We’re Still Wearing Sandals—And This Pair Is Our Fave!

When it comes to personal style, I’m not a big believer in “rules.” If anything, we, at Momtrends, encourage our readers to be trend-setters, sartorial rule breakers, and stylish risk takers. (If you’re going to wear leggings as pants, we fully support you! Just please, PLEASE make sure your tee at least skims the top of your bum.)

Seriously though, we wear what we love and want to encourage you to do the same. That means, go ahead and rock white after Labor Day (it’s an outdated mandate anyway!), mix denims, pair two supposedly “clashing colors,” and march to the beat of your own fashion-forward drum.

Wear what feels good and looks good, that’s my motto—and don’t worry that it’s September 8 and you haven’t yet put away your flip-flop and espadrille collection.

So what if you’re sipping a pumpkin spice latte in a pair of sandal slides!?! Who cares if you’re apple picking in thong sandals?! What’s wrong with attending a football game in wedges?! Call these oxymorons, I say they’re a style statements. I vote for banning booties for another few weeks, and wearing those beloved sandals until your exposed toes feel the nip of crisp fall air. We, the ladies of MT, salute you… Heck, we’ll join you!

Truth is: We just discovered a new favorite sandal brand; and we intend on squeezing in every possible last “wear”  in these versatile puppies.

Cousin Sandals was launched by, you guessed it, a pair of cousins. Not only is each style is named after a cuz (must be a big family!), they’re all made of 100% cowhide leather, and feature an extended back for heel comfort and a solid rubber sole for heavy walking. They’re truly the ideal pair of sandals for NYC mamas on the move. So you better believe we’ll be wearing them well past the autumn equinox. We’ll even wear ’em with our “legging pants.” That’s just how we roll around here.

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Two Ways to Wear Metallic Sandals

Being that fall is nearly here, I’m wearing my summer sandals as much as I possibly can. Don’t get me wrong…I love my fall boots, but there is something so freeing about slipping on an easy breezy pair of sandals. Plus, I get to show off my pedi. Haha! The ease of slides is something I’ve really been enjoying this summer and one of my favorite pairs of slide sandals has to be these ergonomic Vionic Jura sandals that I picked up at Sole Provisions. Not only are they a perfect silver that goes with nearly everything, but they’re ridiculously comfortable. Just sayin’. Since metallic sandals have been my summer jam, so I thought it would be fun to show you two ways to wear them!

metallic sandals beaded necklace

traveler pants

The first way I rocked my metallic sandals is with a simple black CAbi tee and they’re oh so versatile traveler pant. I can’t tell you how many ways these bad boys can be worn. Olive pants are so versatile…much like metallic sandals. Thanks to the bit of glam that the sandals brought to my simple look, I needed little more to accessorize it than my trusty African  bead necklace.

Tipsy 3

Tipsy 2

Tipsy 1

My next look is decidedly more casual and a bit cheeky…just like me. Haha! My Dream Team tank top can be found at Tipsy Elves, along with a slew of other hilarious tees. It’s proven to be one of my go-to summer pieces. And it was obviously the perfect thing to wear when I was cheering on Team USA! So much is going on up top, I simply added my favorite turquoise bracelet and a cowboy hat to Bermuda shorts and the metallic sandals.

So, if you too have some sandals that you’d like squeeze a bit more wear out of, I hope this helped give you some more styling options.

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Timeless Spring Fashion Favorites

As we look ahead to the new season, I’ve been inspired to look back at looks from past spring seasons that would still work today. Sure, we all love to shop at our favorite stores, but there is something to be said for shopping your closet too. That’s why having timeless pieces in your wardrobe is so important. There’s nothing wrong with rockin’ your favorite trends, but it’s also great to be able to turn to those tried and true favorites that always play well, no matter what year it is.

So, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite spring outfits that we’ve featured in the past. Thanks to their timeless appeal, they would look as at home in 2016 as they did when Nicole originally rocked them!


White Denim: I’m of the firm belief that every girl needs a fabulous pair of white jeans. They can be dressed up and down with ease and give off such a fresh, springy vibe. But frankly, I rock them in the winter too. Haha! My personal favorite is to pair them with stripes…another classic, but I digress.


Wedges: They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I highly recommend you pick up a pair of neutral wedges that you can rock all spring and summer long if you don’t already have some…And if you love them as much as I do, it doesn’t hurt to have a pair of statement wedges in your closet either. Also sparkle…Sparkle never goes out of style for moi. Just sayin’.


Metallics: Metallics will forever be a warm weather staple for me. I love wearing them with white and black especially, but they totally work with colors too. They’re fabulously versatile that way. Now metallic Birkenstocks might not be for you, but any metallic sandal is a good investment for spring! I turn to my metallic gladiator sandals time and time again for instance.

So, what pieces do you consider classic spring staples?

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Bella Ha Sandals

discover bella ha sandals

Flip flops might not seem like a big deal to you, but to me, finding a few perfect pairs makes summer that much more stylish. For the last few pool days of summer, I’ve been smitten with these Bella Ha sandals that were lovingly made in Italy.

Sustainably sourced natural salmon leather. The designers say they have been inspired by their travel to create AND to give back.

trendy sandals

The purchase of these sandals benefits mothers and babies of the Khánh Hòa province in Vietnam. There’s a story behind the mission–the founders made a trip to adopt in Vietnam the heart-warming twin orphans story can be found here.

cool sandals

Now a bit more about the shoes. They are very lightweight and yes, its true, you can make things from the skin of salmon. Bella Ha uses sustainably-sourced salmon skin leather from Ireland. It’s got a cool texture and is quite comfortable.

blue bella ha sandals

Each collection is inspired by a region. Vietnam is the heart and sole (pun intended) of this one. Another cool detail is the tiny metal tags on each pair of shoes that contain the longitude and latitude of the Khánh Hòa. Check out the brand and order your own here bellaha.com

This is not a sponsored post. We were given a pair to sample for the review.

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Flip-Worthy Flip Flops For Mom

flipI’m going to admit something pretty embarrassing here. Just, do me a favor, and don’t judge too much…

Here goes: Before today, I hadn’t gone for a pedicure in—eeks—well over a year. Okay, fine, go ahead and drop your jaw. It’s shocking and troubling and I was seeeeeriously overdue. (Also, can you say #firstworldproblems?)

Truth is: I have major mani/pedi anxiety. I all but jump out of my skin when I’m sitting in that leather massage chair with someone huddled over my feet, clipping and filing and scrubbing and buffing. Even if I bring my own tools, I’m constantly thinking that the tub isn’t clean enough or the towels they’re using are stained (hmmmm, is that red polish or blood?), and I actually ask “is your system pipeless?” every time I go. (More often than not they have no idea what I’m talking about. BTW, google it. You’re welcome.)

I usually “do” my own feet, but I haven’t had much time as of late with a full-time job and a toddler and infant at home. (Once again, #woeisme.) Needless to say, I’ve been wearing closed-toe shoes for the last few months to hide this not-so-chic situation. But the official start of summer is exactly one day away and I’m ready to SHOW some TOE! Yep, I put on my big-girl pants and went to the nail salon. (I’m irrationally proud.)

To celebrate the season of sun-kissed feet, pretty polished toes, and easy-breezy shoes, I’ve rounded up a few favorite flip-flip pairs. From the classic, cute, and colorful to the
bedazzled and bejeweled, these chic shoes are giving me a good reason to return to the salon.

flipsfinal21. Mara Hoffman for Havaianas Flip-Flops/ 2. Lori Jack Brown and Leopard Swarovski Flip-Flops/ 3. Old Navy Wood-Pattern Flip-Flops/ 4. Tom’s Solana Burlap Flip-Flops/ 5. Valentino Couture Bow Flip-Flops/ 6. Ipanema Barbie Elegance Flip-Flops/ 7. Old Navy Striped Pattern Flip-Flops/ 8. Tory Burch Thandie Wedge Flip-Flops/ 9. Havaianas Slim Candy Flip-Flops

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Get Grounded With Juil Footwear

Felt a bit frazzled lately? Juil understands. Their collection of footwear is designed with small copper dots on the bottom of their shoes, a concept based on a contemporary wellness ideas known as earthing or grounding. Whereas most modern shoes insulate your body from making a connection with the earth, Juil’s copper “dots” act as a conduit between your body and the earth, allowing you to stay truly connected and balanced. And couldn’t we all use a bit more of that?


Take a peek at some of our favorite picks from their new fall collection plus great deals on sandals if you’re in denial about the season change or just want a great deal.

Juil 3I love everything about these Lelo boots – exposed zip, leather belt, toe cap and contrasting stitch. Just perfect for fall.

Juil 2

Comfort is calling! Cozy up with a good book with a pair of these soft suede Terra moccasins.

Juil 1If you’re a fan of flats, we love these simple slip-ons available as the solid color Aria and two-tone Ohk.

Juil 4 Juil 5In denial that fall is here? Or just craving a great deal on cute sandals? Score some favorites for the last remaining warm days or to store until next summer like these. (Top row – Nala sandal, Second row – Cosi sandal, Kava sandal)

And did we mention that both shipping and returns are always free?

Happy shopping!

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UNEEK: The Sandal of Summer from KEEN

In our house, summer is full of beach-lounging and trail-hiking, rock-hopping and bike-riding. Activities that require something sturdier than a flip-flop, but that allows for more air (and water) flow than a shoe. Meet the shoe of summer – meet UNEEK .

new sandals for summerThis innovative, dare we say, “uneek” design from KEEN, one of our favorite makers of shoes for adults and kids, takes a sole and two cords to create a perfect fit for your foot. The durable sole provides great traction for water activities like river walking or paddleboarding and the dual cord allows you to adjust the fit based on your comfort level and activity.

UNEEK-viewsUNEEK comes in three colors for women – all black, blue and white, or grey and pink (which, by the way, looks GREAT with our logo!) and three for men.


Check out this fun clip that shoes how UNEEK was designed as well as some other unique creations (that guy’s beard?!)

Get your feet ready for summer with UNEEK from KEEN.


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Summer Sandals Roundup

Who’s ready to talk about summer sandals? I know…I know…It probably feels like winter just ended and we’re already talking about summer right? It’s amazing how fast spring flies by isn’t it? As unbelievable as it is, summer will officially be here next month, so it’s time to start prepping those summer wardrobes of yours. And a vital part of any wardrobe, including summer’s, is your shoe collection.

Sandals are a big part of this girls summer wardrobe and always have been. I can still remember being so excited about going shopping with my mama to pick out my summer huaraches each year. Remember huaraches? They were all the rage when I was a wee one. They’re a traditional Mexican sandal and SO cute. In fact, I should hunt down a pair for grown up Kristin. Haha! But I digress…

This summer it’s all about the gladiators. Gladiator sandals are hot hot hot this season. I say go all in with the trend by rockin’ an above the ankle style, but if that’s not your speed, there are plenty of cute sandal options out there. I know us height challenged girls can worry about them making our legs look shorter, but if you’re stems are on the longer side or you say to heck with “fashion rules,” wear those traditional glads!

This mama is running after her kiddos more often than not and I’m willing to be that you all are in the same boat, so flat sandals are my cup of tea these days. In fact, I’ve already picked up a pair of flat gladiators. If I do want a bit of height, a small wedge will do the trick nicely.

This season I’ve been drawn to strappy numbers in everything from edgy black and snakeskin to bright turquoise and bejeweled numbers. All of thes sandals in this roundup are welcome to join my summer wardrobe. And they’re all so versatile. You could wear any one of them with boyfriend jeans and a tank or a maxi for instance.


Aerosoles Chlambake / Just Fab Evelina / Dansko Jess / Just Fab Nydia / Aerosoles Chlique / Just Fab Layney / Dansko Jovie / Just Fab Eleanah / Aerosoles Yet Another

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Shoe Trends for Spring

Shoe Trends for Spring.jpg.jpg

Shoes can make and put a look together. From sandals to wedges to rain boots to keep your tooties dry during the rain, we rounded up some of our favorites for spring 2014.

Aerosoles: During a recent preview we had the chance to check out the latest collection of Aerosoles up close. For spring, we really love the bright flats with my favorite being the You Betcha that I can see wearing for Easter and beyond. We are also loving a little lift from the Acoustic shoe and the Aristocrat that is super fun for work and on-the-town.

Dansko: Dankso sure knows comfortable shoes that look great. Renowned for their clogs, they also make an assortment of fun sandals with some of our favorites being the JOVIE Metallic Leather, JANIS Textured Leather Red Crackle and the bright DANA Full Grain Leather Bright Multi Pasadena Collection that are perfect for time with the kids or when you are running around.

Antelope Shoes: We love the fun wedges from the high-end retailer Antelope Shoes with some favorites for spring being the Slingback Sandal (818) and the Slingback Sandal (996). Despite having a lift, the shoes are super comfortable and made with the finest and softest pieces of leather, hand cut with precise craftsmanship.

Bokos Sandals: I am always looking for a sturdy sandal for the summer. One of my favorites is from Bokos Sandals, a Minneapolis-based footwear company launched in early 2013. This includes a fun line of vibrant and comfortable sandals for women and men with some of our favorites colors being the Melon and Lavendar. The sandals are also  ultra-durable, comfortable and easy-to-clean – making them a great addition to your spring wardrobe that go way beyond use at the beach.

Crocs: Crocs have changed a lot over the years. They are more than a shoe for your kids where they now offer fashionable prints and styles that go beyond water sports. For spring, I love the Women’s A-leigh Linen Cork Wrap Wedge, the Women’s Cap Toe Flat and the fun Adrina Flat that is perfect for spring and summer.

Go Go Golosh: The weather is so changeable in Spring. It may be rainy one day and sunny the next. For those rainy days, we love Go Go Golosh, a new, fashionable line of galoshes that are designed to be worn over your dressy heels and flats. This is great concept that allows you to wear your on-trend shoes where you can carry your light and compact Go Go Golosh shoes to be prepared when rain strikes. They’re completely waterproof and they can fold up and slip into their attached waterproof carrying case. They also come in a variety of colors such as  Pinky Belle, Purple Belle and Blue Belle – making them super easy, simple and super cute for spring.

LAMO Footwear: With the winter we have had, warm weather spring hasn’t quite kicked off. For this transition time, we love the collection of warm moccasins from LAMO Footwear. This includes a fun collection featuring the Lady’s Britain Moc II, the Gabrielle Moc and the chic Elite Moc. This includes moccasins with a 100% leather Comfort-Arch insole and a suede upper that is super comfortable and perfect for chilly spring days as well as around the home. They also offer kids, men’s and more styles for women.

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Top 5 Must Haves To Pack On Vacation

I recently returned from a week long trip with my family to the Dominican Republic. Traveling with three kids turns into quite the amount of luggage. I decided that since the children need way more than I do to minimize what I packed for myself and narrowed it down to just the right amount of essentials. But there are a few key pieces in my wardrobe I just never leave home without when it comes to traveling.

must have essentials for vacation

1. Maxi skirts – They are the absolute best for vacationing, I actually found a convertible one from Free People that goes from skirt to dress. I wore the skirt out one evening and then used it as a coverup a few days later.

2. Beach tote – I always manage to forget to pack a beach bag when traveling. I’m always so concerned about my clothing. But this year I chose a french market tote Sirene Collection that I used to take along on the plane and filled it with snacks for the kids. Once at our destination, I loaded it up with sunblocks and beach toys.

3. Maxi dresses work perfect on vacation as well. They are super chic yet easy to dress up or down. Maxi dresses is become my staple uniform when traveling as well as trips to the playgrounds with kids. Some of my favorite maxi dresses are from Free People, Zara, and Splendid.

4. Sandals – There is always room in my luggage for shoes. And its especially easier when they are flat sandals. When traveling and especially now with children I usually ditch the heels at home and pack super chic flat sandals as well as beach sandals. Havaianas always seem to make the perfect pattern and are super comfy.

5. Bathing Suit – No summer vacation is complete without a stylish yet comfortable bathing suit. My favorite brand this season is Zimmerman. They seem to have the best collection of one-piece and two-piece suits.

With these essentials you are absolutely set for vacation. Happy Travels!

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