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Styling Sequins

For a bit of style and sophistication, you can beat sequins. It's like an instant party every time you wear them. But for many women, sequins can be intimidating. That's why I'm sharing tips for styling sequins. You've got plenty of time to shop for your holiday looks, why not start playing around with a few new ideas.

Tips for Styling Sequins

Try moving beyond black

Yes, I love black for the simplicity. It's is easy to style. But this season, colored sequins are the sure way to stand out. I'm loving this new Twinkle Night Skirt from Nic + Zoe. The brand is new to me, I just got invited to their showroom last month.

This skirt has a slip-on waist and I like the below-the-knee length. Sequins are already giving off a sexy vibe, so there's no need for a super-short skirt. The steel color is a fun twist on dress-up for this holiday season.

Mix your textures

I could've paired this skirt with a silky top, but to make it more brunch ready, I toned it down by adding a steel blue sweater. Momtrends Tip: Adding a sweater also makes the sequins totally appropriate for an office soiree. Again, with sparkle, you don't need to show too much skin. This is the Fall Nights Top from Nic + Zoe pair it with sequins, your favorite denim or a pair of knit pants. It's a fun sweater to travel with.

Style Tip: Since the sweater is a bit oversized, I belted it with a fabulous Stella McCartney silver belt I've had for years. You can get a similar one on Asos here.

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Add a bootie

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Tips for Styling Sequins

These are my best tips for styling sequins. Are you ready to take this shiny trend on?  


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