‘Tis (Almost) the Season: Inside the #MTHoliday Soiree 2015

We’re in a bit of a blogging conundrum here at Momtrends. You see, as moms, we want to experience and enjoy the present. But as editors, we need to think ahead and anticipate the trends. And, so, while we desperately want to bask in the beauty of fall and soak up these last few weeks of foliage, pumpkin-spice lattes, and gratitude-spreading with our families, we need to start immersing ourselves in all things holiday… Toys, stocking-stuffers, gift guides, tree trimmings, and the holly-jolly seasonal essentials. It’s our jobs to scope out the latest and greatest and report about them to you. And so our hearts are still very much in autumn, but our minds are filled with incredible ideas for a very delightful December. So, pardon us, while we interrupt this Thanksgiving month for a very merry moment and a happy holiday post…



22540506698_969710c6df_z22958795415_6db2b1729922770805630_9618a2836b22336207124_b00b06ed1cEarlier this week, Momtrends hosted a crowd of top NYC bloggers at our annual #MTHoliday bash, where we introduced  the season’s must-have clothes, gifts, food, and more. Editors sipped deliciously festive POM cocktails while mingling with friends and meeting with brands—a merry time was had by all. And while we’re sorry you weren’t personally there, we’d love to invite you to get a head start on your holiday planning with a few of our festive favorites below.



22574454089_81243619c4_zPOM Wonderful
You didn’t think we would leave you hanging about those POM-infused libations now, did you? (Our favorite was the POMosa—it’s just POM juice with Prosecco, and it makes a perfect signature cocktail for the holidays!) In season, October through January POM Wonderful 100-percent California-grown pomegranates are known and loved for their sweet and tart taste. POM has got some great party-friendly appetizer recipes too! You’ve got to check them out.



22928845746_858dee10b6I See Me!
We’re big fans of the personalized books and gifts from I See Me, and the new holiday additions are absolutely adorable. We love the customizable “12 Days of Christmas” book (your family’s last name can be added to the title and your children’s first names will appear throughout the pages). Additionally, the charming personalized ornaments from I See Me feature your child’s name, a photo and a given year. These are beautiful keepsakes and darling stocking stuffers.




Printing your own holiday cards or invitations? Allow us to recommend Epson’s Expression ET-2550 EcoTank wireless printer. It delivers convenience and value, with ultra low-cost replacement ink bottles and innovative refillable ink tanks. (We could all use a little less work and a little more savings this time of year!)



11350861_1685768634994297_1019953273_nBedgear Performance Bedding
This is a totally innovative and unique gift for sleep-deprived parents—sound like anyone you know? Well, if you’re not a “mombie” yourself, you most certainly know and love a few. Thankfully, the performance baby bedding from Bedgear wicks heat and moisture away from Baby, and keeps them cool and dry—so they can sleep more soundly. The brand also has amazing products for grownups too… Not that you need much help nodding off these days.



We’re all about gifts that double as activities here at Momtrends. And that’s why we are crazy about Mudpuppy’s craft sets for kids. Each kit includes four paper bags and all the accessories needed to make adorable foxes, raccoons, owls, and more! (Woodland creatures are having a major moment right now.)


22932801926_5dea31d586Dream on Me
The évolur crib makes a phenomenal gift for a new mom. A stunning showpiece, it features modern and traditional elements with vintage-inspired craftsmanship. Made with top-quality materials in the USA, the évolur crib is designed to grow with Baby.


Chromecast might just be the ultimate stocking stuffer this holiday season. It’s a small device that allows you to stream media to your television using your phone, tablet or laptop. And now with Chromecast and Hasbro’s “Monopoly Here & Now: Big Screen Edition” app, the whole family can enjoy game night on your television screen. Of course, Hasbro still has a ton of traditional board games we know and love. ‘Tis the season to be playing!


2kqhJcmIFO5E0z6JhFy9VWp45cnYQZlq4iwlr5osE2A,SOz5TeAk6spPMk27emtioI7RcbWd210CjlcP6UDU0oQIgloo Coolers
There’s a chill in the air this season—thanks to Igloo coolers! Their super-cool cooling products will help you in all your entertaining pursuits this season, from chilling a bottle of wine to transporting leftovers.


A beautiful floral bouquet always makes a memorable gift. This season, send cheer with Teleflora’s precious Peanuts arrangements. The colorful arrangements feature reusable mugs and cookie jars inspired by our favorite cartoon characters.

22566638169_8eda63f37c_z(1) 22958841135_735313042f_z

22337645923_02ec8abd38_zCabi Clothing
This season, Cabi has everything the busy party-hopping mama could ever want for her wardrobe. And, best of all, you don’t have to leave your home to shop these fabulous finds—a stylist comes to you! It’s convenient. It’s chic. And our blogger models looked simply divine rocking the brand’s latest looks.


22540601918_4bcde5cafc_zAmerican Girl
What little lady wouldn’t want to see an American Girl under the tree? This year, American Girl has more gifts than ever for millions of special girls to express their unique interests.


22540506228_ebe96d815a_zNet Nanny
Keep your kids safe this season by regulating the content on their devices with Net Nanny’s family protection pass. It lets parents monitor their children’s friends, pictures, and posts on social networks.

Never lose another sock again! (Seriously, Santa, every man, woman, and child needs SockTABS in their stocking!) It’s a wearable solution to the missing sock—and a simple product to help you find the right (or left!) match every day.



Every party needs quality food. Dairy free, gluten free, and with no sugar added, Tessemaes dressings, dips, condiments, apps, and foods are absolutely incredible—and they taste homemade too!


0Ce8kheE-8Mde0_ITnB8jjATINIjkuSxo6k6UrTYyNI,_5KTxvBRLrai_GA4_ieltb-36Xi5h-lrm3Dea1U2TBcStocking Stuffers
There were some unique finds for the whole family on our “stocking stuffer” table (Lego sets, craft kits, baking supplies, etc). One of our favorites: Susan Mallery’s books. Mallery’s heartwearming Christmas love stories make great gifts for the romantic and the bookworm book. There’s nothing like curling up with a good read and a hot cup of tea during the holiday season. Mallery’s heartwarming Christmas love stories are great gifts for the romantic and the bookworm.


22337616723_af8ebd24cbThe Giving Tree
Bloggers were greeted by this DIY tree. We challenged guests to write down what they’re doing to give back to their communities this season. They slipped their paper into a clear ornament and hung it on the tree to inspire hope and action. (We think every family should create something so special!)

22969966711_d208b16b21 22958837505_4d24a119dcGlamSquad
Our favorite makeup artists and hairstylists were there to provide guests with stylish touch-ups. GlamSquad is an on-demand, in-home beauty service in NYC that sends the hair stylist and makeup artist straight to you. We’re sure that every time-strapped mom could use this service this hectic season!

jhYbiSmOIUsrfRaL9p6UCfvmGyOwMaakUHwuYHSEUPM,rrT3FqEuQS_E5voET3hheDtnjO6p6jb-KE0TvDxFszA IgHSkR_LtByplcPNN1MDiTK3Fksg8-D8j-u3dvXHxkE,1v33Tewdv25yWtxt-90oQwEiytGGP_DIBUyrNZHr51c CTixrZkUAAADlT5 kids loungeThe Nanny League
Momtrends has partnered with the Nanny League, an elite nanny placement agency, to offer childcare at our NYC events. A group of amazing college-educated nannies kept our kiddies busy with a snowman-making craft (using POM bottles!), Mudpuppy activities, American Girl dress up, and much more.

More fabulous photos inside the #MTHoliday Blogger Bash (and a peek at the awesome gift bag!)…

22945530562_ce93d88904 22337618893_b61627f6dc 22540508518_4a2bdd277f


22337723653_c2f0f35176_z(1)The goody bag with the mostest!

Goody Bag 1giftb A special thank you to our truly amazing sponsors! This event would not have been possible without them!

Bedgear Performance Bedding
POM Wonderful
I See Me!
Epson America
Susan Mallery
Net Nanny
Dream on Me
American Girl
Hasbro Gaming
Igloo Products Corp.
Tessemae’s All Natural
The Nanny League

 This was a sponsored event. All opinions are our own.

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American Girl Event: The Care & Keeping of Us

care and keeping of us

Starting at age 7 kids need to know about taking care of their health. For girls, this usually means a talk with mom. The talk can be awkward. Changing bodies and mood swings are not the easiest dinner conversations. Since 1998, American Girl has been there to help parents connect with girls through their advice library of books. 

Ready or not puberty is coming for many of us. American Girl’s books are here to help us handle topics like body basics, hygiene, friends, first crushes, clothing, and more. The 1998 first edition of the Care and Keeping of You was a tremendous hit. Then the brand did a bit of a re-boot in 2013. Success! That book spent 150 weeks as a best seller and sold more than a million copies. What does that tell me? Moms want help and girls want to listen.

breakfast at american girl

Our breakfast celebrated the latest development on the Care & Keeping series–a new two-part book. It’s made to help moms and daughters build open honest communications about health and sexuality. Not easy, but a heck of a lot easier with American Girl’s help. To kick off the new book, American Girl had Dr. Cara Natterson join our blogger breakfast to answer questions and tell us about the writing process.

Dr. Natterson is a pediatrician, writer, consultant, and yes, mom of two. She was wonderfully warm and frank. She’s been there ladies. The two-hour conversation is WAY too much to recap here, but let me start with a few twitter highlights…

There were so, so many more tidbits. Here are the things I’m planning to put into place:

1. Delay social media: We can’t hide from social media, but we can delay and supervise. There’s a reason Instagram sets age 13 as minimum. I may even go later. A girl shouldn’t have her worth wrapped up in likes and comments.
2. Build a strong base: When the girl turns 12, mom takes a back seat to friendships. We no longer have the power and influence. I plan on banking some goodwill over the next few years and letting the girls know I’m available and listening.
3. Self-esteem is the primary predictor in kid’s health: Get your girl involved in things that make her feel special. Offer specific praise. “I can tell you worked hard on piano this fall. You really nailed that final tricky movement of the concerto at the last recital” instead of “You are the most wonderful girl in the 6th grade!”
4. Let you kids fail: Helicopter parenting is dead. Amen! To build independence, we’ve got to stop advocating all the time and let the kids mess up when the stakes are lower.
5. Recognize the science: Studies show that a child’s brain is not wired to make good decisions until the late 20’s. Don’t set them up for failure.
6. Girls want dad to be part of the conversations: They are a valuable resource. Make sure dad is involved.
7. Talk when it’s safe: Great times to talk to your tween girls? In the car and at night seem to be the most rewarding time for chats. Consistency matters, if she shuts you out the first 10 times you try to talk…KEEP TRYING!

We’ve done other events and reviews with American Girl–all fun and wonderful, but this chat was our most worthwhile investment yet. Thanks to them to making this joyous ride a little less scary.

2nd edition care and keeping of us

We’re thrilled to help launch this book (really a kit) and also help start conversations. The Care & Keeping of Us includes twin books, one for girls and one for moms, filled with dozens of how-to-say-it scripts to get the conversations going. I love the addition of a sharing journal. The joint journal lets both moms and girls jot down thoughts, memories, and questions. Get the book and let me know what you think!

Momtrends was proud to co-host this sponsored event with American Girl.

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Momtrends Silk’n Beauty Brunch

If there is one thing the women in my family have in common, it’s their willingness to age gracefully. I wasn’t raised with the notion that there is something wrong with growing older. Instead I was encouraged to look at each and every year as a blessing filled with treasured experiences and memories. That being said, my mother and grandmother are certainly not opposed to taking care of themselves. In fact, I remember my great grandmother, the woman they were raised by, meticulously applying her favorite facial cream every evening.

While I don’t mind being in my thirties, in fact, I’m having more fun than ever…I’m quite keen on maintaining my appearance and if I can even look a few years younger, you’ll hear no complaints from this girl. Haha! So, I, along with some top beauty bloggers, was thrilled to learn about Silk’n anti-aging beauty products at the Momtrends Beauty Brunch last week. The ReVit microdermabrasion tool, in particular, spoke to me…



The event was held at the beautiful Oasis at Pierce Mattie space. Upon arrival, we had the opportunity to really examine the Silk’n products that were on display. After being handed a tasty mimosa, I poured over the ReVit for a bit. I knew pretty fast that it was something I wanted to try. I haven’t quite reached the point where I’m ready for intense in office procedures, but I’m certainly willing to test out at home beauty treatments. And considering that I have an age spot and fine line or two that I would love to see diminished, it sounds like the gentle vacuum stimulation that comes from the ReVit is right up my alley! The tools were so accessible and demos were given to anyone interested, so that, obviously, further solidified my interest.



And if I wasn’t already convinced that I needed the ReVit in my life, I would have been after hearing the lovely Dr. Judith Hellman M.D. speak. First off, she mentioned how gentle it is. For a girl with sensitive skin, finding a tool that won’t irritate it too much is no easy feat. She also stressed the importance of prevention versus treatment. So, while you might not think you need anti-aging products quite yet, if you are diligent about a beauty routine now and regularly use products, like ReVit, you just might not have as much to worry about later on in life!




To say it was a privilege to learn about Silk’n and listen to Dr. Hellman’s words of wisdom would be a gross understatement. This glamorous and informative brunch was just what I needed to inspire me to revamp my anti-aging skincare routine! Stay tuned for my review of the Silk’n Revit microdermabrasion tool. It will be coming your way next month!

This is a sponsored post.

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Soul Cycle Ride

soul cycle brooklyn momtrends

Soul Cycle opened a new Brooklyn outpost, so we invited a few of our friends and the entire staff of Momtrends (which now equals seven! plus a few awesome freelancers) to enjoy a free ride.

Each month this year we’ve been trying to team up for fitness fun as a team. The theory goes the team that sweats together stays together. This was a fantastic workout. We all got our hearts pumping. And we got to check out the hottest trend in group fitness classes.

soul cycle ride

What’s to love about Soul Cycle? You can get a fantastic workout in under an hour. The room is dimly lit so you focus on your workout not what your friends are doing. Expect a kicking music set–give in to the pumping music and you’ll get the workout you need. It’s all about challenging yourself and forgetting about the to-do list.

The facility is bright and sunny everywhere BUT the studio. Expect crisp clean white with pops of yellow. The studio has inspirational words on the wall and is dimly lit with the focus on the instructor. Want to see more? Here’s a video from my first class back in 2010

Group cycling indoors? Yes it could be a snooze and you could fake a workout. But at Soul Cycle there’s no use in calling it in. Give in and let go.

team momtrends at soul cycle

TIP: no special gear is required. Just bring a tee or tank on top (did I mention you sweat) and form-fitting pants or shorts on the bottom. They give you the shoes to use (and yes, they’re cleaned). Soul Cycle also has clean, well-lit shower facilities for those that have to go right to work.

soul cycle ride brooklyn

A huge thanks to Soul Cycle Brooklyn for hosting us and for all the women who joined the ride and brought books for The Brooklyn Kindergarten Society.

To find a studio near you go here.

soul cycle brooklyn

To find out more about BKS go here.

BKS book donations

This is not a sponsored post.


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Why I Love San Francisco

Momtrends in San Francisco

Sure our brand is based in NYC, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stray a little in our love of the Big Apple. The city that’s catching our eye right now is San Francisco. I’m told the city is just 7 miles wide. It certainly felt intimate and walkable on our recent visit.

Our team was there to work. We skipped Mom 2.0 Conference this year to spend time marketing our business out West. It was a  good, good investment of time, energy and money.

First, I love the architecture–the shabby-chic neighborhoods that fringe the modern corporate buildings. I love the bridges and the rolling streets. I love that neighborhoods cling to their flavor by block. We stayed in a tourist-friendly part of town at a Personality Hotel. Our hotel, Kensington Park, had old-school charm-lots of moldings, dark wood and rich carpets.


The hotel shares a space with the San Francisco Playhouse Theater. There are 93 rooms and a luxe lobby that serves tea & coffee in the morning and afternoon sherry every day. Business note: the internet was FAST!

tea at the kensington park

Right next door we had drinks at the Jellyfish Bar and dinner at Farallon. The Asian-inspired seafood menu was the perfect blend of healthy and flavorful.


The hotel is steps away from world-class shopping. For us it was also walking distance from many of our meetings. When we weren’t walking, we were using the super-efficient Uber car service. The rates are about 50% of the prices we pay in NYC and the drivers were so prompt and courteous! Don’t miss out on the special packages here http://details.personalityhotels.com/packages

Get more details: Kensington Hotel: 450 Post St. www.kensingtonparkhotel.com

I popped over to another Personality Hotel to use the gym–the Diva is modern and edgier–another great option for visitors. The gym was clean and well-equipped. Location: 440 Geary St. www.hoteldiva.com

For more information on Personality Hotels (there are four total in San Francisco) visit www.personalityhotels.com


In addition to meetings we hosted a blogger event at Sprout San Francisco. We teamed up with Project Nursery and Megan Media to host the event in this adorable spot on Union Street. Here are some of the photos from the event.

sprout san francisco


17133389670_6973cfaac9_z WP_20150428_17_53_07_Pro




Sprout San Francisco is a natural and organic children’s boutique, providing everything you need to create a healthy home for your child–they feature natural & organic clothing, furniture, toys & decor. This adorable children’s boutique was the perfect place to talk trends. They set up a baby trend table and all our blogger friends loved checking out the play area. The San Francisco store has an exquisite garden out back–perfect for baby showers!



Our sponsors were stitchfix.com and The Nanny League. Stitchfix is an online service that gives busy women the convenience of a box subscription while also giving them picks from a professional personal shopper–we’re making a video about them! The Nanny League is an elite Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, NJ and Philadelphia nanny placement agency. They use a personal process that is very high-touch to find the perfect care giver for your family. This service is a huge help to working families that want the very best care.

And take a look at the swell goody bag–a big thanks to Bare Minerals for sharing beauty products with our blogging friends.

Goody bag


This is not a sponsored post.

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Momtrends Back-to-School Event #MomtrendsBTS

Momtrends Back-to-School Event.jpg.jpg

While we are loving summer, it will be back-to-school time before we know it. To be prepared, Momtrends hosted our annual back-to-school complete with a fashion show, insider tips and trends and a connection to brands to make this time a little easier. Held at the gorgeous Vera Bradley showroom in NYC, the event brought out a collection of bloggers and editors who were excited to check out the latest trends and connect with brands.

Vera Bradley showroom

Vera Bradley

Momtrends Back to School Event Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.16.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.58.26 PM

This started with a casual walk-through at the showroom where guests could meet with Vera BradleyFrench ToastStride RiteMabel’s LabelsVamousseRevolution FoodsWall Pops and The Orange Rhino.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.16.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.16.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.16.20 PM Momtrends Blogger Events

Momtrends Back to School Event Momtrends Back to School Event

Back to SChool Event Back to SChool Event Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 3.51.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 3.47.55 PM

Nicole kicked off the event by introducing the fashion show where bloggers’ kids were wearing fashionable back-to-school finds from Carter’s, Appaman, Lands End, Stride Rite and French Toast.  This included a showcase of uniforms from French Toast with shoes with pops of color, biker cool styles from Appaman and casual chic fashions from Carter’s.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 3.50.55 PM

After the fashion show, the team at Vera Bradley spoke about the latest trends for fall where they noted that will be ‘bold and quiet.’ This includes pink and color as their top colors with a focus on mixed materials such as cotton with faux leather. Additionally, co-founder Barbara Bradley Baekgaard spoke at the event about this incredible 32-year-old company that was started with a $250 loan from her husband! Now, a public company with over 3,000 employees, Barbara told the group to focus on our strengths and not to let anyone tell you that what you want to do can’t be done.

French Toast

Up next was French Toast who spoke about the cool uniform line. Offering high quality school gear for over 50 years, the company allows parents to purchase a year’s worth of school uniforms for just $125! Another bonus is that you can visit www.frenchtoast.com and go to the ‘Shop by School’ tab to see your school’s list of requirements – making shopping online for back-to-school season super easy. Offering uniforms from 2T- size 20, you are sure to find all of your uniform needs at French Toast.

Stride Rite Stride Rite

For back-to-school shoes, we are loving Stride Rite. At the event we learned all about their latest collection of comfortable and on-trend shoes. This includes over 400 styles that are made just how kids play, walk and run. We love how they are made with breathable materials like leather, anti-stink materials and soles that are sturdy and lightweight. For fall, we also learned about some fun trends including “orange is the new black” for boys and ocean blues and berry colors for girls. They also offer a collection of comfortable and sturdy uniform shoes that offers a fantastic selection of materials, closures, and even removable charms!

Mabel's Labels

To stay organized this back-to-school season, we are also excited about Mabel’s Labels. With the collection of backpacks, water bottles, electronics, school supplies, and school clothes, we aren’t taking any chances with our kids’ belongings. Mabel’s Labels is a fantastic solution to staying organized with their durable and colorful labels for kids that co-founder, Julie Cole called “a cheap insurance policy for your shoes and clothing.” This includes a line that is child, laundry, dishwasher, and microwave safe that are also super sticky to stick onto all of your precious belongings. For back-to-school, they are offering a fun combo where you kids can score a range of modern and stylish designs in a combination of sizes and colors. At the event, co-founder and mom of six, Julie Cole also spoke about tips on how to stay organized for back-to-school season where she noted that everything should be done the night before and to train kids to be independent so that they can make their breakfast and pick out their outfits in the morning.


Although it is a topic no one wants to talk about, lice exists and it is continuing to grow. To help parents treat and get rid of lice we are excited about Vamousse. Offering a pesticide-free formula, vamousse works as it saturates the hair as it kills the eggs, and not just the bugs. This mousse formula is also designed to kill super lice that works in just 15 minutes!
MOmtrends Events
Wall Pops
Momtrends Back to School Event

Additionally, bloggers also had the chance to meet with Revolution Foods, Wall Pops and The Orange Rhino at the event. With healthy school lunches being on our mind, we are really excited to learn more about Revolution Foods and their line of healthy and fresh food for kids. This includes a line of Revolution Foods Meals Kits with no artificial flavors or colors that you can find in some schools and in stores. Another favorite was learning about decorating trends from back-to-school from Wall Pops. We love their fun options for kids like their collection of monthly calendars, maps, dry erase boards, large wall art, small wall art and cool quotes so your kids can really make their space their own. Finally, we loved meeting with Sheila McCraith, author of The Orange Rhino where we learned about her journey to yell less and love more. This includes a way for parents to learn her tips and take the challenge to yell less for a week, month, or even a year like Sheila did.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.20.52 PM Momtrends Events Momtrends Events
Back to School Event Back to School Event

As with all Momtrends’ events, we also had an incredible selection of giveaways and goodie bags from Vera Bradley that were filled with back-to-school goodies.

An evening full of networking, learning and fun, the Momtrends back-to-school event was a great way to connect and get ready for the busy (and exciting) school season ahead of us all.

Check out our fun video covering the event:

Thank you to our incredible sponsors:
Vera Bradley
French Toast
Stride Rite
Mabel’s Labels
Revolution Foods
Wall Pops
The Orange Rhino

Brush Buddies
Dolphin Organics
florastor kids
Sunscreen Bands
Thred up

Disclosure: Momtrends was not paid for this post.
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Travel Trends Event

Travel Trends Event

It was a trendy travel time with Momtrends last night. Top NYC bloggers gathered at Butterfly Studio for summer hairstyling tips, a preview of hot travel gear, family travel planning, and dazzling swim apparel.



The event kicked off with personal hair styling for each blogger.  Kattia, owner of Butterfly Studio, demonstrated two easy hair styles for travel and beyond: 1) an upside down pony tail and 2) braiding. Kattia’s Tip: always use products to volumize and sculpt the hair when styling.




Following hairstyling, Kim-Marie Evans from the Luxury Travel Mom shared travel trends and inspirations for a memorable family vacation. You can check out all the great tips on Luxury Travel Mom.

  • Travel is about those spontaneous moments where you don’t know who you’ll meet”. Go beyond the traditional family vacation and try adventure travel that submerses you in the culture.
  • Try a group tour, like Austin Lehman Adventures. Group tours are stress free and they will take you to places you may not otherwise be able to see.
  • Eat With – Dine in homes around the world rather than in the tourist restaurants.
  • “Make the journey as fun as the destination”. Get a travel agent and stop wasting time, energy and resources booking travel online.



Armed with hairstyling and take-off tips, bloggers gathered for on-the-go gear with Britax. Whether you are traveling by car, air or foot, Britax has a host of gear and accessories to get you there in style and safely.

IMG_5194IMG_5585IMG_5644IMG_5236IMG_5880Trunki, a brand we all know and love has done it again, but this time with a waterproof swim bag, PaddlePaks, designed from sea creatures. The names, like Pinch the Lobster and Inky the Octopus, are as cute as the designs. PaddlePaks have adjustable straps, a hook for pacifiers, and a tail fin purse. You can find them at Trunki.com.

IMG_5136 IMG_5676 IMG_5865 IMG_5686



Miraclesuit joined us with the latest trends in swimwear and accessories. Our 4 fabulous models showcased the swimwear in a mini-fashion show and boy, did they look amazing! We love that Miraclesuit empowers woman to feel great by accentuating the positives in every body type. So come on and throw out that “mom suit” and spice up the poolside view.

IMG_5553 IMG_5187 IMG_5811 IMG_5821 IMG_5540


And who says you can’t mix ice cream with swimwear? Adirondack Creamery provided a sweet mix to the evening. An abundance of all natural flavors, farm fresh and local. It can’t get better than that.


There was no shortage of goodies and giveaways, thanks to our amazing sponsors (see below for full list).

IMG_5152 BmZg2znIUAA5iMX IMG_5885


Disclosure: Momtrends was not paid for this post.

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Munchkin Launch Party to Celebrate mbaby and the LATCH Bottle

Munchkin Launch Party.jpg

Yesterday Momtrends hosted a fun event for moms and mom-to-be with Munchkin to celebrate the launch of the gorgeous new mbaby collection and their innovative new LATCH bottle.

LATCH Bottle


Munchkin Launch Party

Munchkin Launch Party

Munchkin Party

With a packed house of moms, babies and toddlers, the event was a way to connect moms as well as to talk about everything from busy schedules to breastfeeding.  During the event, we also hosted an informative chat with an influential panel featuring Robyn Moreno of Pockets of Pretty, Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam and Joy of Simple Wishes who spoke about their personal experiences navigating life with baby as well as the challenges of career, breastfeeding, and the ever-elusive balance. This non-judgemental forum allowed guests to also learn more about the LATCH bottle, a unique feeding system that can help new moms by since it provides a better latch that can ease the transition from the breast to the bottle. This is due to a nipple that stretches (much like an accordion) so that a baby can latch correctly and a nipple that acts like the breast by having pressure against the nipple as a baby sucks. It also helps with colic since it prevents air bubbles and thus reduces gas and fussiness.

Munchkin Launch Party

140227_mBaby_063 Munchkin Launch Party

140227_mBaby_035 Munchkin Launch Party

140227_mBaby_028 140227_mBaby_027 Munchkin Launch Party

At the event, we also had a fun mommy-and-me photo shoot where moms and their little ones took pictures together.

Munchkin Launch Party

There were also baby models in attendance as they donned the cutest new pieces from the mbaby line (check out our full Momtrends mbaby recap) with cool features like a built-in double layer on the front from their ONESTER and the double-layer front for a built-in-blanket from their SLEEPSTER. They also offer the cutest on-trend pieces for baby with some of our favorites being the sweet Peacoat in Regal Blue and the adorable Ruffle Striped Dress.

Munchkin Launch Party Munchkin Launch Party

Munchkin Launch Party

From cute baby fashions to photo shoots and a lively conversation, the Momtrends Munchkin event was an incredible way to get our community of moms together while also showcasing some of the new and innovative tools from this renowned brand.

Photos taken by Raquel Bianca. Visit her on Instagram handle at @raquelbianca, and Facebook


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Momtrends Celebrates the Launch of the New HUGGIES Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes


Yesterday Momtrends hosted an intimate breakfast with some of the top editors and bloggers in NYC for the launch of the New HUGGIES Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes.


New Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean

Held at David Burke Kitchen, this delicious and personal event was a way to introduce this innovative new product and share how they are super functional and fashionable. Featuring a yellow handle and gorgeous prints such as dots, stripes and florals. The clutch easily opens up where you can place your wipes for a quick way to grab-and-go whenever you are out and about with your baby or child.

Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean

Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean DSC_8370

At the event, Nicole spoke about the evolution of the diaper bag and how much it has changed from the basic bags to the options that we have today, including the new  HUGGIES Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes.  She also shared some fashionable looks and how the clutch can effortless fit into your life. She showcased looks for date night, a day at the playground, those for a working mom and casual day – all incorporating these beautiful new clutches. As a part of their ad campaign, the breakfast was also a way to ask us what we thought about the looks that were picked out as we gave our input and feedback. These looks will be featured on Huggies in a lookbook so that you all can see how fun and easy it is to put them together as well as still be fashionable as a mom.

Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean

Additionally, the event showcased various fashionable looks from Destination Maternity where myself, Accessories and Style Expert, Pamela Pekerman and Scherrie of Thirty Mommy modeled three different looks that we could wear during our pregnancies. This included a flowery yellow dress on Pamela, chic white jeans, a striped top and a jean jacket on Sherrice and a long orange dress that I wore. We all held on to our new HUGGIES Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes as Nicole talked about how these looks can be enhanced with accessories and worn for a date night, work or to the playground.

Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean

Huggies Clutch 'N' Clean

After the delicious breakfast and a fun conversation about fashion, editors and bloggers left with ideas for spring trend stories as they were excited to try out these new bright and functional clutches.

The fashionable HUGGIES Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes will be available in March – starting at $3.99 per clutch.


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Are you a brand, editor or writer in the NYC area? To find out how to get involved or invited to a Momtrends event, email Sherri (at) momtrends (dot) com.


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New Baby Collection from Munchkin

mbaby fashions
We’ve got a bit of baby fever at Momtrends. Could be because Munchkin has hired us to host an event for new babies. We’ve been staring at these cherubic little models as we event plan. And it could also be that little ones are popping up all over with our friends. Time to get shopping to outfit the yummy new babies in style!

We’ve been fans of Munchkin for years–our latest find is the mbaby line from Munchkin.  I think the line has European flair and quality.  with classic prints in the softest cotton and outfitted with some pretty cool innovations. The mBaby line is just for tots 12 months and younger. The sweet assortment is meant to be worn everyday–and to turn everyday into something special.

mbaby launch, mbaby onester
We love all the thought that went into the design. Check out the “ONESTER™.” You kay think this is a normal onesie, but it’s better. It’s got a built-in double layer on the front. Since babies spend the majority of time on their backs snoozing or hanging out, the front of them is more exposed.  Only the mbaby™ onester™ has a patent-pending double-layer front for built-in comfort. And the snaps are color coded. The middle snap is brass, the outer ones silver–so even sleep-deprived parents can resnap the onester™ in the middle of the night post diaper change.

mbaby launch, mbaby sleepster
And check this out–bedtime just got better! The “SLEEPSTER™” has the same double lined front.  Pediatricians recommend that nothing be placed in a crib with a baby, not even a blanket, for safe sleep. Only the mbaby™ sleepster™ has a patent-pending double-layer front for a built-in-blanket™. Plus the “feet” of the sleepster™ can be easilyl rolled up for cooling down feet of for letting baby get a good grip on the ground.

Check out more about the design here:

I got a preview of the samples and can’t wait for everyone in NYC to see this line at our mini fashion show on 2/27. Where can you buy it? This line just debuted with spring. Head to www.munchkin.com to shop now.

cmbaby nyc launch party

We are working on a sponsored event with Munchkin to debut the line in NYC.

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