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Let me explain something. There are two things that you must know about me. One, I do not eat warm fruit. I will not care if you slaved over that peach cobbler for the entire day, I will say thank you and then put it into the nearest plant when you aren't looking. Fruit should be cold and crisp as Mother Nature intended. Let's talk about Showaflops for summer.

Secondly, wet tiles skeeve me out. I mean, really. Public showers, changing rooms in beach bathhouses or pool locker rooms. Oye.

About two months ago, I had to shower, gasp, at the gym. We were redoing our bathroom, so we were without the ability to bathe for three days. And since that does not compute, I decided to brave the gym showers. It's a nice clean facility, why would I have a problem?

Question is, why wouldn't I have a problem. Germs aren't something that you can walk up to and kick out the way. They're there. Right there. Looking at you. Laughing and taunting. I hate to sound hysterically paranoid, but what seems like a clean floor might not be.

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Taking a shower at my gym really got me thinking. During the days of beach trips, camping adventures and swim lessons, we find ourselves constantly in public showers and bathroom stalls that have the potential for bare feet to meet the unsightly.

Now we happily wear our newShowaflops. These are flip flops that have an antimicrobial layer that helps protect your feet from bacteria, mold and fungus on public shower floors. And since I rock a Boston accent and pronounce shower "showah" sometimes, these found a special place in my heart from the get-go.

The origination of these shower-destined flip flops stemmed from a daughter's need to shower in her college dormitory without getting all that mildew, hair, soap scum and co-ed scum on her feet. Since she told her father that regular flip flops weren't comfortable in the shower, he got to work and the concept of Showaflops was born.

I used to wear my regular flips too whenever I went into a wet tiled place, but my feet were always slipping sideways as I walked. These FFs have a unique drainage hole system and a deeply grooved diamond-shaped sole that help prevent slipping on wet and slick surfaces so that you can get a grip. They have boys and girls, mens and womens, with all different patterns in the drainage holes (think smily faces, surf waves, skulls and peace signs).

Now if I could just get a real grip, maybe I could be a little calmer this summer about wet tiles. But I'm still not buying the warm fruit concept. That one you can keep. More cobbler for you.

Showaflops are available at for $20-$22.

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