Zutano Launches E-Commerce Site


This week Zutano unveiled their glorious new online web boutique. Addicted parents around the nation are thrilled that they can now get everything under the sun from Zutano 24-7 via this amazing online store.

While I love the little retailers that carry Zutano, I admit to being frustrated when size runs were incomplete or a store was missing an accessory (tip: always stock more booties that you think you need).


Zutano's e-commerce website offers the comprehensive line of products, from the cornerstone whimsical baby clothing to accessories, plush toys, socks, shoes, bedding and latest home products.


The site looks as fresh and spunky as the clothing line. It's crisp, colorful and easy to navigate. '??From our very beginning, the one amazing force, the muse of our existence, has been the beauty of the babies that have surrounded us,'? says Uli Belenky, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Zutano.

On your first visit, we suggest heading to the '??Uli'??s Picks'?? section. Here you can see how some of the magical prints are meant to work together. Check out how Uli sees the patterns to '??work'?? together and showcases her favorites for the season. Collectors will want to visit the Print Families section to see all the possibilities for mixing and matching.

print families

The new site will also link to a Zutano blog that will share information on the daily events at Zutano.

A month ago I sat down with Michael to talk about the birth of this new shopping experience. Like every piece of delicious Zutano clothing, you can be sure Michael and Uli sweated the details. '??We have brought together an experienced team of e-commerce experts and amazing web designers to create a shopping experience that is worthy of the Zutano brand,'? says Michael. We couldn't agree more. Shop. Play. Enjoy the world of Zutano.

Visit the Zutano web site at www.zutano.com

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