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Right now your body is on a mission. Sure you may weigh more than you ever have before, but you are beautiful and full of life. My suggestion--capture this moment on film. Pregnancy photos will be a treasure for you and your children--so don't shy away from the lens.

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I asked professional photographer Koren Reyes to talk about maternal photography. Reyes snaps glorious images of women with big round bellies. Her mission is to provide a safe comfortable environment to give women an image that they will cherish forever. Reyes' work has been featured in Self, The NYT and Fit Pregnancy. I tossed a couple questions her way about mom-to-be pictures.

Q. Why should moms consider a photo session when pregnant?
If you'??ve always dreamt of having an image of yourself celebrating the most joyful experience a woman could have, do not pass up a maternity portrait. Look for photographers offering simple, elegant poses against uncluttered backgrounds.

Q. Any tips for moms-to-be and amateurs photographers (specifically Dads-to-be) in the delivery room?
Stay fit throughout your pregnancy for the easiest delivery. For great snapshots in the first few moments of your new child'??s life, try turning your camera'??s flash off and use available light.

Want more tips for hospital etiquette? I love the tips for dads on The Cradle's website.

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