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How are we going to create the next generation of art lovers? Sorry Pottery Barn, it's not by hanging the safe pictures that "work with the decor" and don't distract from the custom-made bedding. To inspire tots to dream big give them two things: plenty of hands on materials and cool art to look at. For item one, Crayola will do. For item two, offers illustrations and photography for kids. is committed to bringing accessible contemporary art to kids. It's about the unexpected and the delightful. They work with leading artists and illustrators to find original works of art. Everything is affordable (think $40 for a framed 8x10 photo) and meant to get your kids excited about possibilities.


Pop culture mavens might recognize names like Cynthia Rowley and Sheppard Fairey--you'll find them on this site. In addition to known quantities, there are bound to be plenty of surprises too. Another bonus: The limited-edition prints arrive at your home framed and ready to hang. And don't forget to stop by the Art 101 page. The team at Little Collector dreamed this part of the biz up as an educational resource. For example, you'll learn that Impasto is not a version of spaghetti. It is a term for thick paint applied to canvas.


Featured on this site in order:
John Nickle The Jumpiest Thing in the World--cropped banner top
Grace Weston Lisa Kaser Suburban Flight
David Levinthal Ferris Wheel

Sheppard Fairy Obey Elephant

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