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Vacation Essential from Sash Bag

I have a ton of fun trips coming up. We're off to Portugal with the kids and then, later, Paris without them (got to keep the romance alive!). Of course I'm going to need the perfect bag for summer travel. This sash bag is the solution to my packing issues. It's stylish and extremely practical. The perfect bag for my adventures.

When I am traveling, I want to keep my hands free. I also don't want a huge bulky backpack or tote. I've found a new mom essential that will let me bring everything I need to bring on my European explorations without sacrificing  my style. 

A Cooler Fanny Pack

My kids mock me for running with my running belt. They call it a fanny pack and they get the giggles when I wear it. But it's so practical! I can get my key, ID, a bit of cash and my phone. When I travel, I often long for a fanny pack for the practicality. But I admit they look dorky. A Mom Boss designer, Nichole MacDonald, dreamed up something better. 

Nichole designed and patented the Sash Bag: it brings the utility of a hands-free fanny pack and updates it with style. 

The patented Sash Bag

Details of the Sash Bag  

Sling the bag over your shoulder as a cross-body bag. It's light and very adjustable. The interior of the bag is kitted out with sections to secure all your valuables. I am able to fit my full key ring in here and my back is loving the break from my oversized tote.

What I'm Wearing

Since spring can be chilly and a good traveler always has layers, I added the Tanner Trench from cabi. The blue color looks great with the bag.

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I'm wearing the Fringe Gray Leather Sash Bag ($149). The leather on the bag is lightly distressed and the color is perfect with whites and pastels. The fringe gives it a boho vibe. I will definitely be carrying this all over Europe. The Sash Bag comes in an array of leathers colors. There are also vegan leathers, metallic leathers, patchwork leathers, cottons, and more. Have fun matching a bag to your personal style.

Easy Travel Outfit

Easy Travel Outfit

To put together this outfit, I started with white denim and some old favorite Robert Clergerie sandals. I added this new Splendid Ruffle Striped Top that I found on Amazon. It's very lightweight and has a flattering drape. I layered on the cabi trench to start the day. 

Layers are always key when planning the perfect travel outfit. 

blushington makeup

A note on the Makeup

If you didn't read my Blushington review, be sure to check it out. My makeup is all professional (and looking so much better than normal).

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Perfect bag for summer travel

This Perfect bag for summer travel is not a sponsored post.

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