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Shelly Kennedy Graphic Art


Why do I comb trade shows? Because every now and then I stumble across an artist such as Shelly Kennedy. Kennedy an artist who believes in color and messaging. I was looking for artwork for our girls' room. It couldn't be too sweet nor could it be too sophisticated. What I found from Kennedy (her studio work is called Drooz Studio), was a perfect match. Upbeat, graphic, colorful.


I was particularly drawn to the new "Believe Series" These works have a visual punch and plenty of positive messaging. The messages can be bought in smallish squares (such as Feed Your Creativity 14 x 14" for $69) or combined into a large statement piece. It's up to you the mom decorator.

Now that you've seen the work, aren't you dying to get the scoop? Me too. Here's our exclusive interview with Shelly.

Tell me about the Believe series...

For ten years I have designed art geared towards infants and toddlers. now, and as my own children are growing up, I have been inspired to "grow" my design style as well.

What was the inspiration?

I found the inspiration from my own two children and the children I see around me.
I'm so proud of my latest creations and the messages they share. There are 60 designs (for teenage boys, teenage girls, and a handful of designs with "home/family" messaging) with two pre-teens in our house (one girl, one boy!) we are going through lots of changes here- social, personal, academic, spiritual - you name it! I find myself wanting to boost my kids confidence more and more as they deal with new issues- encourage them to be the best they can be and inspire them to greatness.... or at least help them make it through the day!). My focus in these designs is to provoke positive messaging, motivation, inspiration, celebration, encouragement, and over-all daily reminders.


How did you pick the sayings?

The sayings were all chosen as messages that I have been heard saying to my own kids. Much of the messaging revolves around a push to strive for an "independent self" - develop your own voice, own confidence, own style. Sometimes easier said than done at this age (honestly, at any age!)

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How do you create the works?

This new series is a combination of my painting, photography, design , wording & sentiments - paired with typography & vintage etchings. They were originally created in mixed media, on stretched canvas squares at a size of 8"x8"

Where do you work?

I work from home--spending half my time in my actual "studio".. and the other half in my "Virtual Studio" - my COMPUTER! I spend lots of time waiting in the car - (school, lessons, etc) I always have my sketchbook - and my stack of latest magazines!

What does your studio look like?

My studio now is in the basement of my home. It is very small, very crowed and very messy! I'm often working on many projects at the same time, and "clean up" days are at a minimum!

I do struggle with having a "pretty" space vs. a "functional" space. I keep trying new systems of organization and space saving - I'm getting there--trying hard to get rid of the pretty stuff that just sits around - if it is in the studio - it has to function - not just sit there and look nice!

What are your working hours?

Very flexible and I built it that way (one of the few luxuries of a self-owned, home based business!). I work around the kids school, and "drop-off/pickup" schedules.


What do you have coming up next?

Less baby, more older kids and home designs. Less personalized art, and more "statement" piece wall art. Less "fussy" - more bold, graphic and colorful pieces. I will soon be introducing a section on my website to feature "originals" -painted canvas, collage, and framed art that I create in the studio. I'm very excited about these -one-of-a-kinds for home decor - bold and fun. And I'm looking to make a shift into home decor - I'm working on paper and fabric designs -and I have a few new licensing deals (can't say too much yet... but one is "everyday" gift ... adorable!)

Shop Drooz/Shelly at Oopsy Daisy, Fine Art For Kids. All prints are stretched around a wood frame with the artwork wrapping around the sides, making it a finished, ready-to-hang piece with a saw tooth hanger on the back. The surface is easily cleaned with a soft cloth and children can touch- there is nothing to separate them from the artwork and no glass to break.

To learn more about the artist visit shelly kennedy or follow the blog at

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