklace from TJMaxx and my trusty Michael Kors gold wedges.

No matter where you go this summer, you’ll look great if you shop smart and keep it simple!

travel accessories with style

Monday Mingle is the stylish collaboration between Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls and Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse and Momtrends.  Each week we post about our personal style and then invite our friends to join in the fun. Add your own link below!


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Monday Mingle: Styling Tips for Jeans

spring stitchfix

My latest Stitchfix delivery came in. The theme seemed to be: Styling Tips for Jeans. The delivery started with a pair of light denim jeans. I liked the color and the distressing. I picked the best of the bunch to make an outfit, but I”m going to tell you, I suspended my “fix” I haven’t been dazzled. Plus, I think it was making me buy things I don’t really need. I’m fussy about how much stuff I put into my closet.

mom style denim jeans

To complete the look, they tossed in some cute tops and a tassel necklace. I opted to photograph this great top–it’s pink and deep purple snake print. It was a nice bright print with a silky finish. I popped on a tassel necklace that I owned rather than the one they picked.

I am feeling like most of the things they send I already own. That’s when you know it’s time to end the shopping relationship. Don’t you agree?

snakeskin top

But back to the outfit. Tassels are all the rage. And I like the new long length. I did a little front tuck on the top and left the back out. Since it was cool, I reached for my Furry Jacket from cabi. My other accessory was an old Michael Kors bag.

isola boots

To finish the outfit, I pulled on these Isola Heels, I felt fancy! The Brinley might be tall for everyday, but for dressing up denim a bit they are great. Wear cute shoes–that seems to be my #1 styling tips for jeans.

It was a fun day of shooting with my friend Kim-Marie from www.luxurytravelmom.com. We found this great bench in front of the Vinegar Hill House my favorite local restaurant in Brooklyn. The restaurant is tucked into a quiet street and serves the most delicious seasonal fare.
luxury travel mom

I love shooting outdoors in Brooklyn, I’m so lucky to have this backdrop just a walk away from my house. There are so many perfect spots to look at fashion freshly. Have you been getting outdoors to shoot your fashions?

I can’t wait to see what you’ve been wearing! Don’t forget to tell me which subscription boxes you’re loving or if you’ve given up on them.

About Monday Mingle

Monday Mingle is the stylish collaboration between Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls and Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse and Momtrends.  Each week we post about our personal style and then invite our friends to join in the fun.

monday mingle

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Monday Mingle: Talbots Spring Style Event

how to style a jumpsuit

I’m a converted jumpsuit lover. A few months ago, I featured a black jumpsuit, now I’ve got a spring style update with this bright spring Jumpsuit from Talbots.

Jumpsuit | Necklace | Shoes

talbots madison ave

The outfit was for a Talbots shopping event hosted by Instyle. The InStyle and Talbots stylish shopping soiree was held at the 525 Madison Avenue store. Have you ever seen the shop? It’s so charming. The warm brick building looks like an inviting home plopped down into the middle of Manhattan.

talbots event with Niki Taylor

The event featured special guest Niki Taylor who is the face of many Talbots campaigns. In addition to the lovely Niki who mingled with guests and help them make selections, guests also got summer styling advice from InStyle Editor Dana Avidan Cohn.

As for me, I got to play hostess, I loved seeing our readers and meeting some of the valued Talbots’ customers. The spring collections are wonderful. So much to wear that’ll make you look right on trend this summer.

talbots shopping event

We had a blast talking about all the spring trends…like jumpsuits. I’m wearing the Refined Crepe Jumpsuit. It’s easy to style, since all you need is one piece of jewelry and shoes. I love the easy-fitting shape and the pockets. talbots event Madison Avenue

Ok. If you don’t believe me, check out what the very cool InStyle Editor, Dana was wearing…a jumpsuit of course! We had a good giggle about our style picks.
Instyle Editor Dana Avidan Cohn

And I love talking with Niki Taylor. It’s not everyday you get to chat with a super model. She’s absolutely lovely and can you believe this…she’s got 4 kids. How is that possible?

Talbots Model Niki Taylor

I think she’s a genius pick for Talbots. She looks so effortlessly chic and timeless in everything she puts on. The stakes were pretty high when I was selecting my outfit. A national magazine editor and a super model. Yikes!

I decided not to try to blend in. I opted to stand out. And I opted for big accessories.

talbots flower necklace

Let’s talk about this fun Talbots necklace. It’s like wearing a bouquet! I figured since I’m already wearing a color that says “look at me” I might as well go bold with the necklace.

Nine West Metallic Heels

These are not my every day shoes. They are definitely in the special occasion category. This sexy pair is from Nine West. The Tornaydo pointy toe pumps are two-tone metallic, a lot of silver with a little rose gold. I had to have a heel since I knew Niki would be tall. Amazingly, these heels were easy to stand in for 3 hours. Plus, they are H.O.T.

It was fun to put on some party clothes. I hope you got to do the same and that you’ll join us in the Monday Mingle Link Up again.

Monday Mingle is the stylish collaboration between Bon Bon Rose Girls and Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse and Momtrends.  Each week we post about our personal style and then invite our friends to join in the fun.


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Monday Mingle: UGG Liberty London Print

 Ugg Liberty London

I was lucky enough to get an early Mother’s Day gift–a sweet pair from the UGG Liberty London collection. I’m wearing the Mini Bailey with Bow Liberty bootie. Liberty Art fabric like these has been a fixture in London fashion for over 140 years. UGG partnered with Liberty on this limited edition collection. This is a signature print from Liberty’s archive.

styling spring uggs

I have been a fan of the beautifully made sheep fur booties. I live in them all winter. Now there’s a pair I love to welcome the cooler days of spring. They are very breathable so even when things warm up, I’ll be comfortably stylish. I was so very happy to slip these on over the weekend.

UGG Liberty London

I’m training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon and ran a little over 13 miles on Saturday. I was pretty wiped out after that. But I had a bunch of errands to run. I slipped this on and was in heaven. Any mom would adore having these boots for a treat.

uggs fashion

Pampering can come in many forms. It can be a massage or a home-cooked meal. For me, treating my feet right is a wonderful gift. I run, walk all over NYC and then stand up to cook and play with the kiddos. I don’t have time for weekly massages, I do have time to treat my feet right with a supportive and pretty pair of shoes.

uggs for the family

I wasn’t the only one who got a sweet gift. The girls also got new UGGs. The pink Bailey Bow and the Bailey Button. We intended to do a family outdoor shoot, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Suffice to say, they loved them.

There’s a special deal too.UGG has a special offer for Mother’s Day from now until May 8th when you purchase a UGG Liberty London pice you’ll get a box of See’s Chocolate. Get all the details on UGG Mother’s Day gift-giving. Thank you so much UGG for these sweet treats for our feet!

gift box from ugg

Thanks for spending time with me today. I have to say Monday Mingle is my favorite post of the week. Monday Mingle is the stylish collaboration between Bon Bon Rose Girls, Cheryl fromOh to Be a Muse and Momtrends.  Each week we post about our personal style and then invite our friends to join in the fun.

monday mingle

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This is not a sponsored post. I was given a sample to use for the photo shoot.

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