Posh Nursery Design from Lucy Sykes


If money were no object and we could outfit our progeny's room in nothing but the finest in contemporary designs I'd log on to Nurseryworks. The brains behind the company (founded by two women--natch) seek out furniture, bedding and rugs that are exceptional.

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Their latest project involves Lucy Sykes. Lucy is a bit of a fashion icon (Cookie photo attached). This well-connected Brit took the NY fashion world by storm in 90's. Now a mom (or is that mum?) she's got a whole cottage industry going on: shoes, clothes and now bedding for tots.

Her new Confetti print for Nurseryworks is a bold and sunny bedding set that's got mom's drooling. Momtrends was able to track the jet-setter down long enough to get her to field a few Q's.

Lucy, what inspired this collection?

I wanted to create something light hearted, spring-like and clean looking '?? not too formal. My philosophy for children is clean, relaxed and strong. Kind of American-Euro. The products for Nurseryworks tie in well to my own Spring 2008 girls clothing collection, which revolves around calypso prints, the English garden, and what I call the "bohemian traveler.'?

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How have you decorated your own children's rooms?

With Nurseryworks furniture. The crib, changing table, and bed are architectural and crafted with a functional, timeless, understated, elegance. We have filled the boys' rooms with books, and covered the walls with simple, clean oil paintings of individual pieces of fruit, and a Hugo Guinness car print. The top of the chests of drawers are covered in family photographs, and relevant press clippings, and christening presents, like a Tiffany silver YoYo.

What items do you consider essential to the nursery?

Books. My husband and I read our own favourite old childrens' books to our boys: The Wind in the Willows, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, A.A. Milne, Beatrix Potter, Watership Down. Even though the language in some of these books sounds archaic today, the boys love it. We feel as if the process connects our sons to our own roots in England and to our extended families, whom we see less often than we would like. We also love Goodnight Moon: the best bedtime book for small kids ever written.

What are some decorating tips you would offer new parents?

It's boring, but storage is key: you're going to end up with a lot of clothes, many of which you should save for babies number #2 or #3 in case they ever come along. Also, the volume of toys and art supplies and other junk is invariably hard to manage '?? so be ruthlessly efficient and make sure you figure out plenty of drawers and boxes and shelves. Be systematic.

Perhaps some rich friends or generous relatives willsplash out for this $400 set (includes: fitted sheet, pillow sham & insert, crib skirt, bumper and quilt). After all it is an investment in sweet slumber and timeless style. No matter the price, I still love Lucy and want her to continue bringing her impeccable taste to our kids.

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