Masala Baby: Global Style for Summer’s Adventures

Hippie meets preppy. That’s how I’d describe the Masala Baby summer collection. It’s colorful, cute, playful, trendy, and stylish. Beachy-chic and totally adorable.

Masala Baby is a baby and kids lifestyle brand that combines the rich cultural influences of India with a contemporary aesthetic that crosses borders effortlessly. With tasseled coverups and caftans, seersucker linen shorts and dresses, and bold bubble, the line looks and feels global, and every style manages to strike the perfect balance between inspirational and practical; functional and fashionable.

I dressed my littles in Masala Baby this past weekend on our strawberry picking adventure and our first seasonal beach outing, and they looked breezy and cool.

How handsome does my boy look in this Sumba Organic Tee? He looks ready for the islands when paired with a pair of turquoise Old Navy shorts and matching slip-on sneakers.

Here he is again in a Neat Shirt Gajah  and striped seersucker shorts?

My babe is a beachy keen vision in the Baby Sanur One-Piece. The look is ever sweeter with this Masala Baby beach hat, but girlfriend has a mind of her own and wouldn’t wear it.

We’re loving the entire collection. Nicole’s daughter recently rocked a Masala Baby caftan too…. and we’re thrilled to learn they’re expanding their mommy and me options! We can’t wait to twin at the pool soon!

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Cute Graphic Onesies for Baby

When my husband dresses the baby, it’s typically a comedy of sartorial errors… Weather-inappropriate top, way-too-small pants (like, where did you find those?!), and mismatching socks. It’s a hodge-podge of whatever clean items he can actually manage to pull together. It’s almost like he pulls out everything from the back of the closet, tosses his hidden loot into a bag to mix them up, and blindly reaches in… I call it grab-bag chic.

So when I called my husband to tell him I was on my way home from an early morning appointment, a couple of weeks ago, and he proudly proclaimed that the kids were already dressed and ready to start the day, I cringed on the inside… What was I coming home to?!

Alas, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this little tomboy of a lady was, well, in pretty much the sweetest styles ever. “I couldn’t find any clean clothes for her, so I grabbed this outfit out of storage.” Yes, my husband neglected to see the beautifully pressed piles of girlie garb in her changing table drawers, and went straight the basement to pull out my son’s old baby stuff… unintentionally resulting in, what I think, just might be the cutest outfit ever.

Needless to say, she was happy as can be in her super cozy outfit. I think she was relieved to get a day off from the frilly frocks and glitter-embellished, well, everything I usually doll her up in!

Ketchup on her messy mouth, hat covering her knotty hair, and light-up sneakers to brighten an otherwise cloudy day. That is the essence of this happy soul. I really do think this outfit and her carefree smile capture her personality perfectly… I’ve got to turn to  Daddy’s styling skills more often! (And doesn’t she just look like she’s modeling for a fashion-blog photo-shoot right here?!)`

I’m a huge fan of slightly ironic graphic tees for Mama–so, naturally, I’m all about expressive onesies for Baby too! Tell us how you really feel, little one… Indeed, this rough-and-tough girl of mine would prefer to go through life sans pants–so this ensemble gave me a hearty laugh. And that panama hat (also her brothers!) is just the finishing touch her hipster outfit needed.

We’re almost out of the onesie phase, and I’m super sad about it. I love the convenience of a baby bodysuit, and I’m going to squeeze her into them as long as I possibly can… and Imma dig through the archives to pull out a few more gems like this one!

I’ve rounded up a few favorite graphic onesies, below… Because, Baby life is better in a cute and comfy onesie… and #thesnuggleisreal.

From top left to bottom right: The Snuggle Is Real, $5/ No Pants, No Problem, $5 / Free Hugs, $5 / Vacay Every Day, $7 / Play Hard, Nap Hard, $7 / No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem, $7 / Small Fry, $8 / Hug Life, $16 / Tater Tot, $`8 / Little But Fierce, $5 / Morning Person, $5 / Boss Lady, $5

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Faux Leather Jackets for Toddlers

The weather in New York has been insanely amazing these last few days. I mean, it’s mid-February, and we hit 64 degrees. SIXTY-FOUR DEGREES! That’s mind-blowing and record-shattering, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier to get a little spring preview—especially after an epic winter storm just last week. (Seriously, the weather is all over the map!)

Of course, my kids have been crazy-excited to get outside too and take advantage of the warm spell—to run and frolic and swing and kick and cartwheel and jump rope and throw snowballs from the sporadic and mostly melted patches of icy slush.

Naturally, they’re not quite as excited about getting on their heavy jackets. They’re so eager to escape the indoors and play that they don’t want to take the time to layer up in those bulky, restricting winter puffers I’ve been shoving them in for the last three months (nevermind the hats, gloves, scarves, and boots).

Nevertheless, I haven’t had time to take out (and shop for new) spring gear. Seriously, I wasn’t anticipating this kind of weather yet. And so I whipped out our early fall jackets, instead. Easy-breezy—literally.

My little lady was pretty pumped to lighten up in a faux leather moto-bomber jacket. It’s the perfect weight and offer ideal coverage for these unlikely and confusing “sprinter” conditions.

How sweet and stylish does P look in her quilted pleather moto jacket? It’s equal parts functional and fashionable. (It’s not as fabulous as this true-leather grownup style, but I still think she look rocks it!) Of course, every moto baby needs an equally edgy accessory—and for Penn, that’s her English Bulldog sidekick, Duke…

From left to right: Genuine Kids Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $22 / Urban Republic Distressed Faux Leather Jacket, $46/ OshGosh Ruffled-Pink Faux Leather Jacket, $22

I’ve rounded up three super-affordable and super-chic faux leather jacket for littles. Whether it’s a style statement or a weather necessity, these warm jackets are a staple in every toddler’ closet… Bulldog not included.

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Hot Mama: South Beach Style for Mom and Baby

sb styleI’m going to admit something that usually earns me some enemies…

I don’t like South Beach.

Sorry, Miami gals, it’s nothing personal! It’s just that, well, you’re way to fab for me. You ladies can stay up late and party hardy and wear neon crop tops and  rock beach hair and look like a million bucks in your itty-bitty bikinis in the morning… And I just can’t keep up. (Also, I say things like “party hardy” so clearly I’m not cool enough to hang.)

Of course, I’m making a major generalization here. It’s just that as a tourist and an outsider, it legit seems like everyone and their mother (and their mother’s mother) is out and about at 2 AM in the city that never sleeps (sorry, NYC—I’m demoting you.)

zapp xtraI do like palm trees though. And vibrant sky lines. And endless ocean. And anything remotely tropical, so I guess I could get behind South Beach… so long as there’s a hotel bed somewhere that doesn’t thump with the beat of round-the-clock club music.

I also really do like the new limited-edition South Beach Quinny Zapp Xtra stroller—so there’s that… Inspired by the summer, beach, and signature style of Miami’s South Beach, this stroller is available in pastel blue or pink, and both feature bright, neon accents.

quinny south beach stroller baby

pineappleI styled outfits for myself and my little lady to coordinate with our hot new ride (because, matching is our thing!). Baby P is modeling what actually should be a crop top (it’s just a bit big on her!) with ruffled pineapple-print bloomers. I’m pretty sure she could rock South Beach in this adorable outfit. I, on the other hand, opted for something a bit more reserved. I went with Miami-approved vibrant colors—in a more practical maxi-dress style from the Gap. Let’s be honest, Mama’s still got to bend down and fold a stroller and put it in a car—and that just doesn’t work out so well in a mini skirt!

mom adjusting baby stroller

stroller with quinny zapp south beach

holding baby quinny xtra strollerStyle aside, I’m absolutely in love with this stroller, and so is Baby P. She naps like a dream in the fully reclinable cocoon seat. It folds easily and compactly and makes for an amazing travel system with the Maxi Cosi infant car seat. You can use this buggy from birth on and it can be adjusted to face two ways… But Baby P likes to face out and see all the sights, whether we’re at home or strolling the bustling streets of South Beach!

This is not a sponsored post. We were given a sample for review. All opinions are our own.

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