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My pals Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginicchio have all the scoop on what's happening in the nursery. How do they know what's hip and trendy in the land of wee people? Their community tells them

Melissa says, "We have the privilege of viewing beautiful nurseries all day long." These ladies take their cues from the designing parents that help dictate what is hot and what is not.

The duo is thrilled to share this years most popular nursery styles and color palettes with Momtrends.

Vintage is still in. Vintage furniture with warm tones may be a thing of the past, but it is popping up in the present. Repurposed, recycled and updated are the common themes. We were so impressed by Zoey's Handmade Haven we recently named it a Project of the Month finalist.


Gray is the perfect neutral. Move over beige, parents are no longer afraid to use this hip neutral for either gender. Pair this cloudy hue with punches of citrus (oranges, yellows, and lime greens) for a modern punch.


Stripe it for a statement. Stripes are great because they are gender neutral and add a lot of drama to a room. We've been seeing striped ceilings, stripes on accent walls, and fully striped rooms like Freddy's Nursery.


Don't be afraid of the dark. In a world known for its pastels and whites, it was once unheard of to incorporate brown and black into the nursery color palette. Parents and designers are becoming fearless these days with bold walls and furniture and it's paying off. This nursery designed for Baby Olivia will easily transform into a toddler room or even a nursery for a future little brother.


Pink Perseveres. With new trends so rapidly developing, some trends will stand the test of time. Parents still relate to the sweetness of pink. Whether it's raspberry paint or a powder pink accent chair like this one in Aiyana's Room, pink will always come out on top.

You can join in the fun at the Project Nursery Gallery where parents come to share nursery and room designs. Upload your photos and share here.

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