Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Once upon a time in my twenties I had an envy-worthy mane. It was super thick, grew ridiculously fast, and held a curl like nobody’s business. My hubs affectionately called it the jungle. Well, fast forward a decade, and my tresses aren’t quite what they once were. My hair is somewhat thinner, even frizzier, and not as effortless as before. That doesn’t mean it has to look worse. No, no. I have tips to make your hair look thicker, that I’ve been relying on the past few years and I’m forever on the hunt for more. And since I know I’m not the only one who struggles with wanting their hair to look thicker, I thought I would share a few of my favorite tips with you today!

tips to make hair look thicker

1.  Go the messy route. I’m talking about a messy braid, a messy pony…you get the picture. Loose, tousled, and pulled out in places to make it look thicker is where it’s at. Think… Elsa style! It works even better if your hair has some texture. So, if your hair is naturally wavy like mine, let that natural texture shine through.

2. Use products…The key is weightless volume. You don’t want heavy products that will weigh your hair down and make it look flatter. Instead, you want products like the VOLAIRE 30 Day System complete with shampoo, conditioner, volumizing mist and texturizing spray (which would be great for that messy braid I mentioned). that will give you soft, full-bodied volume. I’m loving that they’re sulfate and paraben free, as well as color safe. So, my highlights are safe. Ha!

3. Eat right…When I’m eating a well-balanced diet, it shows in both my hair and skin. If you’ve noticed that either seem off, I suggest having a chat with your doctor or a nutritionist to see how you can adjust your diet to help. I hear one of my go-to snacks, almonds, are worth adding to help make your hair look thicker. Just sayin’.

thicker hair

And for even more beauty tricks, check out my tips for fall sun care!

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6 Tips to Help You Preserve Your Blowout

If there’s one thing the ladies of Momtrends all agree on, it’s this: you can’t beat a good professional blowout. (For the record, we agree on lots of other things too… i.e. rosé all day.)

Still, the blowout trumps all… Though our individual hair color, length, and texture varies, our love of the blowout unifies us as a team. I tease and use hyperbole, but, honestly, a great blowout can be life affirming.

Of course, nothing ruins the high of a blowout like the low of a fallen ‘do. Weather, humidity, sweat, and other external “elements” can affect the longevity of a blowout. Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to nurse and milk and make the most of those gorgeous, luscious, primed, and primped locks. Here are five tips to keep your mane looking as good on day 3, 4, and 5 as it did when you waltzed out of Dry Bar–looking and feeling like a million bucks.

One Shampoo, Limit the Conditioner, and Ask for a “Cold Rinse”

Super clean hair doesn’t always hold as well as unwashed hair. That’s why, when you get a full blowout with hair washing, you can ask for just one shampoo course, limit the use of conditioner to dry or split ends (it tends to weigh hair down), and request a “cold rinse” at the end. This seals the cuticle which may help give your hair a more shiny luster and can help you preserve your forthcoming blowout.

Set It and Forget It

I have super straight hair that doesn’t want to hold a curl or a wave or a hint of a bounce. That’s why I’ll often flat-iron my hair for a sleek and easy DIY solution. But when I want the voluminous beach locks I love so much, I’ll go the salon hours before an important event (or sometimes the night before) and ask for them to “set” my curls with clips. I’ll sleep on them or run errands with my 1950s-esque “do” and then take the clips out immediately before I want to “wow the crowd.”

Say It, Don’t (Hair)spray It

Here’s the deal: in theory, hairspray, serums, and products will help hold your blowout… at first. But beyond that initial day, they actually work against you by creating residue and oil buildup. Keep most sprays at bay to maintain a clean and healthy-looking hairline.

Dry Shampoo FTW

There’s one exception to the above rule–and that’s dry shampoo! Hide dirty strands and cover a greasy scalp with this magical formula. At Momtrends, we’re all obsessed with Dry Bar’s Detox. In fact, I use this instead of hairspray from the get go. It adds volume and gives your blowout the boost you want.

Ride the Waves

Going for a beachy keen look? When you’re on the last leg of your blowout (think, day three or four), braid your hair, in pieces and at an angle, to preserve the messy-chic look a little bit longer.

Go for the Fluff

Recently, Nicole introduced the team to the “fluff” treatment at City Chemist in DUMBO–and she’s shared her love for this easy, affordable “hair quickie” on Instagram. Come in with clean, dry hair, and for $20, they’ll give you a little dry-do pick-me-up treatment. How amazing is that?!

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Three Ways to Get Your Hair Ready for Spring

If there is one is one beauty look that you can always count on to make a serious statement, it’s great looking hair. Sport a fabulous mane and you can spend less time on your face. Hey, this mama is busy with a capital B and I don’t always have time to do my hair AND my makeup in the morning. Those energizer bunnies of mine have to get to school on time. Bwah! On that note, let’s talk about three easy ways to get your hair ready for spring!

I’ve been working on getting my skin and hair into better shape this season, so I can spend less time on both. If your hair is in good condition, I guarantee you people won’t be able to take their eyes off those tresses! You’ll be able throw on some sunnies over your tired eyes and face the day! Now’s the time to get your hair in the kind of shape that will allow you to rock any style with confidence.

How to Get Your Hair Ready for Spring

Tackle the frizz…Here in Florida, the humidity hits us pretty hard come spring. In your neck of the woods, it might not come until a bit later. But it’s best to be prepared right? I like to work with my natural waves and that means using products that help highlight them best. I’m talking about a product that will give you crunch free hold, so you can let your natural texture shine. Say goodbye to both frizziness and stiffness!

conditioning spray

Make sure your hair is good and conditioned…If your hair is anything like my course and dry strands, you should probably be conditioning in the shower. That being said, using a leave in conditioning spray wouldn’t hurt either. These sprays are made to give you an extra boost of hydration, leaving you with younger looking hair. Now I call that a big bonus!

diy hair mask

Add a hair mask to your routine…If you really want to up your moisturization game, a hair mask is where it’s at! Sure, there are some very effective hair masks that you can buy, but have you ever thought about making your own? This avocado lemon hair mask is super easy to whip up. And you won’t believe how silky and hydrated your hair feels after using it!

get your hair ready for spring

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3 Ways to Get Softer Hair

When it comes to getting softer hair the key is always moisturizing it. The drier and courser your hair is, the harder it is to achieve the soft feel you’re after. And with dry winter weather on its way, it’s going to get even harder. I’m not just talking about soft, sleek styles. While I do like to straighten my hair every once and a while, I’m more likely to rock my natural crazy waves/curls. They’re just more me, but that natural texture of mine simply looks better when my tresses are good and hydrated which is key to getting softer hair. So, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ways moisturize your main…


Conditioning spray…This product is an instant fix kinda product. A few spritzes and your hair will look instantly healthier. It’s anti-aging care for your hair. By smoothing down your dry, brittle strands, it gives your mane a younger, more lustrous appearance! You can use it alone and just scrunch it into your waves / curls or you can apply it before your favorite heat styling product.


Detangler…Brushing wet hair when it’s not properly conditioned is a no no. I’m not above using a detangling product (that’s made for both mamas and kiddos) on my hair. The vitamins B5 and E and almond air in this one make it super conditioning. You want your brush to literally glide through your hair. You don’t want to have to yank it through. Am I right?

softer hair

Hair mask…I use a good hair mask at least once a week, and often more than once. It really gets in there and gives my dry, course hair the deep moisturization it needs. You can, of course, pick one up (and I included one of my favorites in my shop the beauty tips section below), but you can also make your own. This DIY hair mask is super easy to whip up!

Shop the beauty tips: ALTERNA Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Milk / Carol’s Daughter Tangle-Free DetanglerRedken Extreme Strength Builder Plus Hair Mask 

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3 Easy Bobby Pin Hair Styles

I love the Fall and Winter seasons, but it can do some serious damage to my hair. Those winds wreak havoc on my long locks and it forces me, at times, to pull them into a boring ponytail. Instead of going for an elastic, try pinning your tresses back with bobby pins. There are so many colors and combinations of bobbies that you can choose from and I’ve found that by doing simple patterns, you can really make a statement.


First, grab some bobby pins in any variety that you like. I found pretty little pastel ones from Sephora along with metallic ones at my local drugstore. If you have a favorite gem, super glue it onto a plain pin or even use nail polish to color coordinate perfectly.

Style #1:


Pull a thin piece of hair from the front of your head back and form a loop. Start at the top of the loop and start pinning downwards creating a little bit of space between each pin. Then pin the bottom part of the strand into a second loop. It’s a little different and will keep your hair from flying all over the place.

Style #2


Take one strand of hair and pin it back with a thick bobby pin. Then grab a thinner section of hair directly underneath the first and cross it over. Pin with another thick bobby pin. The simple criss-cross of hair looks complicated and pretty with the decorative bobbies.

Style #3

simple-hair-diy-bobby-pin-style-easyOverlap two thick pieces of hair on top of each other and add bobbies on either side. Use metallic ones to make a statement “X”. You can add more “X” shapes or leave it at one. We love that these bobbies are chic and functional!

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Best Fall Jewelry Trends

I was a big supporter of the “statement” pieces. The rings, the necklaces, even the earrings got super intricate and larger than life. While some of those baubles still charm me (I’m still a lover of statement ear crawlers), the simpler, more dainty and personal gems are what is hot for fall.


I love jewelry that has a story. Being an admirer of all things vintage, I wore my mother’s class ring for YEARS. I thought it was edgy and different and I also felt connected to her in a different way. I feel the same way about this new cuff I got from Heidi J. Hale. They take handwritten sentiments and turn them into precious heirlooms. I also love their personalized stacked rings. You can put any name or word you like on a beautiful and understated ring then stack as many as you please.


Earrings are taking a step back in time to showcase pretty, little stones. These drops and huggies from Anthropologie pair with any outfit and make gorgeous gifts. Something else popular for autumn is layers. Wrap bracelets are the perfect solution for the person who doesn’t really want to wear more than one thing on their wrist. I made one at our company summit in Canyon Ranch and I wear it all the time! It adds texture but doesn’t detract from my overall look.


Incorporating a charm or gem from a special event or vacation is also super popular. I bought a small pendant in Arizona when my brother got married. I added it to a little piece of silk ribbon and wear it as a choker. Also–chokers are back! A delicate piece of leather or a metallic band is a definite must this season.


The hair accessories from Sephora are the perfect addition to any autumnal outfit. A beautiful leather ponytail bow or some bling will amp up your look in seconds. What is your favorite trend for Fall? Check out our video here to see some more of our favorites!



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Best Dry Shampoo

living proof review

I’m a no-shampoo convert. I need the best dry shampoo I can find.  Since 2008, I’ve cut way back on shampooing. It’s no accident that this coincided with having my second child. I simply had less time for beauty rituals. But there was a bonus to letting the shampooing go…I have found that letting your hair rest leads to your best hair ever. But I also love to exercise. I love to break a sweat. That’s where dry shampoo comes in. And I’ve got a new favorite, Living Proof.

Here’s why we love it:


Dry shampoos get you through the mid-week days before your next shampoo. They absorb the oil and leave a fresh scent. Living Proof goes beyond that. It actually gets hair clean. using a “Triple-Action Cleaning Technology.” The biggest difference I notice–the clean, fresh smell. Living Proof Dry Shampoo has a time-released fragrance system that gives you a clean scent throughout the day. This is perfect for the woman who wants to make her blow-outs last as long as possible.

How to Use It

Shake well. Hold canister 6 to 10 inches away from dry hair, then apply Dry Shampoo section by section in a sweeping motion to dirty or oily areas. Wait 30 seconds for powders to activate and cleanse, then remove them by massaging your hair with your fingers, or brushing your hair. Apply more if needed (just make sure to shake the can again).

How it Works

Most dry shampoos work with sweat. Not all of them clean. Plus, this works on dark hair since it doesn’t leave residue.  Bonus: All Living Proof products are sulfate-free, silicone-free and oil-free. Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair.

Application tip from Living Proof: If you see white residue, just wait 30 seconds and brush gently to remove.

You can find Living Proof Dry Shampoo at Sephora. 

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How to Protect Your Hair from Heat

When I do any kind of heat styling I like to apply a heat protectant first. I have colored hair, so not only do I want to protect my hair from heat damage, but I want to preserve the color for as long as possible too. To do that I turn to a product that is specifically formulated for colored hair. Mastey Color Protection Leave In Oil Treatment can not only serve as a heat protectant, but works as a treatment too. Get ready to run your fingers through softer, shinier tresses! So, let’s talk about how to protect your hair…

how to protect your hair

I give you the low down on this favorite new hair care product of mine in my latest beauty video. With ingredients like Argan oil, olive oil, grapeseed extract and Vitamin E this nourishing oil is just what drier hair is begging for! You can bet this girl can use all the help she can get. As much as I love my ombre color job, it definitely dries out my hair so I need to work at it to bring back that moisture!

For more beauty tips and tricks like how to exfoliate your skin, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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Keeping Our Summer Hair Healthy, Bright, and Beautiful With Fairy Tales

fairy tales shampoo

I’m jealous of my son’s hair color… He’s got the most gorgeous blond locks. Seriously, I’d pay good money for that hue. I do pay good money for it. “Give me the ‘Grant’—and throw in a few subtle low lights!”

His shaggy cool-dude surfer-inspired “do” is pretty amazing too. I keep his hair long-ish, which means it needs frequent washing to stay clean, shiny, and sweet-smelling.

That’s why I love Fairy Tales Hair Care. I trust the mom-owned brand and like that the products are healthier, more natural, and effective.

FT Lemon-Aid

Fairy Tales recently updated a few of their formulas to further drive its mission to provide safer products. And so they’ve taken out the bad stuff—you won’t find any sulfates, harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, or parabens in any of their skews. And they’ve gone even further to remove gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts from everything.

I discovered Fairy Tales, whilst searching for a kid-friendly shampoo that would stand up to strong public-pool chemicals. My son was starting swim lessons, and I didn’t want the constant chlorine exposure to harm his healthy hair. I found the new and improved Sun and Swim line, and was instantly sold. It deep cleans sun-damaged hair with natural fruit extracts, like orange flower, grapefruit, aloe, pineapple, and lemon peel to gently remove “green” chlorine sea salts and minerals. (We’re big beach-and-pool bums—so this will be the only shampoo and conditioning pair our family will be using this summer!) It keeps Grant’s perfectly natural blond hair—well, perfect. And it keeps my imperfectly unnatural blond hair—looking as good as the day I left the salon! Plus, the whole line smells like lemonade and summer.

Now that I’ve found a shampoo that meets our summer needs, I’m excited to try a few more products from Fairy Tales. The No More Knots Super Charge line will be perfect for those days when my son wakes up with a serious case of bed head. (Or, you know, when I’ve forgotten to shower for three days straight and wake up with a bird’s nest on my head.) The shampoo, conditioner, and spray condition, moisturize, and detangle, resulting in silky smooth hair. It’s the only children’s hair-care product that contains natural Keratin extracts. In other words, I may have to keep this one all for myself!

rosemary repel

Of course, when the dreaded case of lice appears out of nowhere at my son’s preschool, I will religiously use the Rosemary Repel line. The proprietary blend of organic rosemary, citronella, tea tree, and geranium oils are clinically proven to effectively help prevent lice, while sugar cane, chamomile, and jojoba hydrate and sooth the scalp. (Yes, this is a care-package must if your kids go to sleep-away camp.)

For now, though, you’ll find us at the beach with our Fairy Tales in tow. We’ll be the family that smells like lemonade.

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How to Get Younger Looking Hair

As we age, our tresses do too. Once upon a time I had a jungle of a mane with nary a grey hair in sight. Times change. Bwah! Now that I’m in my thirties, I’ve lost some of the volume I once had and those pesky little greys have definitely found me. And I bet I’m not the only one…Thankfully, there are some products that can help you regain your hair’s once youthful appearance! Hey, we’re diligently taking caring of our skin, eating clean and staying active in order to stay “forever young.” Our hair deserves some attention too! So, I’ve rounded up some products that can help you get younger looking hair…

hair gel

1. Just say not to alcohol. The older I grow the drier my hair seems to get, so products that contain alcohol are a no no. Instead I turn to more moisturizing products that hydrate my hair and make it look glossier and, most importantly, healthier. You may not know this, but I have naturally curly hair. Nobody can accuse me of not loving a good blowout, but I typically only get them when I’m traveling. Most of the time I go with my hair’s naturally curly texture which means I need a good mousse or gel to help define my curls and waves. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Alcohol-Free Styling Gel allows me to combat frizz and moisturize at the same time! Speaking of…

hair mask

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! As soon as I started coloring my hair, my stylist stressed how important it was that I deep condition it at least once a week. All you have to do is apply a good hair mask at the start of your shower and rinse when you’re ready to get it out. It’s as simple as that. I like Pantene’s Pro-V Expert Collection Age Defy Rejuvenating Hydration Hair Masque. In fact, I love the whole Age Defy line. I notice that my hair looks noticeably thicker after using it. Score!


3. Be kind. The last thing you want to do if you have dry, brittle tresses is yank a brush through them when your hair is wet…especially if you haven’t properly conditioned or detangled said tresses. That’s why I use a brush specially made for wet hair, like the Wet Brush, and a good detangling spray like Carol’s Daughter CD4Kids Detangler. This extra step takes next to no time and will help keep breakage at bay. On a side note, the CDFKids line is something that mama and kiddos can use alike!

Younger (1)

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