Easy Fall Outfit to Put Together

Looking forward to fall fashions

I love shopping my closet. I am a really picky lady when it comes to my purchases so my fashion picks have longevity. It makes it easy and FUN to get ready in the morning. I want to share a simple fall outfit to put together with you, and inspire you to look at what you have with fresh eyes.

Denim is a mom’s best friend. Am I right? This Ralph Lauren pair has been around a season or two. Still looks good to me! I paired them with a white top I picked up in spring and a NYDJ jacket from two years ago. Denim plus a military jacket equals timeless class in my fashion textbook.

Easy fall outfit to put together

Easy Fall Outfit to Put Together

What I DID play with were the accessories. Stella & Dot sent me a few things for the fall season. Last Monday we did a fun Facebook Live video showcasing my picks and I wanted to share some more of my styling tips here.

You know I love scarves and jewelry. They are the easiest way to update a look without having to clutter up your closet. In fact, our top pin of ALL TIME is this one about turning a scarf into a vest. I will never be one to tell you to clear out your scarves. Keep them all and rotate the ones you wear! And the shoes from Taryn Rose are pretty new too. I wrote about them in August, click here if you want to learn more.

When I saw the Stella & Dot scarves with tassels that were also REVERSIBLE. Boom! I was all over that trend.

Favorite infinity scarf

I’m crazy about this Stella & Dot Reversible Infinity Scarf. The scarf now comes in a multi-colored mosaic and protective eye print. The colors work back to everything I like to wear in the fall, navy, blush pink, and green.

Stella Dot Riva Tassel Earrings

I am not letting go of the blush pink trend. These Riva Earrings are making me so happy. They have hand beaded tassels. And get this, I can remove the tassels to have soft studs. Idea for travel!

Easy fall accessories

Ok, are you loving the new Stella & Dot as much as I am? Maybe you are looking to get into the Mom Boss world and start a part-time business with Stella & Dot. There’s never been a better time. In my book, Mom Boss, I talk about Team Moms, women who build social selling businesses (Right now, you can pick up a copy of Mom Boss for just $9.76 at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/).

I love the way Stella & Dot offers women opportunity without a HUGE buy in. If you love accessories, this is a great way to combine your passion for fashion with a business opportunity.

Stella & Dot new Stylist sign-up special.

Stella & Dot Sign-up Special Details

Good news! Stella & Dot has launched a new Stylist sign-up special. New stylists who join now through October 30th will get $450 in FREE accessories and $250 cashback when they sell $1000 in their first 30 days!

I think Stella & Dot is a fun, flexible and rewarding opportunity. The sign up is just $199 and you’ll get $450 in product! Click here to find out more about the Stella & Dot Sign-up Special: Receive $450 in Free Accessories!

Easy Fall Outfit to Put Together: Favorite accessories for mom #momstyle

This is not a sponsored post. There are affiliate links in this post. And some of the samples were sent to facilitate this Easy Fall Outfit to Put Together feature.

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Cute Game Day College Outfit

Cute Game Day College Outfit

I’m heading to my Vanderbilt Homecoming game this weekend. That means wearing black and gold with pride. I love a cute game day college outfit and the new “Spirit” collection from Draper James and Reese Witherspoon includes the perfect things to pack for this Commodore (our school mascot).

Reese Witherspoon is a Nashville native. While she didn’t go to Vanderbilt, she does have a store in Nashville and I’m sure she knows how gung-ho the students are about Vandy. I’ve got a big reunion this year. I graduated in 1992 (you do the math) and can’t wait to get back on campus.

According to the Princeton Review, Vanderbilt has the happiest students in the United States! I’m not surprised. I loved my four years there at the A&S School (fun fact: I graduated as an English Literature Major focused on 19th century British Literature, but can’t spell).

Of course I’ll be wearing black and gold! When I was at the Draper James showroom in NYC this summer I loved this collection that is ideal for college pride. At the time, I picked out a cherry summer dress (you can read about that dress here), but I filed the fall fashion feature away in my brain.

Cute Game Day College Outfit

I called up my friends at the PR agency when I was putting together this game day story. They sent over these pieces which are most certainly ready for tailgating in Nashville!

draper james college spirit

This soft merino wool black and gold sweater is ideal for SEC football.  It has contrast tipping and a cute “Go Y’all” pom pom pin. Spirit Sweater comes in black and gold and five other college colors.

When I went to Vanderbilt, the students got dressed up for football games. Even though we were horrible at football (we are better now) all the students got involved. My sorority AOII often had mixers with the fraternities on campus and girls wore cure outfits and the boys blazers and ties. It was southern preppy thru and thru in the 1990s.

As an alumna, I still like to be fashionable on campus, and I will be carefully picking and packing for this trip.

Go Y'all mittens

For night games, or those of you who went to school in the north, add on these Spirit Mittens (but since they say “Go Y’All” I’m guessing better for SEC schools!) and the Spirit Poncho Sweater. 

Thankfully, the weather in Nashville is pretty warm so there’s no need to get too bundled up. When I went to school there, I just needed a fairly light coat to get through winter.

Cute Game Day College Outfit Vanderbilt

I’m 100% a poncho girl. I love the drape and the coziness of them. This look is perfect to layer over jeans with black boots for the chillier game nights. The merino wool is super-soft and cozy.

This is a piece that can take you through the winter in Nashville. It’s a savvy purchase for locals.

Tell me friends, do you go to your reunions and homecoming games? Do you wear school colors with pride? And definitely let me know if you are a Commodore or AOII!

College Spirit Fashion from Draper James

This Cute Game Day College Outfit feature is not a sponsored post.

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Happiest in Brooklyn

Happiest in Brooklyn

Where is your happy place? I have a few… Paris, in the mountains of Utah, and, of course, in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I love Brooklyn for the quirky people who love being different and love being true to themselves. I also love that Brooklyn has the highest per capita percentage of female CEO’s of any place in the nation. It’s good to be a Mom Boss here. So that’s why I am happiest in Brooklyn.

A few weeks ago I learned about the Happiest Tee’s Brooklyn line, it’s a collection of super soft tanks and luxury sweaters. They are stylish, eco-friendly, and feature a Brooklyn-inspired design. Since I’m all about being cozy chic, I knew this brand was for me!

Happiest in Brooklyn banner

Happiest in Brooklyn

The cute top goes with all my denim and is ideal for travel. Don’t feel bad if you don’t live in Brooklyn. There are more “happy places” too – like Paris and London. Take your pick and wear your heart on your sleeve.

I brought this tee to Woodloch resort. We had our company off-site there this year. I loved the setting, and all I needed were casual clothes. This tee was perfect. I went for loads of walks and talks with my team. We loved the lakeside setting.

Adidas Sneaks styled by moms

I cannot recommend this place enough for work retreats or family gatherings. We stayed in the Tallwoods condos (more to come on that soon) and loved our luxe country accommodations.

Woodloch Resort

Mom Boss Life

And it should be noted these Adidas sneakers I picked up at Rack Room make me happy too. I’ve had an insane few weeks as the girls and I settle into our fall schedules. I’m racing all over Brooklyn and Manhattan getting them to activities and loading on the marketing meetings for Momtrends. You know, Mom Boss life is busy!

If you are struggling to balance it all, Mom Boss is a great read. For some reason the price on Amazon skyrocketed to $788 (why, oh why, my publishers who I have a not-so-great relationship with can’t explain), but you can get it on Barnes & Noble at normal prices! 

Let me know what tees and sneakers you are loving this fall. And if you are inspired, get your t-shirt here.

Happiest in Brooklyn tee shirt

This is not a sponsored post.

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Mom Style for Early Fall

Mom Style for Early Fall

This weekend I headed out of the city to rural Pennsylvania to get out into the woods on our annual business retreat. And it was all too apparent that fall is coming. It’s time to talk about mom style for early fall.

It’s no surprise that my early fall outfit involves denim. It’s a mom staple and a easy style to work with. I started with a pair of jeans from Berenice (a French brand – posted about them not too long ago) that I found two years ago. I love the silver trim on them and the fit. I did have problems with the pocket linings popping out (ruining the look) so I took them to our local dry cleaner and had the pockets sewed up.

denim we love for fall

TIP: If you can make a quick fashion fix with a trip to the tailor, DO IT! The $10 I spent means I will wear these jeans more and LOVE them.

The jeans are now a favorite and I love the way they look with sneakers and flats.

easy fall style for moms

Mom Style for Early Fall

Let’s talk the accessories I used to pulled this outfit together. I started with my rose gold GEOX sneakers (old and beloved). Then I added a floral tote from Talbots (I like big bags and I can not lie) cause I always need a massive amount of stuff to get me through these busy fall days. The kids have so many activities and I’m on the go getting them all around Brooklyn. Plus I am started to pile on the work meetings this month. I need good shoes and a good bag.

LOFT sunglasses

I’m also wearing these great sunglasses from LOFT. I scored them on a sale day and love the retro look of these. Very LA circa 1940. I have been wearing them a ton and everyone thinks they are some crazy-expensive brand. Nope, just LOFT.

tiny tags

My final little detail is the new Tiny Tags necklace. My friend Melissa from Tiny Tags made this just for me. The gorgeous necklace has my two girls’ names and birthdays on them and is such a treasure.

I’m wearing the rose gold Mini Dog Charm Necklace from Tiny Tags. As my girls get older, I admit I am struggling a bit. Part of me wants to keep them little forever and protect them fiercely. Part of me knows they are young girls ready for responsibility and some freedom. A mama’s heart is torn! Wearing this is a symbol of my constant connection to them. I don’t have to be physically on top of them to be a good mom.

Do you have a special piece of jewelry that represents motherhood? I adore this piece and think all mamas deserve them.

great denim trends for fall

This Mom Style for Early Fall is not a sponsored post.

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You Need a Great Denim Skirt for Fall

Great Denim Skirt for Fall

Denim and mom life go hand in hand. The fabric frees us to feel fashionable while also being practical. In a former life, I was known to wear white linen pants and dry clean only skirts, not anymore. When I was approached by Walmart to work on an instagram campaign, I thought sure, I can show you how to style a great denim skirt for fall, but after I got the skirt from my online order, I swooned.

Here’s the thing, denim is the great fashion equalizer. For under $20, you can have a piece that you can wear again and again. What mom doesn’t want something she can wear on fashion repeat to make getting dressed in the morning a little easier.

I wanted to show you two ways to wear this #momlife trend. I started with the denim skirt  from the Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ collection at Walmart.

Great Denim Skirt for Fall with flip flops

Two ways to style a Great Denim Skirt for Fall

First the look for right now, the jean skirt, a tank top and flip flops from Old Navy paired with the pencil skirt from the Signature jeans Vintage Trend Collection. I’ve been wearing this since the end of August.

Great Denim Skirt for early Fall

It all starts with the skirt. It’s a flattering length (not too short) and can transition from the warm days of summer to what I like to call fall “boot weather” effortlessly. To transition, I added a cardigan and suede booties.

Great Denim Skirt for Fall and booties

The Signature jeans Vintage Trend Collection draws inspiration from the Levi Strauss & Co. archives, and combines that with super soft, super-stretchy denim to provide authentic style and comfort. The skirt keeps its style all day without losing shape – this mama doesn’t have time for wardrobe maintenance.

A huge thank you to Suzanne Cohen from Gotham Love for these fantastic photos taken at the DUMBO carousel.

Great Denim Skirt for Fall

This isn’t part of the sponsored instagram post, I liked the skirt so much I decided to give Walmart extra coverage.


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We’re Still Wearing Sandals—And This Pair Is Our Fave!

When it comes to personal style, I’m not a big believer in “rules.” If anything, we, at Momtrends, encourage our readers to be trend-setters, sartorial rule breakers, and stylish risk takers. (If you’re going to wear leggings as pants, we fully support you! Just please, PLEASE make sure your tee at least skims the top of your bum.)

Seriously though, we wear what we love and want to encourage you to do the same. That means, go ahead and rock white after Labor Day (it’s an outdated mandate anyway!), mix denims, pair two supposedly “clashing colors,” and march to the beat of your own fashion-forward drum.

Wear what feels good and looks good, that’s my motto—and don’t worry that it’s September 8 and you haven’t yet put away your flip-flop and espadrille collection.

So what if you’re sipping a pumpkin spice latte in a pair of sandal slides!?! Who cares if you’re apple picking in thong sandals?! What’s wrong with attending a football game in wedges?! Call these oxymorons, I say they’re a style statements. I vote for banning booties for another few weeks, and wearing those beloved sandals until your exposed toes feel the nip of crisp fall air. We, the ladies of MT, salute you… Heck, we’ll join you!

Truth is: We just discovered a new favorite sandal brand; and we intend on squeezing in every possible last “wear”  in these versatile puppies.

Cousin Sandals was launched by, you guessed it, a pair of cousins. Not only is each style is named after a cuz (must be a big family!), they’re all made of 100% cowhide leather, and feature an extended back for heel comfort and a solid rubber sole for heavy walking. They’re truly the ideal pair of sandals for NYC mamas on the move. So you better believe we’ll be wearing them well past the autumn equinox. We’ll even wear ’em with our “legging pants.” That’s just how we roll around here.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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Tipsy Scoop for boozy ice cream

Tipsy Scoop boozy ice cream

Savoring summer, that was our mission at Momtrends. We cut way back on office hours this summer to let families have flexibility. When we did gather for meetings, we tried to have an element of fun. On Wednesdays we planned outings like this one to Tipsy Scoop for grown-up boozy ice cream.

tassel earrings from bauble bar

Tipsy Scoop for grown-up boozy ice cream

Tipsy Scoop offers liquor-infused ice cream with fun flavors that are all inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails. The shop is adorable and super small, and EVERYONE is taking photos. My advice is go before 6! It’s a trendy spot and the lines do form.

Why all the fuss? The ice cream is yummy and inventive. It’s all lovingly made with local and seasonal ingredients and is definitely something to share with a friend. We ordered two different flavors, the rosé and the mai tai. They are super sweet and delish and a little too much for one person to finish.

Talbots top

Summer Outfit Notes

For this fun outing, I put on a Talbots summery top. The Embroidered Striped Top from Talbots goes great with denim and is a piece that can definitely transition into fall. With warner weather I’m wearing it with my white jeans from cabi and my cabi wedges.

For accessories, I have on colorful Bauble Bar tassel earrings and that’s about it. I opt for a single statement piece, especially when I am wearing embroidered or embellished tops.

It’s a professional outfit that is also playful – I went from doing some on-air work right out for after-work ice cream and didn’t have to change.

Notes on Summer

This summer has been all about exploring and our “Summer Wednesdays” have been awesome. Next summer we are 100% going to repeat this idea and I encourage other companies to do the same. You’ve simply got to celebrate the seasons to build loyalty at your company.

If you want more of my favorite spots to grab a bit in NYC, some of my other favorite places in NYC include Two Hands Cafe and Ancolie.

Plan your visit to Tipsy Scoop 217 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010

Tipsy Scoop for grown-up boozy ice cream

This is not a sponsored post

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Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

Transitioning to Fall with White Jeans

Don’t put those white jeans away! They can carry you through the fall in style. I’m styling them with some new flats I got from Taryn Rose. Do you know the brand? Taryn Rose Shoes are made with style and support for women. I just love them.

taryn rose slip on shoes

Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

Don’t you love a good Mom Boss story! In 1998, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Taryn Rose, brought comfort to the world of luxury shoes. Using her intimate knowledge of the human body, she partnered with design experts and tech innovators to create a collection of shoes that looked beautiful and felt incredibly comfortable. Her signature is the rose…and it works its way into all the designs including my new Blythe suede slide.

Dr. Rose sold the company in 2008, though the owners have changed, the brand is still passionate about making our feet look good and feel better. The brand is going through a bit of a renaissance with Global Brands Group. They brought Dr. Rose back as a consultant and I absolutely love what they’ve come up with.

Global Brands Group will launch a full assortment including the addition of The Taryn Rose Collection, an elevated line made in Italy coming to market for Fall/Winter 2017-2018. I was lucky enough to pop into a showroom to see all the goodies this summer, and let me tell you, I was drooling. The lovely PR team sent over this pair and I will definitely be ordering some boots from the line too.

The collection will range from $150-$795, keep checking in at www.tarynrose.com.

Copenhagen blouse

The Rest of the Outfit

The shoes are a perfect neutral color for fall and they will do double duty as I travel the next few weeks. The top I found at a cool boutique in Mont Tremblant. I was on vacation covering the Blues Festival and I came across a great boutique called boutiquelaraffinerie.com/ (I shared another outfit from the boutique here).

I paired the top with crisp white jeans, my new flats and a great bracelet I got from the Zulily sale I did for Mother’s Day.

Momtrends in Los AngelesWe shot the outfit in downtown Los Angeles. You might have caught the shoot I did on the rooftop of the Ace Hotel…well, we found some more inspiring spots like the streets that were MIGHTY empty at 9am on a Saturday.

Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

You can see more of the new Taryn Rose shoes at Neiman Marcus this fall.

Do you have a favorite shoe brand that makes your feet feel great? Let me know…I’m always looking out for shoe trends.

Taryn Rose Shoes with Style and Support

This is not a sponsored post. I did receive the shoes as a gift.

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Shopping Trip: Berenice Fashion in Paris

Berenice Fashion in Paris

It’s pretty special to be writing this post from Paris, my second favorite city after my home of NYC. I’m wrapping up a weeklong trip to France – with a Parisian fashion story. This is all about a trip to my favorite European shop, Berenice fashion in Paris.

Last year on my annual trip to Paris I discovered the brand. I found so many things to love at this boutique, from the helpful sales staff to the boho chic clothes, to the relatively friendly pricing (this girl can drool over Dior, but cannot afford it). This year on a visit sponsored by Open Skies, I made sure to pop in to see what was new. IMHO a trip to Paris isn’t complete without a little shopping.

berenice camila dress fall 2017

Shopping Berenice Paris

The new fall line was in store – with loads of this leafy green color. I’m wearing the Camila dress – you can see it online, but I don’t believe they ship to the US yet. I’m ready to petition to get a store in Brooklyn, this shop is totally my vibe. Apparently, the stores are all over France and Europe, but sadly haven’t made their way across the pond yet.

I adore the length and the sheer sleeves and the botanic print (can you spot the birds in there?). It was just the perfect thing to wear on a date with Mr.Momtrends. We saved our fanciest meal for last.

Hotel Saint James Paris

Berenice Fashion in Paris

We’re staying at the exquisite Hotel Saint James in the 16th arrondissement. This area is very posh and residential and borders the lush Bois de Boulogne. From our hotel it’s easy to get just about everywhere.

Berenice outposts are all over Paris, but on Sunday the only shop that is open is the one in the Marais (the Marais was a Jewish district in Paris, though now it is much more diverse). I popped on the metro to shop. I really wanted a new dress to wear to dinner!

Dress Debut

The sales staff was lovely. I tried on a dozen things and came home with five new pieces and a little damage to our credit card! But I believe in the power of fashion, so I feel no guilt. We had someplace special to go.

Mr. Momtrends always is on the hunt for new restaurants for us to visit. He did a stellar job in Bordeaux (more on that later), and spoke to a French business acquaintance to get an idea for out last night in Paris.

The Peninsula Paris is a 20-minute walk from the Saint James. The Peninsula is known for being an international gastronomical destination. We made a reservation for 7:30 at L’Oiseau Blanc. Parisians usually eat a bit later, but it’s the best these two tourists could do!

Peninsula Hotel Paris

We started the night on the panoramic terrace with BIllecart rosé champagne. Divine! The night was perfect. 75 and not a hint of humidity. Here’s the view from our seats at the bar.

The shot also shows you my Bauble Bar earrings. I am loving the tassel trend. And these are lighter than you’d think. I always bring too much jewelry on my trips, but a girl needs her accessories!

Yes, there was champagne and a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower. I cannot wait to plan my next trip! Which I suppose is ok, sometimes it’s nice to have something special that you won’t see on anyone else back home. I love fashion souvenirs don’t you?

berenice dress fall 2017 paris

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I Found the Perfect Dress from Evereve

rooftop ace hotel

I found the perfect dress from Evereve – it’s one that’s going to be flattering on just about EVERY figure. A few months ago I discovered the store on a trip to Minneapolis, now I’m hooked on the brand.

Ace hotel Los Angeles

I worked with Kate Haus, a local Los Angeles photographer to capture these great photos. Since I was staying at a hipster hotel, I wanted to make the most of my stay. We headed to the roof to take in the downtown views and the elegant architecture.

I’m not sure how I would recommend the Ace Hotel. The service is laid-back awesome, a plus, but the rooms are quirky. Some have guitars in them, the decor is edgy and cool, but on the cold side.

evereve dress

I bought the dress for the Biggest Family Shower in LA. I was there letting new moms know that Momtrends was there for them in the journey of motherhood. I wanted something comfortable and stylish and well-priced.

Evereve stores were conceived (and I picked that word intentionally), just for women like me. We’re busy, we want great style and we want great service. Founded by a mom, Megan Tamte, Evereve is all about making great clothes accessible.

While I would highly recommend shopping in the store, the website is easy to navigate. TIP: Head to the “just in” section to get all the latest trends. My one criticism would be that when you order online, there should be a return label included with your shipment. I picked three outfits (one more is coming, be patient) and returned one, I had to do some sleuthing, but figured out I had to take the package to the post office to do the return.

I’m really happy with what I kept. The dress is super for travel – the wrinkles fall out easily – and has loads of style.

Perfect Dress from Evereve

This is what I call, the perfect dress from Evereve its also known as the Ruffle Sleeve Dress. It’s just $68 and is lined with a slip. I love the big flowing sleeves with 3/4 length. It’s a wearable trend and the length looks great on most women (not too short, not too long)

fabulous tassel necklace

I paired it with the Miranda Tassel Necklace. Tassels are so on trend right now (remember this cover up I just featured?) and the price is right on this one.

Tell me friends, have you tried Evereve? I think the concept is genius, and I’ve got an interview coming up with the founder very soon.

Perfect Dress from Evereve

This is not a sponsored post. I was given a gift card from Evereve which covered part of the purchase.


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