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Five years ago I was somewhat clueless about technology. My hubs would try to teach me things, but I was like Claire on Modern Family, somewhat...ahem...resistant. Thanks to blogging, I am much more savvy these days when it comes to the tech world. I'm no expert obviously, but a flip phone is no longer the only piece of technology I can manage to operate. Haha!

While I appreciate the relaxation that comes from unplugging every now and again, for the most part, my laptop and smartphone are never far from my side.The one thing I'm still missing is a tablet. Gasp. I know. I'm like a dinosaur right? How could I not have a tablet? I simply just haven't gotten around to picking one up. I'm pretty much married to my iPhone and use it for nearly everything but composing posts. Of course, it WOULD be nice to lie in bed at night scrolling through articles and doing online shopping on a bigger screen than my phone offers. So, I'm betting that I'll pull the trigger on a tablet sooner rather than later. And obviously I will need a stylish case to house said tablet in!

Thankfully, technology and style have melded to produce some seriously stylish tech accessories. This fashion lovin' girl is definitely drawn to chic accessories of any kind, so I rounded up a slew of glam techy goodies.

There is a tablet case, of course, a laptop sleeve, a smartphone wallet (that's a new one to me), the chicest headphones I've ever seen and a genius little smartphone carrier that's become a celebrity favorite. If it's good enough for Halle Berry, it's good enough for me! Was she anyone else's maternity style muse? I couldn't get enough of her, Jessica Alba and Miroslava Duma when I was preggers, but I digress...Let's get back to our tech accessories roundup! I want to take that little wearable phone case for a test drive asap...and shopping sounds like a good as errand as any for its debut.

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APP SPOTLIGHT: Speaking of shopping...Have you heard of the app Postelio? You can use it to ask for your friends' opinions while you shop. Since you usually can't FaceTime with ease at a boutique, this is the next best thing no? Another app I recently became acquainted with is SaleSorter. Who doesn't love a good sale? This app tells you where sales are happening in your neck of the woods. Score!


Tracey Tanner Document Sleeve / Snugg iPad Case / Bandolier Faux Snakeskin Case / Frends Ella Gold-Tone Headphones / J. Crew iPhone Wallet / Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve

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