Mom's Day Style


We're not going to exhaustive lengths to tell you what to buy for Mother's Day. Most likely you've already taken care of those you love. But have you found a treat for yourself this year? Maybe a necklace from Ariel Gordon is just the pat on the back you need for another year of service.

There are no medals for valiant mothering. You're going to have to buy your own badge of honor. We'd like to think that personalized jewelry fits the bill. We're smitten with these delicate trinkets. We say buy up an initial for each of the kids and maybe the mister, wear the with pride and remember you earned it.

What makes this necklace stand out is the typography. Ariel designed the playful font by hand, letter by letter. Pick from 14k gold with diamond ($350), 14k gold ($300), sterling silver with diamond ($150), or sterling silver ($105). If initials aren't your thing (we know it's been done, but not this cute--we love the script)--try the astrological signs ($260), like the Capricorn goat symbol here.


Mommy charms are one trend we hope to see stick around. Wear, enjoy then tuck away to give your child when they grow-up.

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