You know how much we love accessorizing around here, so today we're going to talk about why you need an infinty scarf this winter. If you asked me what my go-to acessory is in the cold weather months, I would have to say the scarf. It's always the scarf. Blanket scarves are a given. They double as both scarves and wraps, so they're definitely a must have. That being said, there are so many other styles of scarves out there that I would recommend adding to your fall and winter wardrobe too. And one of my favorites is the infinity scarf. Would you like to know why? I knew you would!

infinity scarf

The Infinty Scarf

1. It's EASY...You have to be adept at tying and wrapping other types of scarves. Not that it's difficult, but draping a scarf just the right way requires some practice. The infinity scarf requires no such practice. You just throw it over your head and if you're really feeling feisty, loop it around your head one more time. Bwah!

2. It's warm...Infinity scarves really envelope your neck in a soft, cushy cloud of fabric. And they look super cute peeking out of your coat. I'm actually quite fond of winter, but not if I'm cold. If I'm all wrapped up toasty warm, I love being outside in that cool, brisk air. Infinity scarves keep me nice and comfortable!

3. It's cute...There is no reason you shouldn't be cute AND comfy. That will forever be my mantra and it holds up in the winter months too. Winter wear can be darling....Hallmark holiday movie darling. Pick up a super cute print and your infinity scarf will make you feel like you're starring in your own Countdown to Christmas flick. And who wouldn't want to feel like that?! 

why you need an infinity scarf this winter

More Winter Style Inspiration

Since I'm pretty sure I sold you on why you need to add some of your own infinity scarves to your closet this season, I shared some of my favorites below. Perhaps you can help me pick out a new one? You can never have too many scarves in this girl's book! Accessories MAKE the outfit after all!

Shop the post: plaid scarf / buffalo check scarf / star print scarf / knit scarf / geometric print scarf 

And for even more winter fashion inspiration, check out our mountain chic style!

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