Organize Your Closet and Curate Your Wardrobe

“Sherri never thought to combine black with navy, but they go perfectly together like peanut butter and chocolate. It’s a rich combo that compliments one another well.” Sage sartorial advice from the one and only Lindsay Brooke Weiss, a NYC-based stylist and the founder of  a “closet and wardrobe editing” service. She recently ransacked the closet of Momtrends’ own Sherri Schubert to help her organize, consolidate, curate, and accessorize. Lindsay has developed a unique multi-step styling system that shifts the focus away from superfluous shopping and, instead, zones in on reinventing her clients’ existing pieces. Interested in learning more? Lindsay is sharing how you can do this for yourself at home! Read on for her tips, tricks, and inspiration.

When it comes to working in a client’s closet, especially a new one, it’s like unwrapping a mystery gift. I never know what I’m going to get… which is what I love!  It’s fun finding pieces somebody may have previously discarded and also uncovering some hidden gems. I recently had the privilege of getting to edit Momtrends Events Director, Sherri Schubert’s closet in lower Manhattan, and boy did we have fun! You may ask, “how did I get started in this business?”  Well, I was the former Fashion and Accessories Editor of various publications and, hands down, my strong suit and passion was styling the covers and editorial stories inside each magazine. I took my skills to the street and started styling models, look-books for brands as well as women (and men!) who reside in New York City, New Jersey and Westchester.  There’s something cathartic about editing and redoing a closet as well as empowering—few things make me happier than when my clients have labeled looks and can easily get dressed in the morning or for a night out.  Here are some steps I go through to edit a client’s closet:

Purging: This is extremely important. You should start with a clean base that consists of only what you wear. This may entail lots of trying on, but it’s worth it in the end!

Switching Hangers: It’s important to maximize your closet, especially the Manhattan kind. Switch all of your hangers to the velvet variation that are thin and won’t leave marks on the shoulders of your blouses or sweaters.

Organizing By Style: The next step is to group all of the jackets together, long sleeve shirts, button downs, you get the idea. Grouping by category keeps everything separated in its own way and organized.

Organizing By Color: Once everything’s grouped I then create subgroups by color.  This makes a closet visually appealing and easy to find what you’re looking for.

Labeling: One of the last steps is labeling each hanger.  This shows my client what gets paired with what, down to their jewelry and accessories.

Filling In: As I go through a client’s closet I make a list of what needs to be supplemented. Sometimes it’s that perfect basic white tissue tank that’s missing from a wardrobe or a pair of slouch boyfriend jeans that can be pegged. Whatever it is, I’ve got you covered!  I shop for my clients and/or send them links of what they should purchase. I’m a firm believer in high/low when it comes to dressing, so whatever the budget is that somebody has in mind, I adhere to it. In Sherri’s case, I sent her a detailed list of what to buy to complete the looks in her closet, based on comfort. One of our favorite finds are these dressy flats in rose gold that can go from day to night. J.Crew makes the best tissue-tees which come in v-neck, scoop neck and the tank variety.  Of course everybody needs a military jacket. H&M’s is inexpensive and more than does the trick. I love it paired with white skinny jeans, shorts or even over an evening gown.  It’s a fun juxtaposition!

Something I preach to my clients that if they don’t wear something, give it away. Your closet should only consist of what you actually wear. Don’t be afraid to give stuff away so that you will actually be able to see what’s in your closet. Simple, sleek and streamlined is my mantra!

You can contact Lindsay regarding her styling services at

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Cute Striped Summer Dresses

Cute Striped Summer Dresses

I’m always on the hunt for cute striped summer dresses — they are easy to dress up and a great way to get ready in a flash this summer. With a summer dress like this one (which is under $100!), you can head to just about any party. Add just a few accessories and you’ve turned one piece into an outfit.

Cute Striped Summer Dresses

Let’s start with the cabi dress. It’s a light weight silky fabric in a cut that fits every figure (and it looks especially good if you have a lot of curves). The Knot Dress is fully lined and hits just above the knee–and guess what? Pockets!

Roberta Roller Rabbit Paola Big Fold Over Clutch

I added a fun new striped bag from Roberta Roller Rabbit. Fringe is a big trend right now and this fuzzy bag is loads of fun. The safe way to wear it is with a white t-shirt and jean shorts, but I’m pushing the boundaries a bit and pairing stripes with stripes.  The Paola Big Fold Over Clutch could be the perfect party bag for your summer. And unlike dinky little clutches, this one can hold a lot more than just a lip gloss and your phone.

Here it is all pulled together. This striped dress is ready to go out on the town.

And the shoes, oh the shoes. Cabi introduced shoes this year and I am loving the Isla Wedge — it is right on-trend. I love the wedge heel, that I can dance in and walk in. It’s a shoe that I’m giving lots of “play time” right now.

cabi wedge shoes

Cabi Spring 2017

This is just one piece from the latest cabi collection. You can see the full runway show  and get lots of ideas for spring in the video, here:

Head here to find out more about cabi and to find a local stylist. Cabi is a brand that brings the stylists to you. Your stylist will not only outfit you, she’ll show you how to reinvent your look. Once you go cabi, you’ll never go back to the mall.

Cute Striped Summer Dresses style tips for how to wear them

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5 Ways to Embrace Mommy-and-Me Style

If you’re a regular here at Momtrends, then you’ve probably already gathered that we’re big believers in the Mommy-and-me school of fashion. Coordinating with our littles is one of our great sartorial joys—it really is the little things. (Plus, it always makes a great Intagram opp!)

While I like to go all out in our matchy-matchiness, there are a few other ways to coordinate your mother-daughter looks without totally twinning—from the subtle to the, well, not-so subtle. Here are our five fave ways to pull off the mommy-and-me look. Get your phone-camera ready!

Color-Coordinate Your Outfits: No need to scour the stores for exact matches—finding pieces in Mom and Baby sizes can be a challenge (not that I’m not always up for it!). But snagging something in the same color or in complementary hues is a much easier style assignment.

Jump for Joy and Go for a Romp: I love a good one-piece. For Baby. For me… What’s not to like? It’s an instant outfit. Skip the separates, and put your little in a bubble romper and yourself in a jumpsuit! Voilá—a simple and subtle way to mommy and me. (Also, mah Baby is so grown up now! I forgot what it feels like to hold a nugget tight in my arms.)

Pick a Pattern—Any Pattern—Or, Go With a Matching Print: Find fun patterns that play off each other or work well together, or rock the same graphic design. Hearts are always easy to find in big and little fashion sizes.

Go Graphic: Seriously though, who is that baby?! Then again, P wasn’t even a whole year old in this photo. She may have changed a lot, but one thing that hasn’t: our love of graphic tees and onesies. I especially enjoy them when the two phrases coordinate.

Be Twinsies and Go All Out: Okay, I have to admit something here… My top is a girls’ size XL. (That’s one secret tip for finding mommy-and-me looks!) But there are other brands that specialize in coordinating styles—Joules, Masala Baby, and even Old Navy are just a couple of companies that do a great job at designing matching  looks for moms and their littles.

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Checks for Spring

Checks for Spring

Sure, lots of people are loving the ruffles of spring, but what about the checks of spring! I found a top from Zara that combines all the trends: the big sleeve, the ruffle and the checks. It’s all fabulous and I took this fashionable top out to one of my favorite places–Maman.

Oh how I love a great café and Maman checks all the boxes (pun intended). Normally when I pop into Maman, it’s too catch up with friends or work from a booth as I nosh on a delicious baked goodie. But if you have time, stay for lunch or dinner. Isn’t the setting swank.

maman tribeca

Let me tell you, curling up with your email and a pistachio croissant in this setting is pretty swell. The vibe is all Paris and I think you’ll love this spot.

maman treats

Back to the clothes. This Zara tops was $39.95 the fuchsia gingham check caught my eye and I loved the easy fit. Yes, it’s got a deep v-neck, but it also has a strap in back that helps the top stay up (I don’t like fussy fashion or tops that have to be constantly adjusted. The swank ruffle sleeve, is all over the editorial pages and I’ve finally relented and tried it on. And I fell in love.

Checks for Spring–How to Wear It

Pair it with cropped jeans in white, traditional navy or black. It’s easy to work with this top or this trend. Don’t be afraid of color–this bright pink is on trend.

As for the shoes, the pompoms are the thing. This pair is also from Zara (sigh, I wish the lines would get shorter there!). The chunky heel is made for walking all over my city. And I intend to wear these all spring long.

trend alert: checks for spring. How to wear them and how to pair them.

What trends are you loving for spring? Let me know if you are trying on checks for spring!

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May the Fourth Be With You

My new neighbor came over this past weekend to give my kids some toys. Her children had outgrown them. Little did this well-intentioned lady know—we already own #allthetoys. Still, my son’s eyes lit up when he saw a lightsaber in the stack of superfluous gadgets and games and trinkets.

He didn’t know what it was, or what it was called, or what it did… He just knew that he wanted it. And just like that my four year old felt the force.

I was trying to wait a little bit longer until I introduced my kiddies to Star Wars… alas, the dark side was calling… as was the stylish side!

Gap just launched a Star Wars capsule collection that includes tees, denim jackets, leggings, sweatshirts, shorts, skirts, and accessories with prices that range from $5 for socks to $98 for a men’s jacket. Of course, the kid and baby looks are my favorite! (Aren’t they always?)

gap starwars

This Gap Star Wars raglan sweatshirt is so simple and stylish for little ones—it’s a perfect layering piece and a fun unisex option for both kiddos. The only thing that’s missing from this adorable duo is that lightsaber—which got confiscated. (Shocking, right?)

star wars gap

Of course, I had to get in on the action on this Star Wars family affair—and so I’m wearing this sassy Princess Leia tank top. Because, well, I am, indeed, a force to be reckoned with… And May the Fourth be with you, too!

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The Box I Can’t Live Without: FabFitFun

Hi, my name is Kristin and I’m full on addicted to subscription boxes. Nothing beats the thrill of opening up a package that consists of complete and total surprises. Am I right? Now, typically the subscriptions boxes that I enjoy are either beauty OR fashion focused, but there is one that I love that is BOTH! FabFitFun is a subscription box service that includes FULL SIZE fashion, beauty, fitness and general all-around lifestyle products. That’s right I said full size. I know we’re all used to the trial size stuff, but this box gives you the real thing!

And they come out with a new box each season that’s filled with goodies to help you give the season at hand, in this case spring, a proper welcome. You deserve a little treat at least once every season don’t you think? Hey, us moms work hard. Between our spouses, our kids, our jobs and everything else that demands our time, we need to remember to reward ourselves. Every mama does, in my opinion, and FabFitFun is full of treats that will do the trick!


fabfitfun subscription box


Just take a look at all the treats that I found in my spring box…

Gypsy 05 Roundie
RealHer Lip Kit
Milly Zip Pouch (bikini bag)
Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray
Luv AJ Crawler Earring Set -or- Emerald Duv Cuff (you’ll get one of these!)
Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set
Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant
Karuna Hydrating Face Mask
Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies

Did I mention that you can score a FabFitFun box for only $49.99, yet you get over $200.00 worth of products?! I mean the Gypsy 05 Roundie alone is with the price tag. I’m already planning all the picnics I can bring it on. Bwah! And if the spring box is sold out when you go to grab your own, never fear! You can use our special code to order the next box which is sure to be just as fabulous!

Simply use our coupon code “MOMTRENDS” to get $10 off your first box over at


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How to Wear Spring Stripes and Navy

How to Wear Spring Stripes and Navy. Styling tips on how to wear this classic spring style.

I feel fashion needs to work for me. I need clothes that are equal parts form and function. That’s why I want to give you tips on how to wear spring stripes and navy–it’s easy to put together outfits and you’ll feel pulled together. Let’s go!

I was at our Momtrends NY529 plan event at the ICE event space in Brookfield Place when I spotted this gorgeous installation by Pinaree Sanpitak, she had draped the grand space in white linen that hung beneath the canopy of palm trees, the effect was dreamy and playful. The kids that interacted with it acted as if they were in a gigantic fort–which they were.

The installation will be up in NYC until July 5th at the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place, you can get more information about the art experiences here.

perfect spring outfit

How to Wear Spring Stripes and Navy

For spring, you can’t go wrong with navy. The color is crisp, classic and works with whites, brights, stripes and florals, which gives you so many options. This top is from LOFT. I bought it only a week or two ago in store, but I can’t seem to find it online, so I am linking to these matching eyelet shorts in navy.

White jeans are also a must for the season (and a good Clorox bleach pen to keep them clean). Since I wear what I own, I am sharing jeans that have had many seasons of love. These are from and they have held their shape really well after MANY washings.

The shoes are from Sofft and I get asked about them all the time. I got these about 5 years ago and they still look great (which goes to show you animal skin is always a solid investment). You can’f find this specific pair anymore, but you can get some similar styles over at Zappos. I think the Renita heel is a excellent pick for spring. Sofft is known for having a generously padded footbed and stacked heels. TIP: Don’t be afraid to add a printed shoe to your outfit with stripes.

“Hi, my name is Nicole and I have a problem…” I cannot downsize my bag. I have to carry enormous totes because I am always on the go. My latest is from Zara and I love that it is gold and white and reversible. 

cabi maritime trench

Since spring weather is unpredictable, at best, in NYC, I usually have a few transitional coats in my closet like this terrific find from cabi clothing. The Maritime Trench adds a touch of warm and loads of style to my spring outfits. It’s also a very “packable” item since it’s a fabulous knit blend. You can find out more about cabi’s spring collection here.

How to Wear Spring Stripes and Navy Tips for Styling spring

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Be Still T-Shirt

Be Still T-shirt

Oh, how I need this reminder to be still. My Be Still T-shirt from Cents of Style is a fashionable reminder that I can’t do everything, nor do I even need to try this impossible feat.

Graphic tees are so on trend. Seems like messaging is just what we need to set us straight. In a world where we are bombarded with where to go and what to do, sometimes you need to wear your heart on your sleeve.

I know I need to slow down, that’s why I picked this t-shirt. Meditating? I’ve tried it. Just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Maybe fashion messaging is the answer.

The Be Series is all about writing your dreams and goals on your sleeve…or across your chest. There are lots of shirts to pick from, be happy, be brave, be bold, be kind. If you need a passion project, why not wear it.

Be Series Graphic T-Shirts

The collection of crew-neck BE T-SHIRTS are super soft and perfect as the season heats up. Pair them with your favorite shorts or denim, or layer it under a blazer.

MOMTRENDS DISCOUNT CODE: The code is BESTORY and it will make each tee $15.95, with FREE SHIPPING! The code is valid 4/28 through 4/30.

Be Still T-shirt

This is my weekend fashion goal—jeans, t-shirt, hat and sneakers. I hear the sun is finally going to come out. I’m ready to go the park with the kids and some books and finally be still for a few minutes. How about you?

See more of the “Be Series” graphic tees:

Be Series graphic tees

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Zulily $15 Mom Referral Program

Zulily $15 Mom Referral Program

Sharing can get you free store credit at zulily! Did you know – if you share products and events with friends on Facebook, Pinterest or email, you can get $15 in credit when they make their first purchase? There are no limits to how many credits you can earn. Shop and share!

Zulily $15 Mom Referral Program

Head here to learn more. Once you sign up it’s so easy to refer friends. Here’s how it works.

1. Head to the “my account” drop down menu.
3. Connect to your email and find out how much shopping credit you can earn!

You can connect with your friends from your gmail, yahoo or outlook accounts. Shopping credit is applied when the new member’s first qualifying order ships (not when they join). The more you share the more $15 credits you earn—there’s no limit.

The best “word of mom” marketing comes when you wear zulily and all your friends ask you where you got your cute clothes. Show them the app on your phone and then send them and email invite to join zulily. No pressure, just fun. That’s the way we roll at Momtrends.

What to see more of the fashions? This week I’m hosting a special zulily event—(hurry! the sale ends Saturday and things are selling out!). At zulily the collections are put together just for busy women like us. They have sales that last six days with all the brands you love. I like the trendy clothes and the fact that I can save up to 70% on my purchases. I whip out the app on my iPhone and check to see what’s new, like this: See the entire collection here:

It’s not just mom style, it’s for kids and your home too. Every day a new sale goes live, so I try to pop in often. Now is a great time to shop for Mother’s Day and all those graduation gifts coming up. You never know what you will find.

Sharing can get you free store credit at zulily! Did you know - if you share products and events with friends on Facebook, Pinterest or email, you can get $15 in credit when they make their first purchase? There are no limits to how many credits you can earn. Shop and share!

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Gingham Styles for Little Girls

Don’t mind us… We’ll be egg hunting well into May at this rate. My little people discovered the joy of the Easter egg hunt this past holiday weekend, and they’re totally committed to making this a daily occurrence. Ha… Imma have to get very creative with my hiding spots at this rate!

Ah, spring… I’ll happily take on the task of daily egg hunts if it means we’re outside breathing in the fresh floral spring air. I’m so glad the sunshine and warm weather has finally arrived. We’re finally shedding the jackets and layers, and opting for spring-ready styles!

First up on the spring style must list: gingham. The classic checkered print has been getting an update for women lately with a trendier edge. And while I might be coveting THIS and THIS and THIS for my own closet, I’ve already splurged on a few pieces for my princess.

This two-piece from the Victoria Beckham for Target collection was too cute to pass on. How cute is this ensemble of hers? It’s like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz meets the iconic outdoor tablecloth. It is picnic season, after all!

I’ve rounded up a few more adorable gingham pieces perfect for spring days… and endless non-Easter egg hunts.

  1. Pink Chicken Apron Dress, $15/ 2. Luli & Me Gingham Check Smocked Dress, $54/ 3. Florence Eieman Seersucker Set, $75/ 4. Carter’s 2-Piece, $12/ 5. Gap Gingham Flutter Top and Shorts, $25/ 6. Carter’s Gingham Poplin Shirt Dress, $17

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