Spring Crafting and Snacking #MTHalosFun

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It was a blustery cold day in NYC, but the Momtrends team was channeling spring at our #MTHalosFun event this past weekend, at the Children’s Museum of Arts in downtown Manhattan.

An event that combines two things we love: healthy food and family fun! What’s not to love…

crafting with mandarins

halos craft

As moms, we want to find healthy, delicious, and convenient snacks for our children that meet our high standards and satiate our kids’ nonstop hunger. Luckily, Wonderful Halos mandarins check off every box on our lenghty list of requirements. They’re 100 percent California-born and raised, and non-GMO-project verified. They’re sweet, juicy, seedless, satisfying, easy-to-peel, portable, fresh, and good for you to boot! What more could a mom (and her picky eater) ask for? Oh, I don’t know… perhaps a snack that doubles as a craft supply?!

halos blogger event

chick and bunny craft

spring craft

Yes, to celebrate our favorite seasonal fruit, we teamed up with Halos to a host a day of spring-inspired snacking and crafting, and invited a few of our favorite local bloggers and their families along for the fun.

While lunching and munching on delicious dishes chock-full of mandarins and sipping  smoothies, we got our arts-and-crafts on with some super-cute and silly projects, featuring the star of the day: Halos mandarins, of course!

Want to get in on the creative action? The Wonderful Halos website features all sorts of amazing recipe and craft ideas you can try at home. Here, we’re sharing our two favorites from the event! Enjoy… just try not to eat all your Halos before you finish your work of art!

Wonderful Halos Island Breeze Smoothie

prep: 10 minutes, serves 2

2 wonderful halos mandarins, peeled
1 cup coconut milk
1 banana, peeled
1 cup frozen pineapple pieces
1/3 cup of macadamia nuts

1. Combine everything in the pitcher of  blender
2. Cover and blend on high speed until very smooth, about 2 minutes
3 Serve.

Halos Chick

Halos mandarin
Yellow paper
Yellow pipe cleaner
Googly eyes
Glue dots

1. Cut the chick’s wings from yellow paper. you can create a feathered effect by cutting little slits into the paper’s edge. fold them bck at the base nd secure to the sides of the halo with glue dots.

2. Use a yellow pipe cleaner to form the legs and feet

3. Fold yellow paper and cut a little trainge for the beak. use glue dots to add the beak and google eyes

Find all the crafts at http://www.halosfun.com/teamhalos.html. (More spring crafts being added later this week!)

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5 Ways to Practice Your Handwriting Skills

It’s National Handwriting Day, and, while other off-the-grid holidays might miss our radar, this one is always marked (beautifully in cursive, I might add!) on our annual calendar. As bloggers, we’re big on writing from the heart. But, as women and moms, we’re also big on writing from the hand. There’s something so special, authentic, and meaningful about handwritten words on a page. Sure, It’s easy to rely on laptops and computers and emails and text messages in this age of technology. And we’re not complaining—in this business, we rely on those modern mediums. But it’s also why we’re so committed to keeping ourselves, our kids, and our wrists in action! Our children are so electronically-wired these days, and it’s our responsibility to lead by example. So pick up a pen and paper, and get to work! Here are five ways to encourage this important activity and celebrate National Handwriting Day.

Get a New Journal
Commit to putting your thoughts, feelings, and ideas down in writing every night. If a whole blank page seems unrealistic or intimidating, consider a “one line a day” journal. Keep it on your nightstand, and make it part of your bedtime routine.

Send Someone a Card
Create and send a “thank you” note for a friend who did something small and unexpected for you, or just jot down a little “hello” to a loved one you haven’t connected with in a while. A beautiful piece of stationery or uplifting greeting card will totally brighten your day and someone else’s.

Write a Letter
Go ahead and embrace your emotional side. Write your future self a letter, write your kids a letter to be opened on the date of a major milestone, or go for the mushy-gushy, and write your other half a love letter for Valentine’s Day.

Treat Yourself to a New Pen
Allow us to geek out for a second, but there’s nothing like a brand new pen with the perfect weight, feel, and flow to get creative juices moving—whether you opt for one that’s cute and fun or functional and professional. (Clearly, we go for the cute and fun first!)

Watch Our Video
Last year, we created this awesome easy lettering tutorial and video. It’ll help you with the fundamentals of calligraphy—an awesome hobby to take up today and every day.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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Ian Ziering on Blogging, Bedwetting, Family Bonding, and More

Ian Ziering is a lot of things—an actor, a former teen heartthrob, a would-be apprentice, an amateur dancer, a husband, a father, and now a blogger too. He and his wife recently launched an online lifestyle destination and resource for parents, where they blog about everything from crafts to recipes to real-life anecdotes about their young kids and even revelations about their own childhoods. In fact, Ian has been extremely open about one of the most personal experiences of his youth: bedwetting—and how this helped him as now ad a dad himself. We recently chatted with the Sharknado star about life at home with the Zierings…

Photo via At Home With the Zierings

Photo via At Home With the Zierings

What has your family been doing together this summer to bond? What’s been the most exciting part of the season?
Well we do have travel plans, but what I’m most excited about is my new blog that my wife and I started called “At Home With the Zierings.” It gives us a chance to show our favorite foods, the crafts that my wife does for the kids, and all of our family adventures.

What do you do with your family do to stay active and keep a healthy lifestyle?
We try to eat very health consciously. We try to maintain an organic household—although some junk food sneaks in—mostly in my bag. We do everything we can to nurture [our children,] provide an education, and make it fun at the same time. We try to challenge them educationally and creatively.

Check out Ian's adorable daughters at their Sharknado premiere party. Photo via At Home With the Zierings

Check out Ian’s adorable daughters at their Sharknado premiere party. Photo via At Home With the Zierings

Summer can be challenging for parents. With the premiere of Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens earlier this summer and other projects, you have a lot of work lined up, I assume. What are your tips for parents to find balance and keep sane over the summer.
I think the most important thing to do is be present—to be engaged with your family. In this day and age, between TV [and everything else], it’s so easy to be distracted. You just have to be present and know your time with the kids is fleeting. These are moments you’ll never get to live through again. They’re only kids for a short amount of time.

What are your fondest childhood memories from summer?
Oh my Gosh, summer camp! Summer camp was probably my favorite childhood memory.

Do you have any not-so-great childhood memories from summer?
My worst childhood memory was wetting the bed. I remember I was either four or five years old. It was at a difficult time… But I remember scrambling at night to change the sheets. As a matter of fact, that is something I am currently dealing with in my own household. My little three year old is a bit of a bedwetter. That’s something most of us go  through at some point or another. For me, It was tough because I would go to bed worried thinking, “Oh Gosh, I hope I don’t wet the bed.” And if I did, I wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep. With [our daughter], we’ve tried to find ways she will not have to deal with that. We use GoodNites so that she will sleep comfortably. She doesn’t even know if she’s done it! She wakes up confident and goes about her day. It inspires confidence—which allows her to be more independent. These are our values and the virtues we try to foster.That’s been a great tool—I wish I had when I was young.

Are these the type of lifestyle things you’re excited to talk about on your blog? It sounds as if your wife is very much into pinterest , very crafty, and that you’re sharing your everyday parenting experiences…
Absolutely, I’m passionate about my family. They’re my “why” for everything. When I was young, I was motivated by glory. As I become older, I became more focused on accomplishments—and now I’m motivated by them. Everything I do is for my family—to help maintain the lifestyle we’re accustomed to and to make the world a better place for our future.

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Momtrends Partners with New York Family for The New York Baby Show

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.00.08 PM

We’re excited to announce a new partnership tip today! Momtrends is partnering with New York Family, the premier resource for families in NYC, to host an intimate media lounge for bloggers during the New York Baby Show from May 16th-17th.

“Bringing brands and bloggers together is what we do best!” says Nicole Feliciano the CEO of Momtrends Media, “We’re thrilled to be bringing the biggest, most connected social media moms in New York to the event for special programing.”

Momtrends is excited to support the fifth anniversary of The New York Baby Show. The successful event features some of the top baby and family brands in the industry. As the largest consumer expo for new and expectant parents, Momtrends will be involved in working with media and bloggers to amplify the exciting products showcased at the event. Momtrends will help bloggers connect with top brands providing gear and services for pregnancy, baby, and toddlers.

“Coming into our fifth anniversary year, The New York Baby Show is now the largest consumer show for expectant and new parents in the country—and we think that Momtrends is the perfect partner to insure that bloggers have a great experience—fun, fresh, and deeply informative,” says John Hurley, Publisher of New York Family.

In addition to attending an exclusive Blogger’s Lounge, the Momtrends team will help visiting bloggers get the most from the experience from the The New York Baby Show including: informative seminars, stroller track testing and demonstrations such as safety, feeding, sleep and nursery admissions.

The New York Baby Show will be held on May 16th-17th, 2015 from 10am-4pm at Pier 92 in NYC. Click here to get more information about tickets

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Beauty Break with Pamela Pekerman

Accessorize for Motherhood 2013-154Since we throw events, I know the effort that goes into executing a great one. Last week my friend (and contributore to Momtrends’ Pregnant Unicorn) Pamela Pekerman gathered some of her NYC trendsetting friends for a memorable evening of beauty and pampering.

Pamela hosted the “Accessorize for Motherhood” event at bodySCULPT on Central Park South.

Accessorize for Motherhood 2013-071

Celebrities including Live From The Couch host and mom-to-be Carolina Bermudez, PIX11 Morning News anchor Frances Rivera (pictured with me above!), and CafeMom host Alex McCord and more. Pamela is in her last trimester and still rocking heels and fabulous dress. She shared her go-to products to maintain a sexy, stylish and sane pregnancy.

The theme of the night was “Never Surrender,” Pam’s personal push to ensure pregnant women and moms never give up on their beauty and fashion regimens. Pamela’s top picks included the Naturophatica Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel ($56), to combat pesky pregnancy pimples caused by congested skin due to hormone madness. Another fabulous beauty tip? try adding some volume to your lashes. In just minutes the ladies from The La Voila Beauty Lash Bar transformed my eyes. Loved it!

Accessorize for Motherhood 2013-039

Accessorize for Motherhood 2013-036


Accessorize for Motherhood 2013-052

All the ladies loved the trendy braids from the and The La Voila Braid Bar. created by the illustrious La Voila Beauty team, while quenching their thirst with decadent Kusmi Tea.

Accessorize for Motherhood 2013-035

For more on Pamela go to: www.PamelaPekerman.com.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get free services.

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Momtrends News and Announcements

2013 news

You may have noticed some changes going on at Momtrends and I’m taking a moment to share all the exciting news and let you know about the opportunities we have to work with your brand or blog.

First, thanks to the team at Doubleshot Tech, we’ve got a whole new look. It should be easier than ever to navigate the site thanks to handy drop-down bars. You can also click on the link of your favorite author to see all of her work and we’ve added an archive bar so you can catch up on the trends at your leisure.

new editors

I can’t do it all alone! We’ve been consistently adding talent to our roster and this year is no exception. A few notable additions to the site include Kate Bayless as our “Gear Girl” and Kristin Swenson as our Contributing Fashion Editor. I’ve been struggling to keep up with sharing all the trends–Kristin has stepped up beautifully and will be an even bigger part of the site in 2013. Look for here “Trendy Thursday” posts and the new “Mini Style Saturday” –both are essential reads!. Serena Norr continues to oversee everything that posts on the site as our intrepid Managing Editor–everything runs through her that ends up on Momtrends. Brooke Stewart has been busier than ever signing marketing deals with us and Sherri Schubert remains the best Event Manager in NYC. For a full list of our team click here.

blogger outreach

Brands like us. And we like sharing our favorite brands with our favorite influencers. It’s what we do best. This year alone we’ve shared paid three huge blogging opportunities with key online women. Partnerships so far include: Old Navy, Stride Rite, and Disney Paint for Glidden. The best way to get on our radar is to sign up on our Blogger News & Opportunities list here. There’s much more to come in 2013.

photo shoots

You might have noticed the fabulous Monday Mingle photo shoots. We’ve found an amazing studio partner in Bellamy Blue. Now we’re able to showcase trends even better than before. Since fashion is so visual, we want to make sure our photos tell the story of how to best interpret the trends. We shoot 1x a month and always have spots for sponsors to participate. Contact Brooke Stewart momtrends (at) hotmail (dot) com to find out about our next shoot.

video production

We’ve got a video partner too! MomtrendsTV is a growing opportunity. Each week we share a new style-centric video on our YouTube Channel and these fresh takes on fashion have been syndicated at JustHerStyle.com. Again, we’re always looking for great partners.


We really love to network…and throw parties. This year the team will be attending Mom 2.0 Summit in May/California, BlogHer in July/Chicago and co-hosting the fabulous Fashion Forward Conference in NYC/September. Find out how to connect with our powerful network of bloggers at these unique events, by contacting Brooke Stewart for a deck on conference engagement.

Keep up with everything trendy and cool for moms:
Follow us on Twitter here @Momtrends
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Winter Fashion: Cozy & Chic


How do you evolve your personal style? Trial and error. Not every purchase is a homerun. I was looking for a fun new sweater at a local Brooklyn Boutique, Nos. I saw this sweater with a cool, distressed neckline from a brand called FUNKTIONAL. I thought it was cool and trendy. The Mr? Not so much.

The outfit started with my new Caramel Aerosoles boots (on sale now $49.99). They’ve been sending me a pair every month and this pair has been divine in the cold. They are so comfortable it’s almost sinful. I wish the heel were a little higher/wedgier, but hey, they are free and warm. I’ve been making an effort to NOT wear too much black this winter. My red jeans never got put away from summer. They are Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s and I think they are so cheerful. The top, well, that’s where things get interesting. And I need your opinion.



What do you think? Did I get “ripped off” or was this worth the risk? Let me know and inspire me with a post of your own. One lucky fashionista is going to score a $50 AMEX gift card. Perfect for your next shopping trip!

‘); // ]]>

Monday Mingle is a collaboration between Momtrends, BonBonRoseGirls and Glamamom. Each week I join my friends Jill and Kristin to share a personal style post and we invite our fashionable friends to join in. This week I am hosting and I look forward to your thoughts and posts.

amex gift card

Full Disclosure: Winner must be 18 years or older and a US Resident. No purchase necessary. Winners will be notified via email with the specifics on how to claim their prize. Contest ends 2/11/13 at Midnight EST. Winners will be picked by random.org. By entering this contest, you will automatically be signing up for the Momtrends newsletter.

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Momtrends Sparkle Event

 Momtrends Sparkle Event

Momtrends Sparkle Event

Earlier this week Momtrends and several editors in NYC celebrated a night out with some delicious food, wine, treats and gorgeous jewelry! Sponsored by Margo Siegel PR, a boutique public relations firm, the night featured a whole lot of sparkles as editors were able to check out a collection of jewelry from Dana Rebecca, dalla nonna, Graziela and Melinda Maria as well as some adorable personalized items available from Nik’s Naks. Mixing, mingling and shopping were on the agenda as editors were able to meet with the designers and shop!

I loved checking out the different collections and each brought something unique to the event. The Dana Rebecca line featured a gorgeous collection of handcrafted jewels like the Sylvie Rose pendant that would be perfect whether you are running around with the kids or if you want to add a little bit of diamonds into your life. Having written about dalla nonna in the past (see past article here), I loved seeing their signature calendar necklaces and bracelets up close. As a personalized piece, they can be made with the date of your choice and accented with stones you pick.

Graziela was also there and I loved this collection – especially the Clear Factor Ring. Available in a variety of gemstones, this bold ring is set in rock crystal and adds a gorgeous pop of color.  Melinda Maria was another fun designer featured at the event, and her earrings – especially the Baby Pave Thorn Hoop ones – were a hit! I loved the white diamond thorns along with the textured hoops that also had a great price point at only $110.

Pamela Pekerman and Nicole

Editors were also treated to makeup touch-ups from bareMinerals /QVC before sitting for a professional headshot from Bellamy Blue at Elk Studios. The makeup artists pointed out that a little bit of makeup can go a long way, and that for spring to focus on fun eyeshadow colors like gold if you have blue eyes and green shadow if you have brown eyes. After everyone was touched up, the photographers from Bellamy Blue had the editors “strike a pose” as they snapped away. Everyone looked gorgeous and every editor was able to pick their favorite piece of jewelry from the showroom to capture in their headshots! I wore the gorgeous Long Pod Necklace from Melinda Maria and loved how it naturally dangled and looked great layered.

Julia Beck striking a pose

Yummy treats from Keep it Sweet

Since it was a happy hour we focused on unique (and tasty!) happy-hour themed desserts from Keep it Sweet. We all enjoyed a delicious collection of chocolate stout cupcakes, margarita cookies, and pink champagne cupcakes. Bite-sized and so delicious – you can even order these treats online!

Pam of Triple Threat Mommy and Jenna of Mommy in Manhattan

Kerri of Raising Three Savvy Ladies, Sarah of  The Stroller Ballet, and me

At the event, Nicole also spoke about the RBaby Foundation and how Momtrends donated $1,000 to this amazing cause. Yesterday, Julia Beck of Forty Weeks was honored with the R Baby Champion Award at their 5-Star Food & Wine Gala for her incredible work in bringing to light the need of funding, training and education to improve pediatric emergency care.

A rousing night of networking, food, pictures and sparkly jewelry was an incredible way to connect with designers and brands as well as enjoyable and memorable night out.

Thank you to our amazing sponsor:

Margo Siegel PR

This was a sponsored event put on by the Momtrends event team. Many thanks to all of our sponsors who made this night possible! To find out how to get involved or invited, email Sherri (at) momtrends (dot) com.

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