Winter Hair Care Tips from Aveda


Last week we shared some Winter Skincare Essentials for Busy Moms because we all know the dry, cold weather wreaks havoc on our skin. The dry air, cold temperatures and wind gusts also negatively impact our hair. We're happy to share some great Winter Hair Care Tips from Aveda's Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling, Allen Ruiz.

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Winter Hair Care

1. Buy a humidifier. As we get deeper and deeper into winter your hair, like your skin, can become dry and brittle, especially when the heat is on at full blast. It’s important to always think about adding moisture back into the hair and this is a simple and easy first step.

2. Wash on Cold and Don’t Over Dry. After you condition (or deep condition) your hair in the shower, turn the faucet to cold and finish with a cold water rinse. This will quickly seal the cuticle and help your strands retain their moisture. And, instead of blasting your hair with high heat, spend an extra ten minutes and dry your hair on the low-medium setting. Together these steps will prolong your hair’s suppleness and shine.

3. Condition. Condition. Condition. Especially in the winter, it’s important to condition – that means daily conditioning, weekly deep conditioning and let’s not forget a daily application of a light weight leave-in conditioners. Allen recommends Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair or Color Conserve Daily Color Protect. Just a coin-sized amount will protect your hair from all sorts of winter woes ranging from excessive heat styling to an unexpected white wintery mix.

4. Your Washcloth Is Your New Best Friend. Before leaving the house, spray Brilliant Spray On Shine onto a dry wash cloth and gently run over your hair in sections from roots to ends. Voila! The Vitamin E in Aveda’s Brilliant Spray On Shine is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps protect hair against environmental aggressors. This will keep your hair static free and looking fresh throughout the day.

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If you are interested in taking the plunge with high quality hair air products from Aveda, check out the Hair Care Advisor to get a customized hair regimen.

Do you have any winter hair care tips or tried and true beauty products?

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