Glassybaby, the Seattle based company, reflects love, light, color, and magic. I recently visited the charming NYC West Village store where I was overwhelmed with emotion (I am talking goosebumps galore) by the story and the natural beauty of these glasses.


It began with a light of hope and love. Lee Rhodes, founder, was fighting her third battle with cancer and raising three small children in 1998 when she first dropped a tea light into a handmade, colorful votive. Lee found great hope and healing in the soothing light and found the peace and calm she needed to heal. She began making them and giving them away to inspire others. Glassybaby was born.


Lee remembers meeting people in waiting rooms who could not afford basic day-to-day costs like bus fare and groceries. Today, glassybaby has now donated $600,000 from sales to charities like Memorial Sloan Kettering and Camp Korey (a Paul Newman Hole in the Wall Camp for sick children).


The magic starts in the Seattle studio. It takes four glassblowers from a team of 70 to create just one unique, handmade glassybaby. Artists work seven days a week, two shifts a day creating glassybaby.


Creating the colors of light. Glassybaby ($40.00 retail) is available in 400+ colors with names like lifeguard, crayola, devil dog, joy, frog hunting, and taxi.

Jim Garner shoot- Lee's House 009

Glassybaby uses are endless - fill them with hopes, dreams, toothbrushes, pencils, paintbrushes, wine, burning candles, flowers, candy and so on.

Jim Garner shoot- Lee's House 061
001-peonies with green gb- unlit

Shop at or visit one of their stores throughout the US. .

Momtrends was not paid for this post, but we plan to buy heaps.

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