Hitting the Gym in Style

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Many moms dread going to the gym. All those nubile 20-year-olds (who have yet to give birth) can make us feel less than thrilled with our own bodies.

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A little attitude adjustment is all that is necessary. I find donning a somewhat coordinated outfit and bringing good tunes helps make the gym visit more pleasant. I'm a fan or Lululemon's active wear. In fact, the longPower Y Tankwith cups was a big part of my wardrobe during pregnancy. IT was plenty stretchy and supportive to accommodate my growing body in the first two trimesters. Now it holds everything in as I start up my post-baby workouts. The tops are hard to find on the Internet, but the Canadian company is opening more and more retail locations.

Once at the gym, nothing helps motivate me more than a good playlist on my iPod. Now I've got another nifty item--Shuga Buds--from GlistenWear.com. These earbuds are enhanced by Swarovski crystals and look mighty hip. Pick from four colors (I like pink best). Just the thing to keep my cool quotient up to par. $49.99. Check out mystrands for some preprogramed playlists.

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I'm also loving my new fitness caddy, This trim tote holds a large bottle of water and all my other essentials. There's a pocket for your gym membership card and money a cell phone pouch and a key ring. The lightweight black tote won't weigh you down with unnecessary bulk. $19.99

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Calories burned
Elliptical trainer (30 minutes)=335
Stair machine (30 minutes) = 200
Weight lifting (30 minutes) = 100

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