Look to the Rainbow: Colorfully Cute Spring Styles


April showers bring May flowers... But, first, they bring beautiful, colorful, mystical rainbows...

Grown-up Lauren, of course, knows that a rainbow is the scientific result of sunlight and water. Still, part of me can't help but feel like I'm experiencing a bit of a magic every time I see an incredibly bright arc gracing the endless sky.

Today is National Find a Rainbow Day and we're celebrating by highlighting a few of our favorite spritely spring styles for little girls. These bright and artistic picks are perfect for those who believe in pure magic, hopeful happiness, and childlike joy... A few things we could all use more of in life.

1. Chasing Fireflies Furocious Rainbow Coat, $112/ 2. Gap Rainbow Flutter One-Piece, $20/ 3. Circo Rainbow Sweatshirt, $9/ 4. Chasing Fireflies Rainbow Swing Dress, $99/ 5. Gap Pastel Flutter Top, $25/ 6. Mini Boden Rainbow Skirt, $54/ 7. Children's Place Rainbow Tee-Shirt, $8/ 8. Children's Place Gladiator Sandal, $20/ 9. Circo Rainbow-Print Leggings, $6/ 10. J. Crew Jewel Popover Sweater, $30/ 11. MomoBaby Leather Moccasins, $25

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