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Your Body Beautiful: Tips for Looking Great After 30

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With the new year comes the inevitable resolutions about dropping 15 pounds or finally eating properly. According to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Ob-Gyn, cohost of ABC's The Revolution, and author of the new book Your Body Beautiful: Clockstopping Secrets to Staying Healthy, Strong and Sexy in Your 30s, 40s and Beyond, it takes more than an occasional exercise plan or a fad diet, but true happiness with your body takes commitment to feel healthy, strong and sexy. What are the secrets to looking great after 30?

In this straight-forward book Dr. Ashton talks about how the body changes when its in 30s and 40s , which are described as the 'transformative years' where the metabolism slows down and the body can't bounce back as easily from food binges or a sedentary lifestyle. To unleash new energy, strength, and sexiness, Dr. Ashton highlights a workout plan by mixing up cardio as well as with strength training, secrets to skin and hair and even sexual health tools like the latest news about contraceptives and fertility treatments.

I really enjoyed reading Dr. Ashton's happiness habits tips about good and bad stress (and how to identify each) as well as how to deal with stress by writing in a journal, practicing deep breathing, enjoying music and dance and calling a friend - some basic and fun activities that most moms don't enjoy for themselves all that often.

The book is also contains an interesting section about heart disease and how it is the number-one killer of women! Through this section, she outlines ways to prevent heart disease such as eating a heart-healthy diet, limiting salt, exercising, and not smoking. The information, although comprehensive, didn't read like a boring textbook, but it was outlined in a way that offered solutions and tips as well as how to make real changes.

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Filled with advice and tools, Your Body Beautiful offers women over the age of 30 real solutions to live their best live and reclaim their vibrant years with energy, good health and sexiness.

Dr. Ashton introduces a five-part plan that challenges her readers to:

  • Commit to one change in health habits every four to five weeks (whether it's diet, sleep, exercise, etc.)
  • Follow a simple diet plan, tailored to a woman's challenging metabolism, to keep energy high and weight healthy.
  • Reduce stress with targeted techniques for relaxation.
  • Commit to a high-powered fitness program.
  • Understand and research the latest recommendations for preventing heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

We think exercise and a great beauty routine are key. You can get some mom-friendly pilates ideas here and our favorite masks here.

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