Get Organized with Truly Mom


Need a 25th hour in the day? Me too! That's why I'm a list maker and try to write down as much as humanly possible. Otherwise time just slips away.

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That's how Truly Mom got started. Four moms set out to make "the harried part of the day just a little less complicated" with their revolutionary products. Their design is flawless: the Truly Mom planner gathers all the details of a busy woman's life in a trim attractive package.

These vibrant planners (aqua anyone?) that will make even the most scatter-brained mom want to get organized. Start by picking a cover for your planner (microsatin, leather or patent leather in all sorts of colors and prints) $55-$150. With each planner, you'll get a calendar (academic year of course), note pads, pen, address book, etc.

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Here's the best feature: My Day and My List. Yep, we all need a to-do list why not use your agenda rather than a dry-cleaning receipt you'll most likely lose? My Day, well it's just what the doctor ordered so you don't forget little league practice or a annual check-up.

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But that's not all this four-woman team has designed--they've also got stationary that might bring back snail mail. I'm ordering some personalized princess note cards for myself ($22). With adorable goodies like these on my desk, I'll no doubt stay stylish and on schedule all year long.

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