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Resoling L.L.Bean Boots

Well, its seems like everyone right now is in the process of purging. And I love a good closet clean out as well as the next woman, but I also love bringing life back into old favorites. Back in the early 90's I purchased these classic L.L.Bean boots. Over the decades, I gave them a lot of wear and recently they were ready for a bit of TLC. Resoling L.L.Bean boots is easier than you think. I'm here to walk you through the process of freshening up your soles.

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Resoling L.L.Bean Boots

Resoling L.L.Bean Boots

The Bean boot design has been around since 1912, it's worth investing in, here's how to get yours resoled. I bought these boots when I was at Vanderbilt back in the early 90's. Winter is pretty mild there and this boot was all I needed. The Classic 8" L.L.Bean boot is perfect for slush, rain and mud. Over the years since graduation, they have been a go-to spring and fall boot.

The shoes are made of full-grain leather with a rubber chain-tread bottom provide comfort and traction. To keep my feet warm they have Thinsulate™ Insulation built in to the rubber bottom for extra warmth during cold snaps. They are extremely well-constructed and made to last.

Take a look at the sole! They have seen a lot of miles. In fact, I have probably waited a few years too long to take on this project -- you can barely see the chain! They were starting to get a slippery and that's what motivated me to start my resoling research.

How to make your classic bean boots last longer

L.L.Bean believes in making things last. They start with quality construction, but they also help you maintain your gear. It's a great retail brand that stays true to their heritage. They want you wearing your boots for a lifetime. They pride themselves on customer service and the website is easy to navigate.

It's a great retail brand that stays true to their heritage. They want you wearing your boots for a lifetime. They pride themselves on customer service and the website is easy to navigate.

Resoling L.L.Bean Boots Step by Step

I went online and did a little sleuthing and found out about repairs. To get started on resoling your L.L.Bean Boots head to this page on the site for customer service. I emailed them and got a prompt response. Here's the process:

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  1. Clean boots: While it makes sense, it bears repeating: Don't ship nasty muddy boots.
  2. Figure out the cost: Replacing the traditional chain-tread rubber bottoms is $39.00. Costs to resole other Bean Boots are: Gore-Tex insulated version $42.00; Thinsulate version $43.00
  3. Write a note: Include a note in your shipment with your name, address, daytime telephone number and email address and your billing address. If billing address is different than shipping, be sure to note that.
  4. Ship boots to L.L.Bean by US Postal Service, the address is:
  5. L.L.Bean Repairs Department, PO Box 1000, Freeport, ME 04032

I sent my boots off (I made sure to take pictures of the before and save a copy of all the correspondence). A week after I shipped my boots, I received an email with a link to pay the $43 fee.

I was told the repair time is currently 6-8 weeks (all repairs are done in Maine). But my boots came back in about 4 weeks. Check them out, they look like new.

Resoling L.L.Bean Boots

End Result of this L.L. Bean Experience

New boots would've cost $159. Not only did I save money resoling my L.L.Bean boots, but I made use of something I loved. I was incredibly impressed with L.L.Bean Customer Service and the brand's commitment to quality.

For more ideas on repairing what you already own, check out our post on Patagonia

Resoling L.L.bean Boots


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