Masala Baby Swim Styles

Summer is in full swing. Pool days, beach trips, park visits—it’s all become a big blur at this point in time; and we still have another month and a half to go! But it’s true what they say—time flies when you’re having fun. And we’ve definitely been having fun and making the most of the sun, sand, surf, green grass, and cool pool. The season is fleeting, and we want to enjoy every hot, humid, and muggy moment.

I tease, but we’ve also been getting a LOT of use out of our Masala Baby fashion finds. You may remember that we wrote about this incredible collection just a few short weeks ago—and we’re so beyond obsessed with their bohemian kiddie styles, we just had to give them even more love. Made in India, featuring a medley of colors, textures and motifs, Masala Baby’s styles seamlessly blend modern comfort and style.

With a global aesthetic and modern feel, Masala’s kiddie caftans are so gorgeous and equally effortless. This one is soft (100 percent cotton) and easy to throw on when you’re little girlfriend is done splashing around the pool. The beautifully intricate embroidery and pompom detailing makes a simple, playful, and stylish statement.

Likewise, Masala’s swimsuits are intricately designed with fashion and functionality at the forefront. Made with comfort and coverage in mind, they hold up to typical summer wear and tear, and look good by the pool, at the beach, balancing on an oversize flamingo, or even doing somersaults in the backyard. Carefree and vivacious—because that’s what Masala Baby, is all about.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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All I Need is a Miraclesuit: Swim Trends for Moms

These days, I have a lot on my plate… you know, besides cookies.

Working, parenting, “wife-ing”—there’s never a dull moment in this hectic life of mine, and I’m always tending to something or someone—and it’s usually not myself.

My main form of exercise: chasing two toddlers around the house. (I used to roll my eyes whenever celebrities cited this as they’re trick to staying fit—but now I totally get it!). Sure, I try to squeeze in a bit of cardio here and there, but let’s just say that regular, consistent diet and working out has been put on the back burner… Indefinitely.

Don’t get me wrong… I try to be relatively healthy, but getting my pre-baby bikini body back just doesn’t feel like a top priority when my kids are begging to bake snicker-doodles together and share a celebratory ice-cream cone. I just want to enjoy these happy moments and indulge a bit—instead of worrying about what I’m going to look like come cruise time…

Oh, right. Cruise time… I had almost forgotten. That Disney cruise looming on the calendar. Don’t be fooled, I was pumped for some down time (although, let’s face it… it’s far from actual “down time”). Still, I had almost forgotten that I was soon going to half-naked at the pool and by the beach in front of 2,000-ish strangers.

Try though I might to live in the present and be happy with my current state and stature, I couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious when I went to try on bathing suits. Those deceitful dressing room mirrors and those awful florescent lights…. It was enough to send a somewhat stable fairly self confident woman into a spiral of shame. Ahhh!

Lucky for me, I work at Momtrends—and my colleagues have been singing the praise of the Miraclesuit (and its sister, the Magicsuit) for years now. It was time for me to finally check them out and see if they lived up to the hype.

But, first, let’s get to the gist of what makes the Miraclesuit so, well, miraculous. Made with an exclusive Miratex fabric, the Miracleuit is designed to help you instantly look 10 pounds lighter by supporting, slimming, and shaping your unique body. With eye-catching, figure-flattering cuts and embellishments, it’s made to amplify assets and detract attention from problem areas.The 2017 collection features sexy cuts, sheer mesh, bold one pieces, playful tankinis, and gorgeous cover-ups in bold prints and stunning hues.

I was instantly drawn to the puurfect print on this crossover one-piece with matching sheer cover-up pants. The black mesh sides of the suit provide an optical illusion that gave me a vampy hourglass shape. I felt so confident in this bathing suit, that I took the pants off—they were a bit long and kept getting trapped under my feet (tip: order cover-up pants a size down), so I shed them and didn’t look back! My sweet girl and I seized the moment and breathed in the beauty of our ocean surroundings during our cruise.

Really, who has the time to feel self-conscious when they’re in such an amazing setting? This two year old understands—she emulates me and looks up to me. I want her to admire me as an empowered woman. Confident body vibes only from now on—for your sake and mine, little lady.

This zip-drive temptress one-piece is as sexy as they get. The dramatic sweetheart neckline and a comfortable hidden underwire gave my bust a boost, and the scoop back, daring décolletage, and side pattern with shirring slimmed, trimmed, and made me feel beautiful… (Beach hair, don’t care. Miraclesuit, no dispute!)

I love me a good jumper So when I stumbled upon Magicsuit’s Black Bianca all-in-one romper-inspired suit, I had to have it. I wore this when we docked for a Castaway Cay island excursion and didn’t even bother bringing a change of clothes. This was my bathing suit and my quick-to-dry all-day ensemble—playful, sexy, and so flattering for splishing and splashing and having a wet-and-wild blast with my littles. Tight and loose in all the right places with a halter and plunging neckline, this was my favorite—if I had to pick!

Before I was introduced to this “miracle,” I wouldn’t have thought of a bathing suit as an investment piece. But with price points between $100 and $200 each, these are quality items to slowly and steadily collect. I can’t wait to add another bit of “magic” to my swim collection this summer… Here are a few more fabulous styles and miraculous trends we’re coveting from Miraclesuit and Magicsuit!

1. Miraclesuit Sonar Escape Underwire One Piece Swimsuit, $172/ 2. Magicsuit Divine Giselle Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit, $168/ 3. Miraclesuit Suit Yourself Blitz Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit, $162/4. Magicsuit Solid Cybil Underwire Tankini Top, $122/ 5. Miraclesuit Solid Cadiz Soft Cup Tankini, $110/ 6. Magicsuit Solid Kris Underwire Tankini Top, $118 / 7. Miraclesuit Suit Yourself Solid Ansonia Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit, $182/ 8. Miraclesuit Barcode Sanibel Tummy Control One-Piece Swimsuit, $170/ 9. Magicsuit Leather Max Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit, $166

This is not a sponsored post. We received samples for review. All opinions are our own.


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Our Favorite Pool Floaties for the Family

Warm weather. No school. That can only mean one thing – POOL TIME! Whether you are hitting the local lake on your summer holiday, are rocking your afternoons at the neighborhood pool, or are lucky enough to have a pool in your own backyard, we’ve rounded up our favorite pool floaties to satisfy the whole family.

Pool Floaties for Babies and Tots

For Babies and Toddlers

For water babes, we love pool floaties that provide a safe surrounding and sun protection. The Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center for babies 9-24 months has an adjustable canopy and a built-in interactive play station with lots of activities to keep little ones entertained while the Speedo Kids’ Begin to Swim Fabric Baby Cruiser with Canopy rides higher in the water to keep babies hands from sitting in the water and can be used from 6 months up. We’re always looking for baby gear that multitasking and designed to last. The Swim School Grow With Me 4-in-1 Swim System can be used with kids 18 months to 3-4 years old and transitions from being a baby float to a Kid Cruiser and eventually into a Kick Float and Kick Board. Finally, older tots will love this Giant Sea Turtle. With two air chambers for added stability and two handles for support, this sea turtle is downright adorable has plenty of room for pool play.

Poo Floaties for Kids and Adults

For Big Kids and Adults

I’m just going to say it – everyone needs a this giant inflatable swan to ride on. The International Leisure Giant Swan offers 75″ of inflatable fun, room for two adults or an endless number of piled on kids, is under $40, and is sure to make a scene at your next pool party. I’m pretty sure that my kids and my husband would be fighting over these next two. The Giant Inflatable Shootball hoop can make any pool or lake into an impromptu basketball game while the Log Flume Joust Set will definitely bring up some video-worthy competition between my boys – ha! Meanwhile, I think you’ll find me laying on this ridiculously oversized Cabana Shirt Floatie with a watermelon slushie in the drink holder and one eye open for nearby cannonballs.

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Watermelons and Narwhals: Summer Gear

Okay, I know it sounds a little crazy. But I love both– watermelons and narwhals. Not necessarily together, mind you. Similarly to the pineapple, I have become enamored with practically anything featuring the sweet fruit and magical mammal. Most people hopped on the unicorn train, I, however, took the more realistic counterpart and gravitated towards the narwhal. Now, these two favorites of mine are becoming part of my summer essentials.

narhwal plate and snacks

I’ve started seeing this funny little marine animal show up on everything from stationery to home decor. Take this fantastic enamel plate for example. I got this at West Elm and have found that it is the perfect out-door tray. I don’t have to worry about it breaking and it holds practically anything I wish to serve. (They also have a bowl and right now both are on sale.)

Another favorite narwhal piece is this romper from Old Navy. They have this design in both a romper and a tee so that it is easy to mix and match (and the shirt could easily go on a boy). narhwal old navybest summer kids clothes

And, of course, if you need some DIY inspiration, this little narwhal banner is so easy to make with just felt, ribbon, and hot glue. It’s super festive and you can do it in 10 minutes.

narhwal bannerWatermelons are not only totally delicious and versatile (I love a fresh mint, feta, and watermelon salad!) but also super cute. I decided I would try my hand at growing some using the adorable egg crate gardens from Backyard Safari Company. You can grow anything from herbs to fruits and veggies. I’ll keep you posted on my melon progress…

egg crate garden

I found this giant watermelon floatie at the dollar store. Even though we live in the concrete jungle, we still manage to have a ton of fun with it sans the water.

watermelon ringwatermelon floatieAnd the best way to stay hydrated this summer? A watermelon water bottle of course! This one came from Nalgene and I love the little phrase printed on the sides, “Always use your melon”. A good reminder to think before you act. I also love this giant Silo 48oz bottle—it’s perfect for long hikes, when I’m horseback riding, or even sitting outside.

nalgene bottlenalgene bottles

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive water bottles for review. 

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Creactive Writing: My Circus Experience at Club Med Punta Cana

creactive_As a mom to an energetic toddler and an attention-hungry six month old, I’m a master juggler. It’s a circus in our house all day every day, and I play the role of ringmaster… So when Club Med in Punta Cana invited Momtrends to report on the new Creactive by Cirque du Soleil experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, I already do serious acrobatics to get my son to go to sleep each night—what could they possibly teach me that I didn’t already know?

All kidding aside, I jumped at the opportunity for two reasons: 1.) My almost three-year-old son is obsessed with the circus. The idea of coming home and showing him photographic evidence of Mommy flying the trapeze and doing all sorts of Spider-Man-like stunts was absolutely irresistible. 2.) I really, really needed three blissful nights of uninterrupted sleep. Oh, and the fact that this was all set in a pristine tropical destination didn’t hurt one bit either… I packed my bag, and showered my babies with kisses (and tears!)… but, um, “Peace out, kiddies. Mama’s going to Punta Cana.”

viewTo Club Med With Love…
I’d been to a Club Med once before. I was four and remember very little except for the fact that I refused to let my parents leave me in the kids’ club, and everyone who worked there called me “Laurén.” (Fast forward twenty-nine years, I still swooned every time the mainly French staff referred to me by name.)

beds.fThe beachfront resort itself is sprawling and beautiful with a decisively Caribbean vibe—bright buildings and shabby-chic cabanas decorate the lush property like colorful jimmies on a delectable sundae. The main pool is sparkling and the lobby offers a dark and lovely retreat from the sunny palm-lined lawn and sandy surf. There are canopied beds and chaise lounges everywhere—and I think I may have tried every last resting spot… for the sake of journalistic research, of course. (Also, #mamaneedsanap.)

There are two main restaurants: Hisapnola and Semana. Guests can get their fill at the all-you-can-eat international buffets which boast everything from omelets in the morning to lobster at night. Additionally, the poolside Cielo bar offers midday snacks and nonstop “cocktailing” for thirsty guests (they make a mean mojito!), and Celeste, on the beach, is also open for a quick bite and a spiked sipper.

pool2My room in the main section of the resort was comfortable, clean and functional. The large family-friendly pool was always hopping with activity—there were kids playing and grandparents doing water aerobics (lead by a Speedo-clad instructor, I might add.)

There’s a 5 Trident space for those seeking more luxurious accommodations. Guests require a special bracelet to access this area with a private pool and more modern amenities. It’s worth noting that a new adults’ only Zen Oasis section, complete with deluxe suites, will be opening in December.

lauren_finSun, Sand, and Awesome Activities…
In addition to sun bathing and pool splashing, guests can enjoy water sports, sailing, archery, and golf among other activities. Of course, drinks are included so cocktail-sipping is another popular choice for the kid-free 21+ set (which, for once, included me!).

The Creactive Side of Life…
I had one main goal for this trip—besides getting sleep—and that was to learn to juggle. My brother, who lives in Seattle, will juggle for my son over Skype, and it blows his little mind. He tries so hard to do it too—he’ll pick up three balls and throw them up in the air whilst humming circus music. It’s the cutest thing in the world. So, while all the other journalists immediately ran to the trapeze (there were 55 other writers from all around the world!), I went straight to Guillermo for private juggling lessons. In all honesty, I wasn’t anticipating success—I can barely walk and chew gum—but I wanted to give it my all for the sake of my son.

jugglefin3Guillermo had me start with one ball—practicing the perfect arc of tossing it from one hand to the other. Next, we added a second ball—throwing the right, then the left, and then catching on the left, and then the right—and then reversing the entire process. After a few minutes, he handed me a third ball—and I honestly don’t know how but I just magically started juggling. I think even Guillermo was shocked. It was only about a half an hour total, and I was doing it. (Seriously, watch the video HERE.)

bungeefinWith my first circus success under my belt, I moved on to the acrobatic bungee. I was so excited about this activity. A Creactive staff member harnesses you into a very tight and, thus, very secure, er, “crotch belt”. You’re then suspended high in the air where you can swing, jump, and flip. It took a few minutes to truly trust that I wasn’t going to fall on my face, but once I got my confidence, it felt so liberating. You grab on the bungee cords and pull yourself up to get momentum and bounce—and then, they’re casually like, “oh, hey, try flipping backwards.” After a few failed attempts, I managed a flip and it was so fun! (Worth noting: my abs killed like crazy the next day from this activity!)

Finally, I ended my training at the trapeze—where I needed to conquer my fear of heights and learn to let go. I was so nervous after getting hooked up to cords and gear and belts that I forgot to dip my hands in the chalk before climbing the ladder to the top—so I’ll conveniently blame my poor grip on that lapse of judgment! A Cirque staff member grabbed me by my belt, held me back, and had me reach for the bar—this was by far the scariest part. Before I knew it he was counting to three and I was jumping and soaring. “Now pull your legs up and hook your knees,” he called out to me. Despite the fact that I heard him say this to people before me (and actually saw some of them follow through!), this took me by complete surprise. I felt like I didn’t have the arm and core strength to hoist myself up. So instead I just enjoyed the ride—which was good enough for me. (You can watch HERE.)

The next day, a few writers went back to try again—one gal was so good she even managed to do “the catch” where a Cirque staff member caught her by the hands. Pretty impressive stuff, but I opted for another activity that works the core: stand-up paddle boarding. Seriously, these abs need strengthening before I try the trapeze again—and so I’m going to put them to work!


vwAdditionally, guests can take clown makeup classes, learn to play the bongos, try the tight rope, walk the vertical wall, and engage in a multitude of other amazing activities in the Creactive playscape. It’s open to guests by age group—so there’s a separate session for adults as well as one for little kids, big kids, and teenagers.

creactive2.finI should mention that the Creactive staff includes a mix of Cirque du Soleil veterans and newbies who receive intense training before, you know, dangling you 20 feet up in the air.

spapool2The Spa Life…
In order to fully and accurately report on Club Med’s amenities, I had to visit and experience the L’Occitane spa (oh, the things I do for Momtrends!). I was treated to a 60-minute massage—and it was sensational. Granted, I spent the first 30 minutes obsessing about whether I froze enough breast milk back home (where is that darned off button for my brain?!?), but the second half of my massage was pure hypnotic, hallucinogenic, drool-worthy bliss. And the post-massage view—well, it took my breath away.

kids2.finI Want to Be a Kid Again..
I have to say I was absolutely blown away by what I saw of the kids’ club program. It’s like summer camp to the nth degree. The facilities are phenomenal, the staff is amazing, and the extra programs would make any kid beg for another minute, an extra hour… ONE more day… “Puh-leeeease, Mom and Dad!”

kids1.finalAs much as I enjoyed my solo trip, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much my little one would absolutely go bonkers playing in the kiddie pool, climbing the play structures, eating cotton candy and riding the animals at the weekly carnival, performing in the circus, and making friends from all over the world…

pressCome to think of it… I just made friends from all over the world too—fifty-five of them to be exact—in an absolutely dreamy destination. We ran away to Punta Cana, if only for three days, and joined the circus. It was better than sleep-away camp… It was Camp Creactive at Club Med. I can’t wait to return and share the experience with my family.

And, next time, I will hook my legs.

This is not a sponsored post. Flights, accommodations, activities, and meals were paid for as part of a media fam trip. All opinions are our own.


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The Magicsuit and My Post-Baby Beach Body

453605_twi_2(5)Putting on a bathing suit post-baby is not the biggest confidence booster…

I had my second child five months ago, and losing the baby weight has been an uphill battle. I have my work cut out for me, and that’s fine–I’m in no rush… (I’ve got other priorities–like two demanding little ones!)

Nevertheless, I want to look and feel good at the beach this summer… And rocking an itty-bitty skimpy bikini is not doing anything for me right now–other than giving me major insecurity issues! I want a sexy swimsuit that shows off my curvy shape, supports my ample assets, and gives me the boost I need. (Is that too much to ask for?)

Functional, flattering, and fashion-forward, the Magicsuit is the answer to my post-baby problems. It offers the same signature control and exceptional support, fit, and quality as the classic Miraclesuit in contemporary styles. The collection features fabulous one-pieces and tankinis, as well as sleek and chic cover-ups that are perfect for beach trips, pool time, and travel. They’re strategically designed with prints, shirring, and draping to compliment every body type–even that of a new mom… Confidence restored.


DISCLOSURE-BAR-701-300x34(2)This post is sponsored. All opinions are our own.

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