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If you're a regular Momtrends reader, then you know that we're collective fans of mommy-and-me matching styles. Sometimes we go subtle; other times it's totally over-the-top; but more frequently than not, it's super sweet.

My little lady has a style aesthetic that's all her own. Most days, she decides what she wants to wear. And I like that she is opinionated in all things fashion. Still, if I can convince her to dress like me, I consider it a win... or should I say a "twin!" 

I admit it: I like the oos and aahs from friends and strangers alike. And, yes, it makes for a ridiculously adorable Instagram opportunity! 

With Mother's Day approaching I'm planning our next mommy-and-me photo shoot; and these matchy-matchy hers-and-hers coordinating Nicky + Stellas tee-shirts are calling my name. They're funny and sarcastic and pretty much sum up #momlife in a simple phrase. As a mama, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my mantra on my chest thanks to these cute tops! ... And you can too! I've rounded up my fave styles for moms and littles.

Best Mommy-and-Me Twinning Tees

Top left to bottom right: Besties for the Resties/ All Day Every Day Hoodies / Family First / Why? Because I Said So

Want to coordinate looks without rocking kitschy graphic tees?... Here are a few more ways you can coordinate your looks!


P.S. Madewell x crewcuts launched a collection today to celebrate mothers and daughters. The line features eight summer staples for mom (breezy dresses, classic tops and signature denim) with three complementary pieces for "mini me's."

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