Healthy Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe

Earlier this year the hubs and I started training for a couple of races. He’s trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon by running the Philadelphia Marathon and I’m running the half that same weekend. Along with our training, we decided to revamp our diets. Being that it’s my first long race and he has such a big goal he’s trying to meet, we’re serious about both our physical training and what we put into our bodies. We already ate pretty healthy, but wanted to incorporate more plant-based meals into our menu plan. While we do eat meat occasionally, we tend to turn to veggie dishes, like sweet potato pancakes for instance, more often, and this recipe is one of our favorite plant-based meals. It’s super easy to whip up and makes a great breakfast, lunch OR dinner!

And one of the primary ingredients is extra virgin olive oil. Zucchi makes a slew of different EVOO, by the way, in case you’re looking to add a new one to your pantry! We used the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil but, they also offer delicious options like Sinfonia, Italiano and Sweet & Fruity!

Sweet Potato Pancakes


2 sweet potatoes
1/4 cup and 1 tsp Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoon cinnamon (or more according to preference)
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
1/3 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk or other plant based milk (use more/less as needed depending on consistency)


1. Peel the sweet potatoes, cut into squares and cook in boiling water until soft. You could also take the easy way out and microwave them.

2. While they are cooking, combine the cinnamon, nutmeg, flax seed, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and oats in a large mix bowl.

3. When the sweet potatoes are done, add them to the mixture.

4. Add the olive oil and milk and mix thoroughly. *If the mixture is a little dry, add more almond milk. If the mixture ends up being to moist, add more oats.
5. Heat a skillet to low-medium and add a teaspoon of olive oil.

6. Add a scoop of the pancake mixture to the pan and use a spatula to flatten it into a pancake shape.
7. Cook each side until it is golden brown.

8. Serve your sweet potato pancakes with avocado, bananas or any other fruit of your choice on top.

Flavor You Life hosted an extra virgin olive oil tasting at Il Gattopardo in New York on June 29th featuring Giovanni Zucchi. The Flavor Your Life sponsored event not only informed guests on what makes extra virgin olive so favorable, but also on how to check for it’s authenticity and how to properly cook with it. Guests at the event also had the opportunity to blend their own, personalized olive oil. Together with the Flavor Your Life recipes card, guests are now able to create the experience again in their own homes.”

Zucchi’s Blending Events would not be possible without the Flavor Your Life Campaign, which works to educate North American consumers on the benefits of authentic extra virgin olive oil hailing from Europe. Funded by the European Union and the Italian government, the Flavor Your Life campaign represents a consortium of European extra virgin olive oil producers; all with the overarching goal of empowering North-American-based-consumers and providing them with the best European brands of extra virgin olive oil.

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Trendy Toast: Six Recipes

trendy toast

Toast is cool again. Not just boring bread and butter, we’re talking healthy toast that’s topped with super foods. Chef Amie Valpone from shows inspired ways to stack your toast for breakfast, lunch, snacks or desserts. Lots of kid-friendly ideas too!


Momtrends’ YouTube channel is all about providing fashion and style inspiration to moms. From the trendiest fashions to the coolest gear to beauty trends, we want you to feel fabulous every day.

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Healthy Breakfast Idea: DIY Cereal Bar

I have more trouble convincing my kids to eat breakfast than any other meal, so I’m constantly on the hunt for fun, creative breakfast ideas. They need the fuel that a healthy breakfast provides to help them tackle their day, so the most important meal of the day is a priority in our house…But the parents’ priorities and the kids’ priorities don’t always fall in line with each other. Just sayin’.


So, seeing that yesterday was National Cereal Day, I thought it would be a great time to present my most recent attempt at making breakfast fun…the DIY cereal bar.  A plain old bowl of cereal doesn’t typically hold much appeal for my little ones, but by serving it buffet style with a slew of healthy fruit toppings that they already love, they’re much more likely to partake. I’ve always found that, with kids, presentation is so important no matter what the meal is…They’re like tiny food critics. Haha!


And I’ve yet to see them turn down a berry of any sort, so I included raspberries, blueberries and bananas, which are always a fan favorite as well, in our DIY cereal bar. To go with the fresh fruit, they had their choice of a few different kinds of cereals. I threw organic granola clusters in as a hail Mary and was excited to see them gobble it up.


Who knew they would find dishing up their cereal, spooning up healthy toppings and adding a splash of milk so exciting? Whatever works right?

So, how do you get your kids excited about breakfast? This mama wants to know!

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Power Up Your Day with Breakfast

Breakfast OPtions

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but during the week it can be challenging to make intricate meals. To make sure that we stay energized all day, we make sure to eat the most nutritious and healthy items in the morning. Here are some of favorite all-natural, healthy, nutritious finds to start your day.

Peace Cereal: For cereal we love Peace Cereal, a premiere line of non-GMO verified cereals that provides a celebration of flavor and nutrition. This includes a cereal that is packed with a combination of whole grains, fiber and protein that uses only the finest ingredients, the line delivers Peace of Mind in Every Bite. A brand this is not only good-for-you but also for the community, Peace Cereal makes a contribution to non-profit causes for every Peace Cereal product sold. One of our favorites is their new Protein Granola & Flakes where you can get 10 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving while still providing great taste. Made with a combination of whole grain oat clusters with wheat flakes, KAMUT® wheat, hemp seeds and honey, Protein Granola & Flakes is just another great example of flavor and nutrition in every bite.

Love Grown Foods: Offering a selection of all-natural, delicious and nutritional lines of cereal, oat clusters, hot oats and super oats made with navy beans, garbanzo beans and lentils. We are loving Love Grown Foods and their non-GMO cereal and oats that are packed with natural protein and fiber and only made with pure ingredients. Some favorites include the Super Oats that is packed with grains oats, chia seeds, quinoa flakes, amaranth flakes, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed and the Power Os that is made with navy beans, garbanzo beans, and lentils! A perfect start to your day, Love Grown Food is an instant favorite in our home.

Umpqua Oats: Another oats favorite is the Umpqua Oats, a single-serve super premium oatmeal. Umpqua Oats super premium oatmeal is a quick and satisfying breakfast choice for anyone who wants a hearty, delicious and easy meal. This includes super premium oatmeal that is rich, hearty and flavorful because it’s made with custom-milled rolled oats for an appealing ‘al dente’ texture, as well as fruits and other healthy ingredients to create unique flavors.

Fruigees: We are loving this healthy, creamy fruit snack in a squeeze pack made from a combination of organic fruit and veggies juices. These on-the-go juice packs are totally vegan, has NO-ADDED SUGAR, and offers 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C. Fruigees is a fun snack that is naturally sweet, and gets the thumbs up from both kids and parents.


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Tropicana OJ Express in NYC


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and we love having a hearty morning meal with a glass of orange juice. Tropicana, the maker of orange juice, is rolling into NYC with a mission to educate NYC residents about the important nutritional role of breakfast. At Tropicana OJ Express, Dietitian Elizabeth Somer, RD will also be attendance to offer quick and simple tips to teach local families about the power of breakfast and good nutrition. At the event, visitors can Sing the “Good Morning” song for a chance to win a year’s supply of orange juice and $10,000, get a free mini-breakfast of Tropicana OJ and Quaker Oatmeal Squares (the first 500 attendees), spin the nutrition IQ wheel win, and play the bottle ring toss game to win fun prizes.


New York residents can also take Tropicana’s Fruit & Veg pledge on Facebook to eat more fruits and vegetables each day. For each pledge, Tropicana will donate one eight-ounce glass of orange juice to New York schools in need.

Tropicana OJ Express
Wednesday, August 24
7:00 am – 2:00 pm
Grand Central Station
(Taxi Stand area)
43rd St & Vanderbilt Street

Thursday, August 25
7:00 am-2:00pm
Penn Station (Amtrak Rotunda)
34th Street
between 7th Ave & 8th Avenues

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