A Lesson in Back-to-School Must-Haves at #MomtrendsSchool

Okay, guys. Imma get real and raw here for a minute (wouldn’t the first time… probably won’t the be the last). Truth is: I’m having a really hard time swallowing the fact that my first baby, my big boy, the little dude that made me a mama is going to be in Kindergarten come September.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I dropped him off in his two-and-a-half hour Pre-K program for that much-anticipated first day? Now, in just a little over a month, I’m going to send him to elementary school until almost 3 PM every day, Monday through Friday. I could cry just thinking about it. But I know he’s going to be great and do great and enjoy every educational moment… And I might get more consecutive hours of work done than I have in years – ha!

Still, I have a lot to learn about sending a big kid off to Kindergarten, and that’s why I was so excited to go back to #MomtrendsSchool earlier this week.

Momtrends invited a few of our favorite brands and some VIP NYC bloggers and influencers to be schooled in the latest and greatest must-haves for the back-to-school season.

Better yet, we’re going to send YOU to virtual Momtrends School and give you a freebie lesson, via this blog post, in everything you and your kiddos will want and need to go to the head of the class. So without further adieu…

Ozery Bakery: My early-morning weekday breakfast woes have been solved, thanks to Ozery Bakery’s “Morning Rounds.” These delicious, wholesome breakfast breads are baked with hearty whole grains, fruits, and seeds for a satisfying, flavorful start to the day. Their “One Buns” are pre-sliced for your lunch-packing convenience, and, better yet, chock-full of fiber and protein. The “Snack Rounds” and “Brioche Bites” are the perfect after school snacks for hungry kiddos and moms alike.

Luv 2 Nosh: So you know those cracker-cookies you give your baby? This is that, but better–because they’re organic and available in so many unique and delicious flavors. Nosh has munchables, melties, and individual serving puff packets. My babe loves all of their “goodies” and even my soon-to-be Kindergartener asks for a “Nosh” cookie. Since there’s practically nothing in them, it’s a “treat” we can both feel good about.

Kite Hill: I have to admit, as a regular milk and cheese eater, I was skeptical of trying a dairy-alternative product. But Kite Hill’s artisanal delicacies are made with the simplest ingredients, and their best selling nut milk yogurts, and awarding winning cream cheese style spreads are actually insanely good. I’m sold, and I’ll definitely be packing these delights in my big boy’s lunchbox.

Name Bubbles: I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body… and I’m starting to recognize that my son may have inherited my knack for, well, misplacing personal items. We have already had to buy multiple thermoses and backpacks and sneaker sets. Ugh. Well, Name Bubbles to the rescue. Their goal is to keep your kids’ items OUT of the lost & found with customizable, colorful, and cute name labels that withstand the test of time.

We had our own version of a Lost & Found box at our own Momtrends School event, where bloggers had to find and fish their own “name bubbled” item. It took me back to my childhood. Except this time, there was no question which item was mine!

Raisels: My guy loves sour candy. But I don’t particularly like how it’s loaded with all sorts of mystery ingredients and food dyes. But Raisels are a great alternative I can feel good about. Their golden raisins are sprinkled with sour fruity flavoring so they taste like candy, but they’re really just fruit! I can’t wait to break these out for our next movie night.

Hasbro: We love to play board games in our home. Pizza, some games, and quality time together is how I plan to spend our first Friday night of the school year! These Hasbro games (which we all went home with!) are going to be such a bit, and I’m looking forward to surprising my little guy and rewarding him for a successful first week of school.

Staples: Staples is our one-stop-shop for all the functional and fashionable school supplies a budding scholar could ever ask for. With emoji-inspired essentials, fun flamingo backpacks, and even donut and macaron mini erasers, Staples once again brings the cool back to school… as always!

Twelve Little: I’ve been a fan of Twelve Little’s incredibly chic and practical diaper bags for some time now; and I couldn’t be more excited about their totally awesome backpacks and lunch bags. The comfortable and clean designs look good and the functionality can’t be beat. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Momtrends event without a fun activation; so we customized lunch bags with iron-on patches and then challenged our bloggers to pack them with all the good foods they collected throughout the night.

Orchestra: We had a few of our bloggers’ kids on hand to model some of the super-charming styles from Orchestra, a European brand making its way to the United States. With wardrobe staples for kids from ages newborn to 14, it’s got a classic vibe with a bit of edge.

American Girl: Growing up isn’t easy. Kids and tweens these days have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. And they don’t always want to listen to mom and dad’s words of wisdom. That’s why we adore the advice series from American Girl. These books offer practical, useful, and digestible nugget for girls about everything from bullying to digital overload. (I think I might even need that one.)

Bath and Body Works: These luxurious lotions, potions, creams, and soaps from Bath  and Body Works are amazing for the home, for dorm rooms, guest bathrooms, and everything in between. And that hooray candle is necessary – along with a bubble bath and a glass of vino – after  a long hard work and school week. (Fri-Yay!)


JC’s Pie Bites: We love treating the kids (and ourselves) after a long hard day hitting the books–and JC’s Pie Bites are creamy and lush on the inside with a punch of crunch on the outside. Perfect for an end of day goodie.

As always, our #MomtrendsSchool students left with some hefty homework… in the form of three amazing gift bags, including an adorable backpack courtesy of Staples and lots of swag! School isn’t easy, but it sure is rewarding.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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All Things Merry and Bright at the #MTHoliday Event






I’m one of those “don’t-even-talk-to-me-about-the-December-holidays-until-we-get-through-Thanksgiving” people. I love me my presents and my eggnog and my stocking stuffers and my tree-trimming trinkets, but I don’t like skipping ahead and glossing over fall’s grand finale. So, at home and in my personal life, I abide by a strict rule: no Santa talk until the Friday after Turkey Day.

Of course, in my career-world things are a wee bit different. As an editor, it’s my job to be ahead of the curve and on top of the trends. So I start living and breathing Christmas, Hanukkah, and the holly-jolly holidays long before the bird is carved and the big balloons are inflated.

Naturally, our blogger friends are in the same boat. And that’s why we were so excited to invite them to our annual #MTHoliday event. We assembled some of our favorite brands for an immersive showcase and interactive party, celebrating the latest and greatest holiday must-haves. From stunning Nambé entertaining essentials to gorgeous Avon makeup, we shared a few simple solutions to make this season of giving and getting easy and effortless.





We mixed, mingled, sipped, and shopped and made spirits bright by hosting a diaper drive to benefit the National Diaper Drive Network. We have a lot to be grateful for here at Momtrends this Thanksgiving and beyond—and, while I’m still personally wrapping my brain around how it’s possible that the merry month is almost here, I’m always eager to share tips, tricks, and finds to make the holidays happier and more successful.



Quirky, cute, silly, and sweet gifts from Pearhead, like ornaments and photo props, helped us start the season in a super fun and interactive way.



With a plethora of labels, tags, and free printables, you can customize gifts in creative, fun, and festive ways this season.


American Girl
What little girl doesn’t dream of building her own American Girl collection? With an array of toys, books, accessories, and dolls, there’s something at every price point for every little lady on your list.



Created by lululemon, ivivva has loads of fabulous styles and accessories for active girls from yoga tops and pants to pouches and accessories. Our mini models did a great job showing off all the versatile pieces. The brand new Moon Gem collection will be available online and in stores on Black Friday.



Mabel’s Labels
With great personalized gifts and adorable labels, Mabel’s Labels makes our “nice” list this season. We especially love the addition of personalized books for kids—such a great stocking stuffer or gift!



Arizona Tea
Made with hand-selected teas sourced from around the globe, these Good Brew batches from Arizona feature a fresh homemade taste. Plus, they’re all-natural and made with real sugar (no high fructose corn syrup). It’s a refreshing beverage you can feel good about giving your family.



Holding rank as the leading social-selling beauty company, Avon’s products are better than ever. We treated our bloggers to mini makeovers—and we all learned about living the “boss life.”


Treat yourself or a loved one to a fresh, hand-delivered floral arrangement this season. Their new holiday bouquets are playful, pretty, and professionally arranged by local florists.


This convertible wrap can be styled in over 15 ways, making it a chic winter accessory and fashionably functional gift. It can be worn as a scarf, a top, a wrap, a skirt, or even as a beach coverup (in case you’re traveling somewhere exotic for the holidays).



Bangle Stacker
Bangles and bracelets are very hot this year. This adorable stacker helps you keep all your sparkly, shiny jewelry in one convenient place.


In addition to wine and iced tea, bloggers sipped on deliciously fun La Croix sparkling waters. They’re 100% natural, with no added sodium, caffeine, calories or artificial sweeteners. (They’re also perfect for mixing up holiday mocktails and cocktails!)



Nambé’s unique signature designs and modern aesthetic are easily recognizable and entirely desirable. Functional and stylish, these holiday pieces make a chic, but still approachable statement. We set our event table with some festive pieces from the collection, creating a comfortable and cozy, but still elegant ambiance.
Nambé has also launched a fabulous jewelry line, available at Macy’s.



Noble Vines
What’s a holiday party without holiday spirits? Noblel Vines wine comes from Manteca, CA—and it’s the perfect pour to kick off any celebratory soiree.


These bags hold everything and weighs nothing. (Santa ought to replace his sack with one of these versatile carryalls!)


Smash Mallow
Santa: This is a must have for all those stockings you have to stuff. These premium snackable marshmallows are great alone, in hot chocolate, or added to desserts.


The Zen of Slow Cooking
Slow down this hectic season and save yourself some time and energy by cooking with a slow cooker and some incredible spices, ingredients, and recipes from Zen of Slow Cooking. These blends feature premium blends crafted exclusively for the slow cooker to bring a little zen (and lot of flavor!) into your kitchen.


Gift Giving
We highlighted some more of our favorite picks from these brands and others on our “gift-giving” table. (How sweet is this “cookies for Santa” set?!?) The Snowtime DVD is a great addition to a little kid’s stocking… and it’s even better for the first snow day of the season! That’s also just around the corner. Yep, the holidays must officially be here!


Speaking of gifts, bloggers left with a bag full of goodies for themselves, their family, and friends. Check out this loot. It will definitely give you some ideas.

American Girl
Bangle Stacker
Mabel’s Labels
Noble Vines
The Zen of Slow Cooking

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Balance, Bubbly, and the Pursuit of “Me-Time” at #MTNightOut

momtrends and meredith publications

meredith publications

blogger activation

“Balance is BS.”

As moms struggling to juggle the demands of work and parenthood—not to mention those of our partners, household, friends, and extended families—these words certainly ring true. And, yet, we continue to try to have it all, do it all, and be it all. In fact, according to a survey of over 2,000 moms in September’s issue of Parents, 63 percent of us still believe that balance is achievable.

Don’t get us wrong. Here at Momtrends, we not only support the hustle, we thrive on it. (Okay, we live for it!) But we also know that “balance” is less cut and dry, more give and take. And, as moms, we need to be kinder and more forgiving to ourselves. (Spaghetti for dinner again? Cut yourself some slack, Mama. You’re doing just fine!)

Well, the idea of being kinder to ourselves starts with making time for our own needs, wants, and whims. Like indulging in “me-time” and a much-needed night out!

soho rooftop

nyc skyline view

blogger event

nyc blogger event

#MTNightOut event

goody bags

meredith magazines

Earlier this week, Momtrends and Meredith Publications (Parents, Fit Pregnancy, Family Fun, and Parents Latina) hosted a group of top NYC bloggers for an evening of cocktails, chitchat, and DIY fun. We sipped bubbly and admired the vast views from a stunning Soho rooftop and mingled with other mom bloggers who can relate to, well, #thestruggle.

nicole feliciano

dana points

Momtrends’ own Nicole and Meredith Publications’ editor Dana Points shared their stories, and provided some practical ways to creatively and successfully navigate the day-to-day challenges we face as multitasking moms. Here are a few ways you can too.

clorox wipes

crafting with clorox wipes

Get Crafty and Stay Practical

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are essential around the Momtrends offices. Not to mention our homes, cars, and everywhere in between. They kill 99.9% of germs including viruses that cause colds and flu. We’d bet that if you’re a mom and you’re reading this, you have, indeed, bought a tube or two of Clorox Wipes in the last month. (Tis the back-to-germs season, after all!) Take those neon-bright containers, and give them a makeover with some patterned paper, washi tape, and crafting embellishments.

quaker overnight oats

Make More Time in the Morning

The early hours are a blur in most households. With dishevled kids racing off to school and sleep-deprived parents heading off to work, it can hectic madness. But you can save a bit of precious time in the morning by doing a little breakfast prep work the night before with Quaker Overnight Oats. They make for a quick, easy, and delight breakfast. Just add 1/2 cup milk to a 1/2 cup oats, and top with your favorite ingredients. Refrigerate overnight, and it’ll be ready to enjoy in the morning.

me time

We asked our blogger friends what they’d do with an extra hour in the morning? And like most motivated mamas we know, they were super ambitious with their bonus-time aspirations—plotting out gym visits, yoga sessions, and meditative mornings. Some said they’d hit the snooze button, and we can’t argue with that choice either!

lotion making

glad bags

scented oils

Treat Your Skin and Your Senses

There’s a reason we light scented candles and brighten the home with fresh flowers. Aromatherapy can help alleviate stress and set a mood. Plus, lavender smells a heck of a lot better than a full bag of garbage. With this in mind, Glad created kitchen garbage bags with Glad Odor Shield and Febreze to neutralize unpleasant odors. To celebrate the power of smell, we invited bloggers to make and mix their own scented lotion using ingredients like lemon, lavender, and vanilla.


gifts for new moms

Give a Hand and a New Pacifier

New moms get a raw deal. Sure, they get to cuddle itty-bitty newbies all day, but they also have to deal with the round-the-clock consequences of diaper blowouts, colic, and sleep training. We’ve all been there, and we know it takes a village to survive those early days. We honored those new moms with growing families by customizing and building pretty gift sets featuring some amazing must-have products from Philips Avent , the number one reusable bottle and pacifier brand in the U.S. Bloggers were able to customize and decorate these gift to a new mom in their life.

earth's best snacks

earth's best bars

Make Mealtime Easier and Simplify Snacking

Feeding picking kids is another challenge for another (lengthy) post. Suffice to say, it can add stress to any already stressful day. For 30 years Earth’s Best has makes feeding time easier, fresher, and more delicious for moms and infants with their organic nutrition for babies. Now, they’re offering wholesome, nourishing meals and snacks for older children. This platter of bars is literally the appetizer platter of my children’s dreams. They could eat these things all day long.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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Getting Schooled in the Latest and Greatest at the #MomtrendsBTS Event




A few weeks ago, I attended a Pre-K orientation meeting… It felt very official. My four-year-old son is going off to “real” school. (Okay, fine, it’s the prelude to “real” school, but it’s five days a week and they follow an actual curriculum—so it certainly feels more official than the nurturing baby and nursery programs I’ve sent him to in the past.

He’ll go on field trips, have “homework” in his backpack, and parent-teacher conferences will happen once a semester. He even has a mandatory school-supply list. Yeah, it’s official: my baby is going to big-boy school. Of course, this won’t happen until early September. Phew…

Still, summer is flying by, and I know we’ll have the obligatory “first day” photo shoot (complete with Pinterest-worthy chalkboard signage) in the blink of an eye.







Just earlier this week, Momtrends hosted our annual Back to School event for local NYC bloggers. We brought together some amazing tried-and-true and new brands with a group of awesome local bloggers. We schmoozed and boozed (Popsicles dipped in champagne—it is July, after all), and learned about all the latest, greatest, and most innovative must-haves for kids. We were treated to foot massages (courtesy of footwear brand, Keen), got our hair braided, thanks to Vamousse, and enjoyed an adorable kiddie fashion show! Meanwhile, our blogger-friends’ children got to stay, snack, and play in the Nanny League Lounge.

It was a fun and fittingly educational evening and I now feel adequately prepared to send my little guy off to his big school (well, maybe not mentally).

Going back to school shopping has never been easier. We’ve rounded up everything you and your little scholars will need heading into the academic year—and a few brands to keep them looking cool in that first-day photo-shoot. (We’ll be checking Instagram.)




Joules: A British brand, Joules crafts colorful, upbeat, and totally unique styles for children of all ages. The brand’s autumn and winter collection combines playful animal character prints, appliques, and swoon-worthy graphics you and your wee ones will flip over. (And their rain boots are darling too!)



Keen, Inc.: Inspired by a love of the outdoors, this line of durable, fashion-forward footwear is great for a stylish return to the classroom. Your kids will strut their stuff with confidence and flair in these comfortable, cute, and totally on-tend shoes!


Yoobi: School supplies should have personality—and Yoobi goodies have some to spare! Plus, for every Yoobi item you purchase, a Yoobi item will also be donated to a U.S. classroom in need.


Mabel’s Labels: Never label with a permanent marker again! These super-durable and totally adorable labels are dishwasher, microwave, and laundry safe. They’ve also launched a super-fun “My School Year’s” portfolio for keepsake art, projects, and work.


Vamousse: We regret to inform you that lice will happen. Be prepared for the inevitable classroom outbreak with this effective, safe, and pesticide-free product line.


Earth’s Best: The original line of organic infant nutrition and care products, Earth’s Best expansive collection is formulated for growing babies, toddlers, and children. Their kid meals and snacks are nutritious, delicious, and easy. We’re pretty excited about their new freezer-to-table snack options—including nutty bars and organic fruit cups.



Chewbeads: Juniorbeads by Chewbeads features playground-safe jewelry designed for kids ages three and up. These cute designs are not only fashionable, they’re functional too! The tactile sensation can help kids with sensory issues, and also discourage nail-biting, pencil-chewing, and other nervous habits.



Nalgene: Keep your kids hydrated from the morning bell through lunch all the way to dismissal with this durable, easy-to-clean, reusable water bottle from Naglene. Their lunch boxes and food storage solutions are simple, easy, and great for the cafeteria. (This is a serious upgrade to the brown bag!)


Hasbro Play-Doh: Nothing keeps kids engaged and entertained for hours like Play-Doh sets. It’s crafty, colorful, and creative play at it’s best.


WallPops: These totally removable decals can transform any space in minutes. With a line of dry-erase calendars, message boards, maps, and more, these will keep the family organized during the busy school year.


Paula’s Choice Skincare: Clear skin boosts confidence. No tween wants to go back to school with a breakout (been there). Fortunately, the CLEAR Acne Kit is a three-step collection that’s expertly formulated to banish acne.


The Nanny League: This elite agency boasts college-educated nannies, personal assistants, tutors, and more. Finding a smart, engaging, and trustworthy sitter has never been easier.


USANA Health Sciences: The school year is nonstop and it’s hard not get caught up in the stress of it. Keep yourself healthy, happy, and balanced with the MySmartFoods shaker bottle. You can make all sorts of good-for-you protein shakes to keep you energized from the moment your alarm goes off until it’s finally time to tuck the kiddies into bed.

Thank you to our event sponsors:
The Nanny League
Mabel’s Labels
USANA Health Sciences
Hasbro Play-Doh
Keen, Inc.
Paula’s Choice Skincare
Earth’s Best and Ella’s Kitchen

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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Runkeeper Go: Best Running Buddy Ever

running apps

Runkeeper is a running moms best friend. The running app never cancels on you. It never complains about distance and it never has to stop to tie a shoe.  We led a group of bloggers on a 5K fun run in Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge and Back to DUMBO.

brooklyn bridge

Our group had all downloaded the Runkeeper App to try out the new GO service. It’s a monthly subscription. The App is designed to be your personal trainer. It will provide workouts that match your goals from speed to weight loss. Set a goal and have a helping hand getting there.

runkeeper fun

We had a bunch of different fitness levels in our group. A few moms like Scherrie from www.thirtymommy.com wanted to get more movement and exercise into the day. And then there are runners like Suzanne from MomConfessionals. She’s got a half marathon coming up and uses Runkeeper Go to track her training. (Go, Suzanne, Go!). You don’t have to be a marathoner to use Runkeeper Go–it’s for all levels and all types of movement.

Here are a few screen shots to show you how to use the app. It’s so easy to start a new run (that you can do on the free version). The second slide shows my personal reporting and more details about my run.

runkeeper go

The app will also help you create and keep a routine. Slot your runs into your schedule with the app to make sure you don’t skimp on your workouts.

I love the run tracking, for training I want to track my workouts so I can improve performance and stay on pace for upcoming races. Even when I’m just out for fun, there are some cool features–like the built-in DJ and the social sharing.

runkeeper features

You can get all the details on https://runkeeper.com/#where-to-start-module

What else is news? Runkeeper now pairs Apple Watch–its updated app now lets you ditch your iPhone and track your run using only the Apple Watch instead.

Download the app:

download runkeeper app

Momtrends was thrilled to host this sponsored running event.

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Yoga Break for Moms

Yoga Break for Moms

I love the idea of a yoga break for moms. I’ve got a very dedicated team at Momtrends Media. We work weird, wacky hours dreaming up ways to delight and inspire our community of moms. No one ever said trendspotting was easy, but it can be rewarding.

The word of the year for 2015 is gratitude. We’re trying to show our gratitude for our readers by making the site prettier than ever. I’m asking my team to work really hard this year to make our site indispensable. The ladies doing the magic deserve a treat too. That’s where the idea for the Momtrends Yoga Break came from.

The lovely folks at YogaWorks reached out to me to see if they could host a class for us. I thought “swell!” And I arranged for an afternoon of yoga at the swank new Brooklyn Heights location and invited our team plus a few of our Big Apple blogging friends to join the fun. Plus we had a very special celebrity co-host–Andrea Fellman, the Founder of SavvySassyMoms.

LyseeFit Leggings

To thank Andrea for coming into NYC for this event, I wanted to spoil her with something. I was able to score these chic workout fashions for the event. Andrea and I loved our fashions from Lyssé. We were yoga power twins in our Cropped Fit Pant. After contorting in all sorts of directions, I give these leggings full handstand approval. They offer beautiful support and breathability. I also say, the To Go Wrap is a mom must-have on the days where workout clothes have to go more place than just the gym.

fiji water bottles

We set the peaceful room up with flattering lighting and gave everyone a refreshing FIJI water. We felt a little special. FIJI just debuted a new bottle and we were one of the first NYC events to get them! This is the first time in 10 years FIJI Water is changing the look of its iconic bottle. Don’t worry. They haven’t change what’s inside–it’s still natural artesian water from the Fiji Islands!

As our group dug in deep to the poses, it was great to come together around something so positive. We had MANY new moms in the group and I was thrilled to offer them a way to nurture themselves.

Let this be the year you try yoga. It’s such a perfect balance to blogging. It clears the mind and refreshes the body. You don’t need to be a jock or super-flexible. Yoga is all about accepting your limits and finding balance. Show me a blogger who can’t use more of that.

The hour-long class helped us all step away from the laptops to find some bliss. It’s amazing how refreshed one can become after a dozen or so downward dogs. After the workout, all the yogis cooled down (literally) with a new Innocent Pops treats. The Kale Daddy pop flavor was a hit!

brooklyn yoga event

Oh, and that wasn’t all. Everyone got an amazing goody bag full of health & wellness treats. Since we worked hard, we tucked in a full-sized bottle of ACURE Argan Oil Castile Soaps for freshening up post-workout. The soaps smell divine–peppermint please!

Yoga Goodie Bag

The gratitude didn’t stop there. Lysee gave us totes to fill and we took our mission seriously. Our friends will be enjoying SIGG water bottles (aka “The World’s Toughest Water Bottle”), Bombas incredibly cushy socks, Goodie Girl Gluten-Free Cookies (say yes to Mint Slims), Good Habit Box subscription snack boxes designed to get you through the day, and our new co-branded hair ties from Glamsquad an on-demand, in-home beauty service in NYC.

A huge thank you to all the bloggers who joined us for #MTYogaBreak and the brands that provided the amazing gifts.

Yoga Invite FINAL

This is not a sponsored post. 

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Goat Milk Holiday Pop Up Shop


Starting today you can shop in Soho at the Goat-Milk Pop-Up Booth. This will also include brands like ATSUYO ET AKIK0, ETIQUETTE CLOTHIERS, LUCKY FISH, WOVENPLAY, EMPRESS BIJOUX and LOUP CHARMANT.


Goat Milk Holiday Pop Up Shop
WED – SAT 10AM – 6PM
NYC 10013

Momtrends was not paid for this post

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Momtrends Sparkle Event

 Momtrends Sparkle Event

Momtrends Sparkle Event

Earlier this week Momtrends and several editors in NYC celebrated a night out with some delicious food, wine, treats and gorgeous jewelry! Sponsored by Margo Siegel PR, a boutique public relations firm, the night featured a whole lot of sparkles as editors were able to check out a collection of jewelry from Dana Rebecca, dalla nonna, Graziela and Melinda Maria as well as some adorable personalized items available from Nik’s Naks. Mixing, mingling and shopping were on the agenda as editors were able to meet with the designers and shop!

I loved checking out the different collections and each brought something unique to the event. The Dana Rebecca line featured a gorgeous collection of handcrafted jewels like the Sylvie Rose pendant that would be perfect whether you are running around with the kids or if you want to add a little bit of diamonds into your life. Having written about dalla nonna in the past (see past article here), I loved seeing their signature calendar necklaces and bracelets up close. As a personalized piece, they can be made with the date of your choice and accented with stones you pick.

Graziela was also there and I loved this collection – especially the Clear Factor Ring. Available in a variety of gemstones, this bold ring is set in rock crystal and adds a gorgeous pop of color.  Melinda Maria was another fun designer featured at the event, and her earrings – especially the Baby Pave Thorn Hoop ones – were a hit! I loved the white diamond thorns along with the textured hoops that also had a great price point at only $110.

Pamela Pekerman and Nicole

Editors were also treated to makeup touch-ups from bareMinerals /QVC before sitting for a professional headshot from Bellamy Blue at Elk Studios. The makeup artists pointed out that a little bit of makeup can go a long way, and that for spring to focus on fun eyeshadow colors like gold if you have blue eyes and green shadow if you have brown eyes. After everyone was touched up, the photographers from Bellamy Blue had the editors “strike a pose” as they snapped away. Everyone looked gorgeous and every editor was able to pick their favorite piece of jewelry from the showroom to capture in their headshots! I wore the gorgeous Long Pod Necklace from Melinda Maria and loved how it naturally dangled and looked great layered.

Julia Beck striking a pose

Yummy treats from Keep it Sweet

Since it was a happy hour we focused on unique (and tasty!) happy-hour themed desserts from Keep it Sweet. We all enjoyed a delicious collection of chocolate stout cupcakes, margarita cookies, and pink champagne cupcakes. Bite-sized and so delicious – you can even order these treats online!

Pam of Triple Threat Mommy and Jenna of Mommy in Manhattan

Kerri of Raising Three Savvy Ladies, Sarah of  The Stroller Ballet, and me

At the event, Nicole also spoke about the RBaby Foundation and how Momtrends donated $1,000 to this amazing cause. Yesterday, Julia Beck of Forty Weeks was honored with the R Baby Champion Award at their 5-Star Food & Wine Gala for her incredible work in bringing to light the need of funding, training and education to improve pediatric emergency care.

A rousing night of networking, food, pictures and sparkly jewelry was an incredible way to connect with designers and brands as well as enjoyable and memorable night out.

Thank you to our amazing sponsor:

Margo Siegel PR

This was a sponsored event put on by the Momtrends event team. Many thanks to all of our sponsors who made this night possible! To find out how to get involved or invited, email Sherri (at) momtrends (dot) com.

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