Summer Style: Water Play

There is something about splashing around in a kiddie pool that’s very nostalgic for me. My sister and I had loads of fun in ours when I was growing up…And while my babies love the big pool, they have just as much fun in a miniature version. Anything that keeps them cool right?

This Hello Kitty pool from Intex is right up my lil’ lady bean’s alley. La La Kitty as she calls her is very popular in our house. Bubble gum pink also just happens to be her favorite color of the moment, so mama scored big points when she set this up in the yard. And her brother had no problem cooling off in the La La Kitty pool too. Haha! So, if you’re looking for a fun water play option this summer, consider taking it old school and going the kiddie pool route.



Now let’s talk about what to wear for that water play…Platypus Australia has some darling swimsuit and rash guard options. I’m forever looking for extra sun protection and my kids always wear rash guards when they go swimming. That Florida sun of ours is brutally hot, so I love that Platypus Australia swimwear offers UV protection! And you don’t have to sacrifice style for protection…I mean it doesn’t get much cuter than my daughter’s “Fru Fru” one-piece! It goes perfectly with her Sun Jacket. Her brother, meanwhile, is stylin’ in his Sunshirt and Swim Short.



So, how are you and your little ones staying cool this summer lovelies?

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Summer Trends for Girls

Summer Trends for Girls

With the summer comes lightening our layers and adding dresses and durable t-shirts for camp. It also means adding in comfortable shoes for active outings and protective hats. Here are some of our favorites for summer 2014:


Kids Fashion


For easy and fun fashions for kids we love rompers, and our favorite new online retailer is Le Petit Organic where you can discover a gorgeous selection of curated brands that are eco-friendly or organic and super stylish. This includes favorites like the Banana Jumpsuit  and the super cute Mini Rodini Giraffe Summersuit that features a collection of bright and vibrant  giraffe’s in material that is organic and GOTS certified.


Little Joule

Joules Dresses


For dresses, we love Joules and Little Joules, a kid’s line for boys and girls and babies. This includes an adorable prints and florals for girls and great animal and British themed apparel for boys. This includes a beautiful collection of dresses and skirts with some of our favorites being the JNR CONSTANCE Girls Woven Dress and the JNR MICHELLE Girls Jersey Skirt that are both chic and playful for long summer days.

Smokks Dresses

Another favorite is Smokks, a new clothing system for girls and their moms. The style-made-simple effortless clothing system offers a modern take on classic little girl looks made with high-quality, vibrant Liberty of London™ fabrics.  Each stylish piece is durable for everyday wear, able to be layered for multiple seasons, soft and iron free, and contains no buttons, zips or hooks for ultimate comfort. With adjustable hems and ample arm holes, each piece grows with the child for over two years.


They Will Be

For easy and fun looks we love Girls Will Be, the go-to brand for girls’ clothing that breaks away from the stereotypical pink, ruffles, and sparkly pieces, and gives lil’ ladies more options to express their individuality! Girls Will Be was designed to empower young girls to be themselves and never feel like they need to conform to the increasingly narrow definition of “girl” reflected in far too many of the clothes (and other products) marketed to them. The collection consists of t-shirts, sweatshirts & shorts that break free of the stereotypical girly styles dominating retail today.  It offers girls style rules that are simple — colors beyond pink, no cutesy embellishments, imagery that breaks gender stereotypes, and styles that let girls be kids. Offered in sizes 4-12, our shirts are made in the USA, super soft, and built to last.

Elemental Ts Elemental Ts_TreeFrog_Girls89_BEST

We also love Elemental Ts, a new Brooklyn-based, mom-founded and run, kids’ t-shirt company that embraces the enthusiasm for what we sometimes affectionately and sometimes exhaustedly refer to as the WHY?/WHAT? phase of childhood.  Kids see the world on a more magnified scale and are naturally curious.  Every stick, bug and flower is fascinating to them.  They are riveted by animals and by machines and by the mechanics of how they work.  It is that way of seeing the world that inspired Elemental Ts. Their designs feature detailed images of both wildlife and man-made objects in the style of line drawings found in classic science textbooks while keeping the fun and vibrant color combinations that kids really want to wear.  We think that our shirts will really speak to your audience – they are fun and informational. In addition, each shirt comes with a toy magnifying glass and little fact card that introduces some interesting details about the animal or object depicted. The designs are sketched by a local artist and every shirt is screen printed by hand in New York City. 


Keen Shoes for KidsKeen Shoes

For shoes we are loving KEEN and their fun and comfortable Maderas MJ style shoe. This fun and stylish shoe is great for parents looking searching for a great look and the comfort to match. They are also certified vegan and built with an adjustable hook and loop closure strap for quick on-and-off wear, the Maderas MJ is sure to make an impression during playtime.

Clark's Kids Shoe review

For sandals, we love Clark’s Kids and how every Clarks style is constructed with growing feet in mind and the comfort and fit technologies to make play more comfortable. Clarks Kids fits newborns to age 12. This includes favorites like the Rio Flower and the Softly Rio that are super feminine and fun while also providing incredible support. The sandals are also  soft, light, and flexible while offering maximum adjustability, and leather linings add to the comfortable feel.


Catamini Hats

Another favorite is Catimini, the Paris-based luxury children’s fashion brand, has stylish sun hats that dress up any suit from looking drab to fab! Some of our favorites are the Catimini Spirit CityCatimini Spirit Ethnique Straw Hat and the cute Catimini Spirit Denim Bucket Hat– all of which will offer the ultimate in comfort and style this summer!


Platypus Australia

With mix-and-match pieces in florals, retro prints, and bright colors, Platypus Australia ( provides the must-have UV protective swimwear of the season. Some favorites are the Platypus Australia Rose Baby Kids Swimsuit with Bowl, the Platypus Australia Palm Springs Youth Swim Short and the Platypus Australia Retro Cars Baby Kids Swim Short.
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