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If you're like me you are more worried than ever about germs. I think most of us are becoming wary of touching things or placing items on surfaces that we can't be certain haven't been sterilized. Now that spring is here and we are starting to get back to normal, I'm ready to venture out safely and in style. Clipa is the solution to keep your handbags germ free and pretty. 

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Keep Your Handbags Germ Free and Pretty

Keep Your Handbags Germ Free and Pretty

As I start to make plans to dine out again, I will bring along my Clipa accessory. I'll slip my bag onto my chair and keep my things off the floor. Now you'll never worry again about where to put your purse. This elegant little solution is only $15.95 and is quite versatile. 

Keep Your Handbags Germ Free and Pretty

Where to Use Your Clipa

  • Tabletops and chairs: at restaurants and communal workspaces
  • Counters and sinks: especially when traveling
  • Cubicles and stall walls: to keep you bag safe at work.
  • Vertical and horizontal rails: like at sporting events and concerts
  • Shopping and luggage carts: whenever you need your hands free
  • Fences and car headrests: prevents bag spills.
  • Strollers: gives mama a much needed extra set of hands.

How the Clipa Works

The Clipa is a lightweight, circular purse hook that holds bags or backpacks. It looks like a bangle bracelet and can hold a bag up to 33 lbs. It works to keep your bag from rolling around in the car too.

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Innovative design works great on bathroom stall doors, walls and sinks as well as restaurant tables, car seat headrests and even rails to keep your bag in place. The Clipa has a hinge and the ends are fashioned with non-slip pads that protect surfaces with sturdy gripping power.

The Clipa automatically closes back into a ring when not in use. When finished, just pull the strap and Clipa slides back onto the bag. 

Keep Your Handbags Germ Free and Pretty

My Favorite Clippa

The Clipa comes in a variety of metal finishes. For my accessories, I love the Clipa2 in Polished Copper/Rose Gold. I love the way it coordinates with navy and grey and of course black.

For spring, there's also gold and silver and shiny and matte finishes to work with your favorite bags. There's something for style.

Shop all the Clipa styles here.

Win It!

We're excited to share a special giveaway with Clipa. We're giving away all 7 finishes ($15.99 each) to 3 lucky U.S. winners ($111 value)! Contest ends 4/25/21 so enter today. Enter with the Rafflecopter entry below for your chance to win.

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